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Crowdfunding for Causes 101
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Crowdfunding for Causes 101


Published on

Lesley Mansford, CEO, Razoo …

Lesley Mansford, CEO, Razoo
Crowdfunding is the new buzz word. Get the best practices for successful online
fundraising campaigns. Plus learn the nuts and bolts of social media t o tell your
story effectively, spread the word and thank your donors.

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • Lesley
  • Idea – it’s a campaign plan it before you put up your page
  • PERHAPS WE JUST SHOW THE KID VIDEO HERE???? Girl with post it notes
  • Speak to widgets and facebook
  • You can use incremental goals and updates to keep your donors engaged in your ongoing story. Not only will your supporters enjoy seeing your success, but these regular updates serve as reminders for those who haven’t given yet. Also post interesting, eye-catching things that can encourage your friends to share it with their friends on their own social pages.
  • Lesley
  • Transcript

    • 1. Crowdfunding for Causes democratizing philanthropy
    • 2. Crowdfunding for Causes
    • 3. Why Crowdfunding? It’s Easy It’s Efficient It’s Social It Increases Your Donor Base It’s Here to Stay
    • 4. How to create a successful online fundraiser 1) Plan ahead 2) Set a realistic goal 3) Tell a compelling story 4) Set a deadline 5) Start with your inner circle 6) Start!
    • 5. Fundraiser = Campaign Your fundraiser should look like this. promote promote promote end start Not like this. start promote Deadline panic. Promote! end
    • 6. Tell Your Story
    • 7. Images Are Powerful
    • 8. …Videos Even More So Fundraisers with videos typically earn 4X more.
    • 9. Have Some Fun This ED put himself in a locked cage.
    • 10. Now Start Promoting
    • 11. Start With Your Inner Circle Build momentum, then branch out. • Staff • Board of Directors • Key Influencers • Volunteers • Friends • Donors • Your Social Networks
    • 12. Share & Ask Your Donors to Share One Facebook share is worth a lot. = $18
    • 13. Turn supporters into fundraisers
    • 14. Celebrate and stay in touch Announce when milestones have been met. Send “thank you” notes to donors. Show donors their impact.
    • 15. Thank Your Donors Show Donors Their Impact
    • 16. Questions? Lesley Mansford @lesleymansford, @razoo