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How Healthways Delivered  Almost Infinite Scalability for Their  "Grid Everywhere“ Environment Based on SL's RTView for Oracle Coherence
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How Healthways Delivered Almost Infinite Scalability for Their "Grid Everywhere“ Environment Based on SL's RTView for Oracle Coherence


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More and more companies like Healthways are looking to front-end their entire database infrastructure with Oracle Coherence in order to achieve the scalability, availability and throughput their …

More and more companies like Healthways are looking to front-end their entire database infrastructure with Oracle Coherence in order to achieve the scalability, availability and throughput their organizations require. In doing so, however, the need to gain insight into Coherence cluster behavior, and access data contained within the caches becomes even more critical. Learn how Healthways has been able to deliver almost infinite scalability for their Embrace Platform using SL’s RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor.

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  • 1. Learn How H lth L H Healthways D li Delivered d Almost Infinite Scalability for Their "Grid Everywhere“ Environment Based on Grid Everywhere SLs RTView for Oracle Coherence October 20101 Privileged and Confidential
  • 2. How Healthways Delivered Almost Infinite Scalability for Their "Grid Everywhere Everywhere" Environment Based on SLs RTView for Oracle Coherence October 20102 Privileged and Confidential
  • 3. Kevin Forbes Chief Enterprise Architect Oracle Fusion Middleware Evangelist3 Privileged and Confidential
  • 4. Healthways and the Embrace Platform • Extreme transaction processing p g • ~30-40 million people in the US are eligible to use the Embrace platform daily • 70-80% of Americans covered by healthcare • ~25 billion messages p day g per y • every one runs through the rules engine • tens of thousands of business rules per message4 Privileged and Confidential
  • 5. Challenges • Exponential g p growth in volumes of health-related data • Constantly changing data • Need to centralize information from all 13 call centers without additional risk • Too many monitoring tools, yet no visibility into the grid y g ,y y g5 Privileged and Confidential
  • 6. Project Objectives • Reduce costs • Deliver “infinite scalability” • Improve availability and throughput • Simplify complexity • Optimize ffi i O ti i efficiency • Provide an integrated platform • High availability - “Grid everywhere!”6 Privileged and Confidential
  • 7. The Solution • Architecture – both SOA and EDA • 11G R2 databases • Oracle Coherence • caching large volumes of master data • parallel compute cluster • grow into XTP • 7 – 4-processor nodes running Coherence • 140 nodes in the cluster • RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor • 1 day to configure and deploy7 Privileged and Confidential
  • 8. Overview of the Embrace Architecture8 Privileged and Confidential
  • 9. Overview of the Embrace Architecture9 Privileged and Confidential
  • 10. Overview of the Embrace Architecture10 Privileged and Confidential
  • 11. Why Coherence Needs Monitoring • “Grid everywhere” = almost complete reliance on Oracle y p Coherence grid • Coherence = single source of truth • Coherence = “black box” in production11 Privileged and Confidential
  • 12. 12 Privileged and Confidential
  • 13. 13 Privileged and Confidential
  • 14. Why RTView for Oracle Coherence • Product maturity y • Ability to scale in an “Infinite Scalability” environment • SL Team’s expertise in grid monitoring and in particular Team s and, particular, with Oracle Coherence • Responsiveness of the SL Team p14 Privileged and Confidential
  • 15. Achieved Results • Almost infinite scalability y • Better data quality and operational efficiency • Offload 70% of data reads • Set stage for XTP • Fit with event processing strategy ith t i t t • Lower complexity and cost of system • potential savings of ~$25MM over 3 years15 Privileged and Confidential
  • 16. RTView for Oracle Coherence Tom Lubinski Founder and CEO SL Corporation October 20, 201016 Privileged and Confidential
  • 17. About SL Corporation Recognized leader in Application Performance Management Located near San Francisco CA; subsidiary in Tokyo Japan Francisco, Tokyo, Flagship product: RTView for APM Oracle Coherence Monitor (OCM) and Cache Viewer (OCV) based on RTView platform Oracle Platinum Partner17 Privileged and Confidential
  • 18. What is RTView for Oracle Coherence? A Real-time Monitoring and Management Application for g pp Oracle Coherence In-Memory Data Grids Addresses growing problem of how to maintain reliability reliability, scalability and performance of applications built around pp Oracle Coherence18 Privileged and Confidential
  • 19. How RTView for Oracle Coherence Works The RTView platform - real-time data collection, analysis and presentation of monitoring metrics from Coherence and applications dependent on it The Oracle Coherence Monitor (OCM) - Coherence-specific views, Coherence specific views alerts and management functions in a modular, easy-to-deploy and scalable package The Oracle Coherence Viewer (OCV) – inspect and manipulate data contained in a Coherence cluster19 Privileged and Confidential
  • 20. RTView for Oracle Coherence Unified Real-time Display of data from all Application tiers Update for ORCL In-depth In depth Monitoring of Coherence Infrastructure20 Privileged and Confidential
  • 21. 21 Privileged and Confidential
  • 22. 22 Privileged and Confidential
  • 23. 23 Privileged and Confidential
  • 24. 24 Privileged and Confidential
  • 25. RTView Platform – Customization Using the Builder The RTView Builder provides rapid display and GUI development. All OCM and OCV displays may be customized or extended using the Builder. Users may develop custom views and controls for their application MBeans25 Privileged and Confidential
  • 26. Example RTView Custom Displays • Many types of presentation used to navigate through multiple tiers of data26 Privileged and Confidential
  • 27. How RTView for Oracle Coherence is Unique • Uniquely engineered to handle large, complex environments • Most advanced data archival and analytics capabilities • Seamless Desktop, AJAX, Flash deployment options p, , p y p • Sophisticated Builder, or Rapid Development Environment for custom views, alerts, data models • Multi-dimensional views – collect, correlate data from all tiers • Feature rich, Feature-rich, yet modular and easy to deploy • Available as platform, or as out-of-the-box solutions for messaging, BPM, and distributed caching systems27 Privileged and Confidential
  • 28. How RTView Helps Customers Respond faster and Include all Automate alerts and deploy quickly, necessary data in an corrective actions with low TCO APM solution where possible p Drive decision Handle large scale Deliver on all data making and analysis and distributed visualization and from historical data applications troubleshooting efficiently requirements28 Privileged and Confidential
  • 29. For F more information, i f ti or to request a demonstration or an evaluation of RTView for Oracle Coherence, please visit www sl com Coherence -or - call (415) 927-8400 ( ) Stay up-to-date on the latest product announcements, resources and updates on upcoming events!29 Privileged and Confidential