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  • In the year 2000: 46% of US adults used the internet 53% owned a cell phone 0% connected to the internet wirelessly 0% used social network sites In the year 2012: 82% of US adults use the internet 88% owned a cell phone 2/3 connect to the internet wirelessly 65% used social network sites
  • Teens (and 18-to29 year olds) have the highest rates of internet use but since 2004, there has been more growth in the percent of internet users among 18-29 year olds and adults age 65 and older.
  • Ultimately, the petitions drew more than 180,000 signatures.
  • 30% increase in the number of nonprofits that comes from the energy and idealism of youth!Source: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/alpha-consumer/2009/07/14/why-young-people-are-starting-nonprofits
  • Teenagers, with a volunteer rate of 26 percent, outpaced young adults, both those ages 20 to 24 (18.6 percent) and 25 to 34 (22.9 percent).  ~source = youthtoday.org
  • http://mashable.com/2012/07/18/mobile-phones-worldwide/Fewer than 1 billion mobile subscriptions were active in 2000, while there are six billion subscriptions active today. Last year alone, mobile users downloaded more than 30 billion apps.
  • http://www.cygresearch.com/files/free/Exec_Summary-The_Cygnus_Donor_Survey_2012-US.pdf
  • http://www.waldenu.edu/Documents/About-Us/WaldenUniversity2012SocialChangeImpactReportFullReport.pdf
  • . KAAC has 8 chapters (Ohio, West Va., SC, NC, MN, AZ, and 2 in NY -Long Island & NYC, and Hudson Vallley).2. I have rescued over 1000 dogs/cats and a pink donkey through networking, adoption events, music video, youtube videos, Public Service Announcements, and red carpet events.3. KAAC was founded in 2009 but was not an official Facebook page until July 19, 2010.4. My membership page grew by attending/volunteering at high kill shelters/adoption events in Los Angeles, through media: "The Young Icons," my music video: "1Life2Live," PSA's on youtube, and by networking on Facebook with proven rescues/fosters/organizations (Best Friends, Animal Advocates Alliance).5. KAAC is in the paperwork phase of becoming a 5013c.6. We raise funds by selling t-shirts. We have raised about $1000.7. My parents are very involved with KAAC and support what I do 1000 percent. Both my mom and dad attend adoption events, help with flyers, pay for all expenses (driving to shelters, picking up dogs for transport, pledges for dogs on death row, assist with spay/neuter, money for music videos and youtube videos, money for initial t-shirt orders, 5013c fees, and bank account fees).let me know if you need any videos, pictures, or newspaprer articles. I am so honored that you are talking about KAAC!Thanks so very much!!
  • http://social.razoo.com/2012/02/83-of-americans-want-brands-to-support-causes/
  • http://www.internetretailer.com/2011/08/10/17-students-have-scanned-qr-codes-their-smartphones
  • http://www.netwitsthinktank.com/mobile/scanning-for-good-how-one-nonprofit-used-qr-codes-to-raise-awareness.htm
  • PEW Internethttp://www.slideshare.net/fullscreen/PewInternet/teens-2012-truth-trends-and-myths-about-teen-online-behavior/6http://www.educationnews.org/technology/study-social-media-helps-with-teenage-empathy-awareness/http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/14/facebook-teenage-email_n_1777169.html?utm_hp_ref=parents&ir=Parents&ncid=edlinkusaolp00000008http://pewinternet.org/Presentations/2012/July/Teens-2012-Truth-Trends-and-Myths-About-Teen-Online-Behavior.aspx67% of 18-to-24 year olds have a cell phone71% of 23-34 year olds77% of teens (of which 87% are 14-17)
  • Mobilize with mobile:Take a pictureAccess the internetSend / receive emailDownload appPlay a gamePlay musicRecord a videoAccess a social networking siteWatch a videoPost a photo or video online
  • Bequests were 8 percent of givingCorporate giving (corporations and corporate foundations) was flat - just 5 percent of the totalFoundation support was up but represents only 14 percent of the total
  • http://atlantablog.foundationcenter.org/2012/05/2012-digital-giving-index-update-from-network-for-good.htmlSite givingSocial giving describes causes.com, crowdrise, etc.Portal giving is an online space where donors can search & support any charity registered with the IRS. These include Network for Good, GuideStar, Charity Navigator, etc.
  • http://www.cygresearch.com/files/free/Exec_Summary-The_Cygnus_Donor_Survey_2012-US.pdf
  • Lee Fox - Youth and Nonprofit Partnerships

    1. 1. YOUTH and NONPROFIT Partnerships08/28/12 presented by Lee Fox
    2. 2. GENERATION “WE” Brittany Trilphord 17 years old Speaking on behalf of generation next
    3. 3. youth are global citizens with powerful tools#1 treat ALL PEOPLE equally
    4. 4. WHY THE ONLINE SOCIAL WORLD MATTERS Social Traditional Activity Media Cause promoter supporter Donate Money 41% 41% Volunteer Time 30% 15% Event Participation 25% 11% Purchasing for a Cause 25% 10% Political Recruiting 22% 5% Petition Recruiting 20% 4% Donation Recruiting 11% 3%Source: TNS Global survey 2010
    5. 5. In 2000 the digital divide was ECONOMIC $75,000 or more $50,000 to $74,999 $25,000 to $49,999 Less than $23,000 94.2 83.5 65.3 34.5
    6. 6. NO “DIGITAL DIVIDES” IN U.S.A. YOUTH WHITE BLACK ASIAN LATINOOwn a desktop or laptop 84 72 95 74computerOwn a cell phone, without 61 60 74 61internet accessOwn a handheld device that 51 64 57 58connects to the internetOwn a gaming device that 47 51 43 50connects to the internetHave access to computer 96 94 98 96that connects to the internetSource: Participatory Politics : New Media Political Action
    7. 7. Virtual to Virtuous
    8. 8. moving from Moments to Movements “Body Peace Treaty” 10M users online petition 14 year old 2012 84,000 signatures 2007people powered campaigns
    9. 9. Don’t call them “slacktivists”one click to broadcast
    10. 10. virtual to viral7 year old Charlie Simpson raised$240,000 for Haiti
    11. 11. #2 don’t underestimate the power of youth
    12. 12. Adults see value in nonprofits – and a majority get involvedthrough organizations (60%)
    13. 13. on one handon the other hand
    14. 14. 02/2012 Study
    16. 16. 9 in 10 teens (92%) wish they could do more to help those in need. when “volunteering” however feel discounted because they’rethey cangiven menial tasks and often left out of strategic decision-making and/or ideation.
    17. 17. the diversity of youth engagement
    19. 19. TIP: CALLS TO ACTION MUST BE CLEAR & EASYGet it done with a click. Make sure you’vegot a 1-step process for easyengagement.58% of youth activists prefer short-termvolunteering.
    20. 20. TIP: OFFER POSITIONS OF LEADERSHIP77% of GenY are seeking aseat on a nonprofit board.48% wish they could apply theirprofessional or academicskills when volunteeringPassion-driven communities are directlyassociated with increased volunteer andcharity work.
    21. 21. #3 be where they are. BE EVERYWHERE
    22. 22. Teens, Charity & Social Media February 2012
    23. 23. 83% conduct research ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS: - What do “gifts” and “volunteering” accomplish?LEARN - What’s the latest “news” specific to the cause and organization?- Compelling visuals- Clear call to action- Concise mission- Not too much info
    24. 24. KNOWLEDGE SHARINGthe 1st step towards more familiar forms of action!67% of youth who have interacted with anonprofit have done so via facebookHigh school students spend an average of 39 minutesa day accessing news!easy to share do you have “social share” buttons?
    25. 25. #4 co-creation = transformation
    26. 26. we believe inthe power of one
    27. 27. CRAFTIVISM Noa Mintz, age 12Girls in war-tornSderot (Gaza Strip) Knitting via SKYPE video Stitching their wounds
    28. 28. Lou Wegner age 15 July 2010acting & singing Oct. 2011animal cruelty 8 Chapters 1,000 Rescues
    30. 30. CALL TO ACTION FOR PREVIOUS GENERATIONS "The Trust Pyramid“ by John Haydon
    31. 31. FLIP THE TRAIDIONAL MODEL FOR “GENERATION WE” "The Passion Pyramid“ by Lee Fox
    32. 32. ImpactCollaborate Learn Share
    33. 33. Co-creation networks
    34. 34. Youth are mashing-up philanthropy#5 think like a BRAND (relinquish control)
    35. 35. Why brands are relevant 3 OUT OF 4 YOUNG PEOPLE AGREE THAT COMPANIES HAVE THE MATERIAL RESOURCES TO NEEDED TO SUPPORT SOCIAL CAUSES 83% of Americans say they wish brands would support causes
    36. 36. ways to “let go” DOES YOUR ORG NEED: *game design *video production *guest blogging *technology trainingLauren Foose Julie Zelinger Logan Pazolage 15 bullying age 19 age 12video blogger tech cancer feminism
    37. 37. Age 14 DOES YOUR ORG NEED: Age 14 *theme song Baseball *website redesign $27,000 Children’s *presentation build child poverty Hospital *photo portraits Age 15 photography participatory projects $4,000 disaster relief
    38. 38. TIP: SHARE INFORMATION RESOURCESShameless self-promotion will bepenalized. Your stakeholders are notgiving “to you” but “thru you.”Give credit where credit is due retweet,comment back, offer guest-bloggingand/or highlight a youth philanthropicmash-up
    39. 39. #6 redefine activism
    40. 40. Mobilize with mobile 90% of 14-17 In 2012, the majority year olds of 12-17 year olds have acell phone have a smart phone 63% of all teens say they exchange text messages every day. Don’t SPAM.
    41. 41. SCAN LIFE 16 M users (Q2 2012) 46% scan b/c they’re curious 41% scan to get more info 18% scan to get a free gift 16% scan to get exclusive content QR code Quick Response
    42. 42. 27% of online teensrecord & upload video
    43. 43. 180M people (U.S.) watched33B online videos in JUNE 2012SHORT & SWEET!2-to-10 min (6.8 min average)INVITE FEEDBACKComments, Quizzes, Polls,ContestsCALL TO ACTIONProvide contact details
    44. 44. #7 get with the flow
    45. 45. U.S. “GIVING” $298B 2011 U.S. giving2:1 GENY who volunteerare more likely to donate
    46. 46. YOUNG PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO GIVE 75% GENY gave in 2011
    47. 47. 26% GENZ gave in 2011Source: 2011 Harris Interactive Study
    48. 48. 2012 Q2 Site Giving Social Giving Portal Giving 70% 14% 8% Driven by Driven by giving Driven by relationship events disaster response
    49. 49. In 2011 how did you make your donations? online facebook e-mail in person other verbally online deduct mobile over phone payroll
    50. 50. ARE YOU LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE? 53% said they could have given moreELIMINATE over solicitationBe MORE transparent about what “giving”accomplishes
    51. 51. Are today’s youth… TRAGICALLY FLAWED? (misunderstood)… or like their avatars…ARE THEY SOMETHING TO “MARVEL” AT?How do we value? Crowd-sourced Generation activists “NEXT”
    52. 52. cause champion as likely to encourage + others to sign a 4x petition or contact a politician! 2x as likely to volunteer! + 2x as likely to ask for donations! 2x as likely to take part in an event!Source: Sortable
    53. 53. Make it easy Make it social Make it real Make it countJoin us on facebook: http://bit.ly/cause4KDZJoin us on twitter: @KooDooZEmail us: info@KooDooZ.com