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  • I know you’re going to hear a lot of tactical talks today, about retweets, fundraising, measuring return-on-investment, and more. Towards the end of my talk, I’ll discuss a few tactical things I’m interested in, but mostly I want to give people a more general sense of how I approach social media.
  • Social media is 20% about what you say, and 80% about what others say about you – so do something interesting that people want to talk about. Microsoft creates Geek 2 Chic charity shows that people talk about and share.
  • Luxury brands like Masarati are good at making customers or potential customers aspire to own their products. Similarly, nonprofits need to get creative at making potential advocates aspire to achieve a certain end state.
  • None of this stuff is as easy as it looks and there are no shortcuts. You need to practice and do a lot of trial and error. This won’t change. I have been consistently tweeting for four and a half years in the same format, with the same tone, and the same curation style. I owe it to my “fans.”
  • Twitter is more and more a media company.
  • Four nice examples of using Twitter’s new feature to design a nice landing page for the brand.
  • What does my Twitter profile say about me, me personality, my organization?
  • Compare style of pages, specific tweets, and pace of tweets (all of Mashable’s within the last hour, Gary’s over a few days).
  • This is what I did with Pinterest from the political conventions. Links point to our website or more technology-related information.
  • Here are three different nonprofit pinboards that all have different takes on being aspirational.
  • UNICEF has an interesting play on an “aspirational” pinboard. Links point to a fundraising site.
  • Publicyte is a very fancy blog where we can write long form things that matter and influence.
  • Patriotic.ly is essentially a very fancy discussion board, but it’s also very powerful social media.
  • Dr. Mark Drapeau - Social Media for Social Good

    1. 1. Social Media for Nonprofits Dr. Mark Drapeau Microsoft @cheeky_geeky
    2. 2. THIS IS MY TALKStrategic stuff Tactical stuff • Inspirational • Twitter as a homepage • Aspirational • What’s up with Pinterest? • Perspirational • Long-form content
    3. 3. And now for a brief word from your Social Media for Nonprofits National PresentingSponsor, the friendly Microsoft Corporation!
    4. 4. Make inspirational things your community wants to share DC Chicago LA
    5. 5. Create or curate content that makes your community aspirational
    6. 6. Doing all this social media can get extremely perspirational
    7. 7. Your Twitter profile is adynamic homepage for your brand:What does it say about you?
    8. 8. Pinterest can be a valuable tool for visualizing for your audiencewhat they can aspire to
    9. 9. Microsoft / Publicyte.com
    10. 10. UNICEF
    11. 11. Long-form content is still valuable. So are discussion boards.
    12. 12. MARK DRAPEAUmarkdrap@microsoft.com @cheeky_geeky