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Peter Panepento, Assistant Managing Editor, …

Peter Panepento, Assistant Managing Editor,
The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Learn how some small nonprofits are creating a big social media footprint. In this
session, Peter Panepento will share case studies and discuss strategies for getting
the most bang for your social media dollar.

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. Small Nonprofits, Big Footprints Real Social-Media Stories from Real Charities Peter Panepento Assistant Managing Editor The Chronicle of Philanthropy
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  • 3. Last year, fewer than 3 percent of 11,196 nonprofit groups raised more than $10,000 on Facebook. Social Media and Nonprofits Source: Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Survey
  • 4.
    • Social networks don ’t cost money, but they’re not free.
    • Finding time is a huge challenge.
    • Vast number of networks paralyze time-strapped organizations.
    Social Media and Nonprofits
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  • 6.
    • Clear Goals
    • Efficient Strategies – You have to make choices
    • Common Sense
    • A Spirit of Fun – Even if Your Cause Isn ’t
    Social Media and Nonprofits
  • 7. Facebook Twitter YouTube The Caregiver’s Corner Blog Charity Case Study Goal Building relationships and raising awareness Networking Tools San Diego Hospice
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  • 12.
    • 17,000 page views on its blog
    • Web traffic up 90 percent in past year
    • 3,500 new Twitter followers across two handles
    • 6,700 video views
    Measuring Results
  • 13. http://www.sdhospice.org San Diego Hospice How to Follow www.facebook.com/SanDiegoHospice Facebook Twitter @SanDiegoHospice Web
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  • 16.
    • Why did this work?
    • Off-topic messages aren’t usually the best answer
    • Experimental
    • No cost
    • Creative
    • It connected with the right person
    • Laid the groundwork for future social media
  • 17. Whom to follow @charityestrella Links to learn more http://adventuresinphilanthropy.com http://philanthropy.com/blogs/social-philanthropy/guest-post-a-social-media-experiment-raises-big-money-for-small-charity/24431
  • 18. Thompson Child & Family Focus - Charlotte, N.C.
  • 19.
    • What the heck is a Twitter Table?
    • Gather a group of Twitter-savvy supporters
    • Give them a seat at your special event
    • Give them a message
    • Let them go
  • 20. The results? Reached 38,000 followers Raised $4,000
  • 21. Whom to follow @thompsoncff @prqueen @MyCreativeTeam Links to learn more http://www.thompsoncff.org/Tweet_A_20.html http://philanthropy.com/article/Twitter-Adds-Pizazz-to-a/65879/
    • Four programs
    • 4,000 homeless individuals served per year
    • $1,982,200 FY 2011 budget
    • 22 staff members
    • 1 staff person working on social media
    Miriam ’s Kitchen Working to end chronic homelessness in Washington, DC
  • 23. iriam ’s Kitchen Present Day (July 13, 2011) 4,120 followers on Twitter 1,126 friends on Facebook MIRIAM ’S KITCHEN Social Media at Miriam ’s Kitchen The Beginning (March 2-11, 2009) 138 followers on Twitter 141 friends on Facebook Social Media Budget = $0
  • 24. The Beginning Capitalize on an historic event One staff member Generated itself because of event Getting our name out there, building relationships First educate staff about power of social media. Strategize! MIRIAM ’S KITCHEN Goal Resources Content Successes Lessons Learned
  • 25. Declining in natural flow, needs to be created MIRIAM ’S KITCHEN Content Present Day Lessons Learned Successes Create deeper relationships with supporters by providing a continuous flow of quality information One staff member Raised more than $15,000 directly through social media. Gained new supporters. Have a system for developing and filtering content, strategize! Goal Resources
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  • 30. Whom to follow @miriamskitchen Miriam’s Kitchen on Facebook Links to learn more http://philanthropy.com/blogs/social-philanthropy/social-media-manager-profile-jennifer-roccanti/27628
  • 31. Social Media and The Chronicle Social Good podcast: http://philanthropy.com/socialgood Social Philanthropy blog: http://philanthropy.com/blogs/social-philanthropy/ Webinars http://philanthropy.com/webinars Twitter: @philanthropy Facebook Page: philanthropy.com LinkedIn Group: The Chronicle of Philanthropy YouTube: PhilanthropyVideo
  • 32. How to reach me Twitter: @ppanepento (or @philanthropy) Facebook: facebook.com/peter.panepento E-mail: [email_address]