Kay Sprinkel Grace: The AAA Way to Fundraising Success: Maximum Involvement, Maximum Results


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Do you ever wish you could get all of your board members involved in donor and fund development? Then this workshop is what you need to create a program where all your board members will be working with you on resource development.

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Kay Sprinkel Grace: The AAA Way to Fundraising Success: Maximum Involvement, Maximum Results

  1. 1. The AAA Way to Fundraising Success:Maximum Involvement,Maximum ResultsThe AAA Way to Board EngagementNonprofit Boot Camp – Silicon ValleyJune 12, 2013Kay Sprinkel Grace, Presenter
  2. 2. AgendaWelcome, introductions, participant expectationsGetting board members engaged in resourcedevelopment: why it is growing in importanceThe board member’s role in philanthropy, developmentand fund raisingExploring the AAA structure: Ambassador, Advocate,Asker – survey, grid, monitoring resultsBenefits of the culture of philanthropy and AAASummary and conclusion2
  3. 3. Why Board Member Involvement isCritical in Resource DevelopmentCommunity connectorsManifestation of the missionExtend the impact of the organizationCapacity to engage othersBuild enthusiasmAre multipliers for staffBecome more engaged yourself and strengthenyour commitment 3
  4. 4. Tapping Into Your Full Potential:Building A “AAA” BoardWhat it isWhat it does for donor and fund developmentHow to build one
  5. 5. Defining a AAA BoardA board with a “AAA Rating” is one where every memberis motivated to be an Ambassador, Advocate and/orAsker.Each board member is offered an array of potentialassignments from which to choose. These activities aredrawn from the strategic plan or the development plan andoffer a wide range of options that tap into multiple boardmember motivationsAAA is a management tool, ensuring follow through bystaff and board leaders5
  6. 6. Roles Board Members Play inMaximizing Philanthropic ResultsAmbassadorsMake friendsBuild relationshipsAdvocatesMake the case (formal and informal)Are key to recruitment of other volunteersAskersMake the askCan be viewed as “front line” fund raisers6
  7. 7. AmbassadorsA role every board member needs to playCritical role in cultivation of prospective donorsand stewardship of continuing donor-investorsNeed to be well informed and coached in themessages about your impactMasters of the “elevator speech” (and the“elevator question”)Catalysts for donor-investor renewalAre all of your board members confidentAmbassadors? If not, what do they need tobecome confident? 7
  8. 8. AdvocatesThey volunteer as Advocates to attain an outcome:they are strategic in their information sharing; theyare strong board recruitersThey often advocate for organizations on a moreformal basis with government, another organizationwith which you are partnering or an institutionalfunder or potential volunteersAre informed not only of the case for support, butalso are familiar with your strategic plan and visionAre well coached on desired results of theadvocacy and on handling objections 8
  9. 9. AskersEnjoy askingWell informed, well trained“Matched” with prospective donors (or currentdonor-investors) for maximum possibility ofsuccessTeamed with another board or staff leaderStaff works with the Asker to prepare for the askincluding coaching and review of prospect profileBenefit from the work of the Ambassadors andAdvocates9
  10. 10. The AAA “Rating”Some board members will do it allMost will excel at one or twoMotivation is increased because board memberschoose tasks that draw on their skills and they are ableto work in their “confidence zone”The AAA program engages board members in rolesthat contribute to the advancement of your organizationand helps them feel respected and engagedAs motivation increases, you may find them movingamong the roles – even to Asker!10
  11. 11. AAA = The Culture of PhilanthropyEngages the full team – all board, non-boardvolunteers, staff, and satisfied donorsIs an attitude that guides all relationship-buildingIs a belief in the importance of relationships,and that all interaction with others is aboutdeveloping those relationships
  12. 12. Tools to Build AAA ConfidenceTraining and coachingStaff and board leadership support, feedbackand encouragementA “tool kit” – including (but not limited to) factsheet, elevator speech/question, stories aboutyour program impact, objections they mayconfront and best responses, financialstatements, organizational funding priorities, etc.12
  13. 13. Setting Up a AAA ProgramReview of survey
  14. 14. SAMPLE AAA SURVEYPlease review the following roles and identify() how you will be involved in fundraising asan Ambassador, Advocate and/or Asker. Youmay select all that apply to you. In making yourselection(s), assume that you will be providedtraining, materials and support to fulfill yourrole(s). Thank you for completing and returningthis survey.14
  15. 15. I WILL BE AN AMBASSADOR As an Ambassador, I will: Identify and cultivate those in my circle offriends/colleagues who would be interested in supporting ourprograms.Host a private cultivation or donor recognition gathering (atmy home/at a public venue/at the organization). Take (#) of people to lunch each quarter. Invite my best prospects to be my guests at appropriatefunctions, special tours, lectures, etc. Help to steward relationships with our prospects anddonors through writing notes, participating in Thankathons,hosting donor events, etc.Other: __________________________________ 15
  16. 16. _________I WILL BE AN ADVOCATEAs an Advocate, I will:Represent the organization at public functions (as anattendee/as a speaker)Become part of a speaker’s bureau if askedMake phone calls to appropriate city or other officialswhen asked.Work with staff to create and engage in specificstrategies to present the case to my best prospects orthose identified by staff. (Arrange information sessionswith your contacts who are individual, corporate, orfoundation prospects.)•Other:__________________________________________________16
  17. 17. I WILL BE AN ASKERAs an Asker, I will:(Lead/Participate in) requests to potential and renewingdonors for investment in the organizationGenerate and/or sign letters asking for appointments orgifts.Make follow up phone calls to solicitation letters and/orvisits.Seek sponsorships for special events and/or promote tablepurchase by my friends and colleagues.Other: ________________________________Please provide your comments or other ideas for gettinginvolved:17
  18. 18. Discussion of AAA SurveyPotential impact for Board MembersHandout and screen18
  19. 19. Measuring AAA EffectivenessNumber of contacts Ambassadors make – and tellyou about! Create an easy way to relay informationto your prospect files. (Action Update Form)Success of Advocacy: whatever the task assigned,was it accomplished and did it have the desiredresults?Success of the Asker is the easiest to measureAll three need to be honored: SOS19
  20. 20. AAA Roles in Relationship Buildingand Major Gift ProcurementThrough the lens of AAAThe Development Process
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. Key Innovation PrinciplesPeople give to you because you meet needs, notbecause you have needsA gift to you is really a gift through you into thecommunityFundraising is not about money: it is aboutrelationships based in shared values
  23. 23. PhilanthropyBased in valuesDevelopmentUncovers shared valuesFund RaisingGives people opportunitiesto act on their values
  24. 24. Discovering Shared ValuesThe best skill is simply listening (two ears:one mouth ratio)Ask open ended questions: “Tell me about…?” “How didyou….?Be willing to share your values and experiences – make it aconversationRemember that the excellence of your programs is thestrongest value of all and that your impact is the greatestwitness to those values (tell the stories!)Shared values lead to transformation of donors into investors
  25. 25. AAA Involvement in theFull Development ProcessIdentifyingQualifyingDeveloping strategyCultivating*EvaluatingAssigningSoliciting*Following upAcknowledgingRecognizingStewarding*Role for staff and AAAboard at every level;* indicates key roles25
  26. 26. Impact – As Ambassadors and Advocates, you convey theresults to the investor (Mission)Ideas – In all roles, you are able to communicate your newand best ideas (Vision)Issues – Through your relationship building you learn whatpeople care about (Values)Investment – You deliver messages about “return oninvestment” to donorsInvolvement – You help keep donors involvedKay Sprinkel Grace and Alan Wendroff, 2001• High Impact Philanthropy (John Wiley & Sons)26How a AAA Board Can Link Donors toTheir Philanthropic Investments
  27. 27. What a Commitment to AAARequires of Board MembersConstant renewal (mission connection, involvement inways that develop confidence and commitment)Increased transparency, accountability, outreach andstewardshipFinding partners who share your values to join youChanges in strategy (keeping “the young and therestless” and the “RT’s” engaged becomes a challenge)Involvement of all board members in ways that aremotivating and fulfilling for you and for them27
  28. 28. What AAA Organizations ReportBoard members are more engagedCommittees are using the modelStaff members are very keen on beingAmbassadors and Advocates – and many aremaking great Askers on team callsAAA has been integrated into board member jobdescriptions and recruitment matricesConfidence has grown among many volunteers28
  29. 29. Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joyof giving.-Hank RossoDonors don’t give to institutions. They invest inideas and people in whom they believe.-G.T. SmithTwo Ideas To Leave You With29
  30. 30. The AAA Way to Fundraising Success:Maximum Involvement,Maximum ResultsNonprofit Boot Camp – Silicon ValleyKay Sprinkel Grace, Presenterwww.kaygrace.orgkaysprinkelgrace@aol.com415-831-2923
  31. 31. Regarding Use of This MaterialThe creator of this material, Kay Sprinkel Grace, isthe sole proprietor of the contents of thispresentation.AAA was developed in 2002 and is copyrightedthrough its use in her book, The AAA Way toFundraising Success, Whit Press, 2009Permission to use all or portions of this presentationmay be obtained by contacting her atwww.kaygrace.org or kaysprinkelgrace@aol.com 31