How to Utilize Facebook Ads for Fan Acquisition & Awareness


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  • First it’s important to realize before beginning any campaign, that you’ve got to understand what strong Click Through Rates should look like. You need to take into account: who you’re trying to reach specifically (do you want to locally target a particular audience, or are you reaching more globally- if you’re reaching global, you better be sure that what you’re sharing translates well enough that your viewers will want to share it with their friends, what is the particular age group that will find this ad the most appealing (if it’s music or sports related, might be better to skew lower), are you trying to tap into male or female sentiment (and furthermore, what does your overall FB insights tell you about your fan bases’ gender) what are the currently most talked about news stories or events happening around the world and does this ad insert itself into this conversation, & finally does the targeted group of users interest match the particular ad?
  • Here’s the scenario.Shakira was pregnant and instead of receiving any praise or gifts from fans, wanted to donate these well wishes and potential funds to UNICEF. Lucky for us, as well, she also decided to take beautiful photos of herself pregnant. Instantly we realized the potential these photos would have on FB.
  • We knew that this ad would generate huge amounts of traffic through news feeds via our fans liking, commenting, & sharing. Why not spread out the conversation further? The core of our fan base is 18 to 34 years old and their favorite things to discuss online are sports and music, this for the most part, remains true to the general Facebook audience as a whole. How do we know this? Ascertaining as much insights as possible from different sorts of social measurement tools via open APIs (like Twitter). We also do extensive research into reports published that focus in on which types of content are shared the most widely and what sorts of photos do the best. In this post, we realized the photo shared was: of a celebrity Good Will Ambassador, something our audience had previously not seen and might consider sharable to their other friends who enjoyed Shakira, & generally had two excited parents posing for a beautiful portrait that captured a moment in time which the world was already talking about.
  • So for $300.00, what did this ad achieve for our FB Page: 22,000,000 users seeing our post and perhaps for a split moment thinking about UNICEF, 267,000 users clicking on the photo, 1,400,000 actions, a CTR ten times a good industry standard, & 25,000 new Facebook fans. All at the cost of less than $300.00 throughout the last two weeks of January.
  • With this post, we noticed a quick pick up related to the shares it was getting, which obviously would increase reach dramatically. The photo was part of a larger story, which discussed how UNICEF colleagues within Chad supported nutrition centers that got children like Adoun back on track to lead healthy lives. The photo was inspiring and resonated easily with anyone who possibly knows the fear of your child getting sick. Plus, when dug in a little deeper, any viewer would understand just how Zenaba’s child became healthy again.
  • Logically, we decided that the person who this ad would resonate with most was not only our most active demographic, which was 18 to 34 year old females. Another approach to this ad could have been, focusing on specific interests within this core demographic, which is something we did NOT do this time with this ad, but have done with other ads in the past.
  • And the ad continues its social reach via a keyed in audience engaging with it and sharing, thus creating new UNICEF advocates and achieving additional likes for our page.
  • Quite recently, the situation for children in & around Syria has been declared a Level 3 emergency. Essentially, this means that the situation becomes a global emergency that everyone in the organization needs to consider allocating time and resources towards supporting. That being said, the entire Division of Communication decided to jointly create as much awareness as we could on the dire situation children are facing in the refugee camps. FB ads, I thought, would be a good way to propel our message.
  • Although fairly recently created, it’s already exciting to see that this particular ad is almost at the .6 % CTR range (again, roughly 4 times higher than the general industry standard) especially when considering we’re promoting this ad to a global audience that generally might not be interested or in the know about this emergency situation that is pushing UNICEF to make an impact. This ad is only a few days old, but already you see that it’s now reached (or been seen) by 17,000 individuals who previously might not have known there was any emergency affecting a million children inside and outside of the country. Also, it’s important to remember that in this ad, our main focus is raising awareness that there is currently an emergency going on related to the Syria crisis, that was DOC’s mission, not necessarily to acquire new fans to the page. When devising ads, it’s of course important to ask yourselves, what do you hope this ad will achieve and what numbers are most important to those who will view the reports. Within ads that might not have huge numbers but good engagement, it’s also sometimes a smart move to look through some of the engagement the ad has received and extract qualitative sentiment others have shared.
  • Gleaning information from our own Facebook insights page, we’ve realized that the majority of our social media community on FB is female. So, when hoping to raise further awareness on the Syria crisis, we did a few things here: highlighted women specifically in the ad with precise interest keywords that also might correlate to issues they care about- mother, girl, infant, daughter, toddler, etc. We then also added in keywords related to the area itself where the children were facing the emergency- Syria, Turkey, Lebabanon, etc. Lastly, we focused on an audience that was similar to our core demographic, but also added a few additional years based on the fact that international affairs audience might skew a tad bit older.
  • FB, since apparently December, now decrees that any ad you create cannot have more than 20 % of the photo incorporating text. This is important to note when devising which posts can and cannot work for ads.
  • It’s important to also always stay up on what rules FB has for the ads you want to create. A new one that I wasn’t familiar with, which I think came out in December, states that any ad you create, cannot be comprised of more than 20 % text. This is important when liaising with your designer to craft ads that you wish to have a certain directional focus. Also important to read through all of the rules before commencing ad placement in the first place.
  • Here you can see the UNICEF Pakistan FB page growth rates from the period of time between December 1, 2010 to December 10, 2012. But why the dramatic jump in fan growth over this period of time?
  • Facebook ad campaigns help spur extremely high growth rates, doubling the size of the community with the time frame of roughly a year.
  • Significant portion of fans are 18 to 24 with roughly 90 % being 13 to 24. What’s more, a massive part of the community comes from Karachi, but more than half are joining from outside the major cities within the country. Approximately 90 % of the community is also from Pakistan. So, when devising ad campaigns, what should all of this information tell you. You want to create content that the 13 to 24 audience will be interested in engaging with. The photo and the copy of the ad should resonate with those who can easily associate the information with their own day to day lives and even give a prompt of what they can do once they click the ad.
  • 1- On average CTR was 0.343 % 2- Ads were of these themes and targeting Pakistani people only.- Polio Free Pakistan- Education campaign “Every Child in School” - ShahidAfridi;s (cricket star) polio campaign- World Water Day and International Women’s Day- Monsoon floods and emergency response3 -Specific groups of Celebrities were targeted; Example Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar (Popular singers) 4- Some suggestions, tips or tricks:- Write clear, targeted ads with concise text that speaks directly to the audience you want to reach.- Test performance at different times- Manually turn your ads off and on the campaign, to see which time performs best- Preferred timings- Evening 3:00 to 5:00 pm- Night 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm- Keep monitoring5- These ads were created during an emergency or a special day related to UNICEF.6- Model chosen for all ads was CPC and response was amazing. 7- Paid through my personal credit card and I will get the reimbursement after showing the details of the campaign and transactions of my credit card.
  • Also important to note that after successes in offices are created, we try and scale efforts to the best of our abilities. This could be done through: emails, internal webinars, phone calls, blog postings, discussion threads, trainings, etc.
  • And with continued worldwide growth for social networks over the next few years, more and more organizations are investing now in their social media communities, particularly from a marketing and advertising standpoint. Because as we’ve seen, the more fans within your communities, the more potential advocates you can count on to continue sharing your message.
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  • How to Utilize Facebook Ads for Fan Acquisition & Awareness

    1. 1. UNICEF Facebook AdsHow UNICEF Translates Trends &Insights Into Community Growth
    2. 2. What Does a Good Ad Consist Of? 2
    3. 3. Creating Your Baseline With Ads 3
    5. 5. January 16, 2013 Shakirashared candid photos ofherself pregnant toUNICEF.We shared on FB &immediately turned it intoan ad. 5
    6. 6. This Ad’s Results 6
    7. 7. Who Did We TargetKey areas of user interest were: soccer fans, music lovers, 35 & undercrowd, & those in countries where Shakira & Gerard are most popular. 7
    8. 8. Smart FB Ads Approach - Results 8
    9. 9. As a result of $298.31 spent…• 22,000,000 Million Impressions (users that saw the ad)• 263,563 Clicks on the Ad• 1,391,999 Actions Taken• 1.194 % Click Through Rate• Cost Per Thousand for User Views, $0.01 Cents• Cost Per Click: Less than $0.01 Cents• 25,000 New Fans Brought In 9
    10. 10. What We Could Have Done Better• Create Spanish Ad & Promote to Right Countries• More direct ask in copy to „like this photo‟ or „like our page‟• Incorporate a call to action “Help us reach 100,000 likes to show your support for the child,” for example. 10
    11. 11. Showcasing Success 11
    12. 12. But Just Who Would Relate to This Most 12
    13. 13. After Posting, Moving Quickly 13
    14. 14. Wanted tohighlight theemergencysituation in Syria.Insertourselves intoa largerconversationusers werealready having.Liaised with ourdesigner. 14
    15. 15. Who We TargetedFocused on women Focused on precise& highlighted interests based on theinterests they might regions where therelate the photo to. camps were. 16
    16. 16. What We Could Have Done Better• Promote the ads in countries bordering Syria• Had a stronger call to action within the visible text related to why we created the ad (to raise awareness)• Testing out different age groups• Choosing a different post for Syria• Creating a specific ad exclusively for that purpose 17
    17. 17. And then FB CANCELED Our Ad…And then FB CANCELED Our Ad… 18
    18. 18. Country Office Perspectives UNICEF Pakistan 19
    19. 19. 20
    20. 20. 21
    21. 21. UNICEF Pakistan Fan Breakdown 22
    22. 22. Facebook – Advertising CampaignNo. of campaigns = 5Total money spent = 258 USDFans = 25,108Extraordinarily high returnon investment, i.e. 1 cent perlike (or follower) acquiredAds = girls‟ rights, polioeducation and 2012 floods 23
    23. 23. UNICEF Pakistan’s Advice for Ads• Write clear, targeted ads that speak directly to audience• Evenings from 3 to 5pm & 7pm to 11pm worked best• Manually control ads for monitoring purposes• Create ads for emergencies, special UNICEF related days or impactful events to your desired audience• Focus on issues your target wants to know more on• Incorporate musicians, athletes & celebrities when applicable• CPC worked best 24
    24. 24. So You‟ve Succeeded With Ads, Now What? 25
    25. 25. Processes & Incorporation of Ads Into Overall Strategy• Set up goals to achieve• Create insights based off success & failures• Benchmark successes• Scale positive results & share internally with others• Keep ads in mind when discussing editorial decisions• Share efforts with senior management, especially when hoping to grow amounts invested• Always take opportunities to utilize content your fans want to share 26
    26. 26. Best Practices 27
    27. 27. 28
    28. 28. Steadily Increasing, Steadily Improving! 29
    29. 29. Numbers don’t lie 30