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Pinterest for Nonprofits
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Pinterest for Nonprofits


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. PinterestNot just another social media channel
  • 2. Who Am I?• Good morning – I’m  Lisa  Rau• CEO and co-founder of Confluence – A national technology consulting and services firm – Specializing in nonprofits - over 90% of our clients are nonprofits! – Worked with over 500 nonprofits in a dozen years• Have technology problem? I can steer you in the right direction!
  • 3. We are hard-wired to respond to visual stimuli
  • 4. So, what is Pinterest?
  • 5. Pinterest is...• a visual bulletin board• a shared and collaborative bookmark repository• a community building tool• a source of traffic for your website
  • 6. A members-only site• All users must request an invitation• Fret not! Users receive invitations within a day or two• Once invited, you can create an account with email address and password or log in using either Facebook or Twitter
  • 7. Explosive User Growth!• May 2011: 418,000 users• July 2011: 1,030,000 users• September 2011: 2,023,000 users• November 2011: 4,855,000 users• January 2012: 11,716,000 users – 2,802% growth in 8 months! The fastest standalone site in history to cross the 10 million mark Source: Mashable/Comscore
  • 8. Who is the average Pinterest user? Source: Experian Hitwise December 2011
  • 9. And, age range?Source: Experian Hitwise December 2011
  • 10. Annual Household Income Source: Experian Hitwise December 2011
  • 11. 89 405Duration/engagement minutes per month Source: March 2012
  • 12. “Do  you  trust  the  information  and   advice  you  get  from...”• BLOGS: Yes – 81%• PINTEREST: Yes – 81%• TWITTER: Yes – 73%• FACEBOOK: Yes – 67% Source: BlogHer/SocialMediaToday March 2012
  • 13. So what does that mean?• Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases• Represent a $2.4 trillion market• Donations and gifts to charities and nonprofits are made more often by women• Pinterest is a trusted source of information and advice for women• Users are spending more time on Pinterest than any other social network besides Facebook
  • 14. Let’s  dive  in!
  • 15. Dashboard View by– Everything– Videos– Popular– Gifts- Categories• Gray banner with price is automatically added if you enter the cost• Friends to follow – Auto suggested• Recent Activity – Shows new followers, repins and likes
  • 16. Boards and Pins• Boards are categories (category names are freeform – not a set list)• Pins are individual photos or videos that are assigned to a board
  • 17. Boards
  • 18. Pin• A pin is one image or video• Clicking on the image or video: – opens a new browser window – redirects the user to the referring website• The pug picture was pinned from and a click takes user to that page on
  • 19. 3 Ways to Pin• Upload a photo from your computer• Add Pinmarklet to your browser and pin from any webpage. – If there are multiple pictures on a webpage, you will be prompted to choose one for Pinterest• Use the Pin it sharing button on participating sites – Share This has a pin it option
  • 20. Keywords and Prices• When you pin a photo/video, choose descriptive keywords in the text area• If you are pinning an item with a cost associated (product, donation level, registration) include the cost in the description• Pins with cost banners automatically appear on dashboards AND within the Gifts menu
  • 21. Repinning & Liking• Other users repin pins of interest• Repins are immediately loaded onto followers landing page AND the Pinterest home page• Likes are saved to the users profile but are not loaded onto pages as described above
  • 22. Nonprofits on Pinterest
  • 23. Amnesty International
  • 24. Amnesty International• Amnesty International has 14 boards with 176 pins• This board, Facts, has 5805 followers on only 22 pins
  • 25. Amnesty International• Fair Trade board offers prices and direct links back to Amnesty International’s   Fair Trade shop• Note hashtag – #fairtrade – in the board description
  • 26. NRDC Save BioGems
  • 27. NRDC Save BioGems• National World Penguin Day board has only 8 pins, but is followed by 1,877 users• Have fun with your boards – even a serious topic like conservation can be presented in a friendly and engaging manner
  • 28. Unicef
  • 29. Unicef• Unicef TV board has 75 pinned video reports from Unicef campaigns and efforts around the world• 6,116 followers
  • 30. AARP
  • 31. AARP• AARP’s  core   audience does not fit into the main Pinterest userbase• However, they have 686 followers of the main account• And the Quotes to Live By board has 1671 followers
  • 32. PETA
  • 33. PETA• You can allow other Pinterest users to post to your boards.• Encourage collaboration amongst your staff• The Vegan Products board allows PETA to drive traffic to companies and supporters of their mission
  • 34. Ideas for Nonprofits
  • 35. Environmental Organization• Recycling or reuse projects in your city or community• Parks and local green areas• Outdoor activities for people of all ages• Endangered species• Community cleanups• Earth Day• Gardening, responsible watering, plants, community tree plant-a-thons• DIY green – rain barrels, composting, small solar projects
  • 36. Animal Shelter/Rescue• Adoptable pets• Rescue success stories• Topical news about animals• Donate now• Wishlist• Sponsors/supporters• Quality pet food, pet products, toys• Animal events occurring within the community• Pet food recipes/treats• Funny animal pics/videos
  • 37. School* • Student projects • Art from art class • Video of different teachers – thirty seconds each • Activities for kids/pre-teens/teens to download • Amazon wishlist • Favorite books by grade/year • Musical instruments offered by band department • Classroom decorating ideas/contest • Curricula/syllabi*Be aware  of  your  school’s  regulations  about  including  childrens  recognizable  faces
  • 38. Women’s  Organization• Influential women in history• Women in politics or positions of prominence• Local  ‘Superwomen’  – collaborative community board• Mom of the Year• Local  girl  or  young  women’s  groups/events• Issues around discrimination in the workplace• Women’s  health• Reproductive rights (if applicable)• Mothering-related (if applicable)• Healthy diet and lifestyle
  • 39. Hospital/Health-Related• Medical research stories related to your mission/area of expertise• Wishlist, toys, cheer items• Infographics about specific health issues• Healthy lifestyle - exercise, balanced meals, stress reducers• Positive images/video of healthy people who have benefitted from your service or care• Fundraising
  • 40. Veteran’s  Organization• Soldiers returning from overseas or active duty• Armed Services historical photos• Military awards and medals• Uniforms from different branches• Working animals in the military• Important events or dates in military history• Family support• Acclimating to civilian life or return to the States• Medical/mental information specific to vets
  • 41. Member Organization• Member pictures/stories• Brag  board  for  ‘above-and-beyond’  member   accomplishment• Images/videos  related  to  organization’s  mission• Toolkits – resources, apps, websites relevant to your members• Upcoming events• How-to videos• Benefits offered to members• Bookstore, swag, ongoing education/certification
  • 42. 5 Reasons to Join
  • 43. Reason #1 - Huge Community / Creates Community• Pinterest is a rapidly growing community, composed of users who are hungry for a different kind of social media experience• It is a community builder
  • 44. Reason #2 - Engaged Audience• Pinterest has an engaged audience that closely matches the target audience for many nonprofits
  • 45. Reason #3 - Gifts• The Gifts section is widely visited and provides exposure for your nonprofit fundraising efforts
  • 46. Reason #4 - Analytics• You can easily track referral traffic through Google Analytics and ShareThis/AddThis• See which images from your site have been pinned by going to:• Use third-party tools like (analytics only), (analytics, pin scheduler, management tool)
  • 47. Reason #5 - Referral Traffic• Pins back to your website count as referring traffic / incoming links and can help improve your search engine ranking• Pinterest generates more referral traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn COMBINED Source:
  • 48. Questions? Comments?