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Just What is Social CRM?
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  • 1. SocialCRM[Spreading your influence beyond traditional CRM][add logos]
  • 2. What will we talkabout today?
  • 3. Four ways to increase yourinfluence and outreach1. Map a 360 degree view of your constituents2. Integrate your CRM and social media universes3. Segment and Score constituents4. Track and monitor the conversation
  • 4. Why are you here?• Organization Name• Your role• Do you have a CRM?• Where is the conversation happening?• Do you have a social media strategy?
  • 5. What makes aCRM “Social?”
  • 6. .. It’s the organizations [programmatic] response to theconstituent’s ownership of the conversation.-Paul Greenberg
  • 7. Map:Get a 360 degreeview of yoursupporters
  • 8. Who are mypeople andwhat do I knowabout them?SupportersAdvocatesBloggersDonorsBeneficiaries
  • 9. Enriched Social Media Profiles• Social Media Influencers o Example: Attentive.ly shows Klout score (screenshot)• Fundraising o Know more when you pick up the phone o Track what donors are saying online  Screenshot: Salsa donation page => Group in Salsa  Screenshot: Attentive.ly trending topics, just showing donors• Media o Know when bloggers and journalists mention one of
  • 10. How do they engage with us?• Petitions..
  • 11. •Newletters..
  • 12. OnlineDonations..
  • 13. Integrate:your CRM andSocial MediaUniverses
  • 14. 1) Convertingfrom SocialMedia TO CRMthrough mergefields
  • 15. TellEnable organic sharing:your friends, please..
  • 16. Appending social media onto ourCRM data + =
  • 17. Segment:Know and speakto your audienceappropriately
  • 18. Segmentation Variables• Scoring (CRM algorithm, Klout, etc)• Geography• Source• Behavior o Actions taken o Donation history (frequency, amount, etc) o Events (attended, organized) o Email Stats (opens, clicks, etc)• Interests• Keywords
  • 19. Geographic and Behavioral Queries
  • 20. Monitor Key List Segments =>
  • 21. How can we score our supporters?• Klout scores• Total social media followers• Blog traffic• Number of networks• Total posts• CRM Scoring• Donations• Event attendance• Volunteer hours
  • 22. Keyword Segmentation
  • 23. Multi-Variable Segments
  • 24. Track andMonitor your success
  • 25. What should we track?• Keywords and themes that trend as a result of our campaigns• Source and tracking codes (where did people come to us from?)• What are our high-score, key influencers talking about?
  • 26. Track Results in Multiple Places
  • 27. Takeaways
  • 28. Growing your sphere of influence