Veterans career fair march 2013
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Veterans career fair march 2013






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Veterans career fair march 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Successfully Navigating a Career Fair
  • 2. Copies of Workshop InfoInformation on our Workshops can be found
  • 3. Successfully Navigating a Career Fair
  • 4. #1 Mistake• Bad Breath – Careful not to drink Coffee – Don’t Smoke – Watch what you eat• It’s best to always use a strong mints before the entering the fair
  • 5. Navigating a Career Fair• Career Fairs are not about Jobs they are about• These events are not about YOU and JOBS! They are about networking with companies that you would like to work for – The Job Referral was just a Bonus to the event and means that you did everything right to warrant that referral….
  • 6. Business Cards• Bring Business Cards – Professionally designed business card is a must – Resumes are your second choice • Ask the recruiter which they prefer
  • 7. Portfolio• Clean Tablet with a list of questions – Take good notes for follow-up – Remove the page when you’ve completed the interview with each recruiter – Have your resumes in a separate folder inside your portfolio
  • 8. 30 Second Sale Pitch• Re-develop your 3 minute elevator pitch to less 30 second pitch – Remember the three “E’s” • Experience, Expertise and Excellence – Youll need to be able to quickly, clearly, and concisely explain your background and how you might fit in – Don’t memorize this sales pitch as each company is unique so you want to highlight different skills for each company
  • 9. What to do When you First Arrive• Smiling is required – Start with the gatekeepers and others in queue waiting to enter the event – A recent study indicated that smiling faces were easier to remember• Obtain a floor plan of the event• Locate your targeted employers
  • 10. Relax• Walk the room first if needed to relax and get the feel of how the recruiters are working their stations• Questions not to ask – Are you hiring – Salaries – What kind of jobs do you have
  • 11. Listen• Listen to what questions are being ask of the recruiter by other candidates – Try not to ask the same question others have asked – If you did not hear the answer then indicate so and rephrase the question• Listen to what the recruiters are asking the other candidates; these same questions may be asked of you
  • 12. Meeting the Recruiter• The amount of time you will have with the recruiter can vary from mere seconds to minutes.• Take notes if possible and offer your business card or resume. – When finished networking with the recruiter take a minute or two before moving to the next booth to recap your conversation
  • 13. Meeting the Recruiter• Don’t be offended if the recruiter tells you that they don’t need your resume and to apply on line for positions• If you have time ask if there are any suggested tips for completing their ATS process
  • 14. Before you Leave• Ask, "What is the next step?"• Request the recruiters business card for future correspondence• In closing, shake hands and thank them for their time• Move away and finalize your notes
  • 15. Follow-Up!• Thank you note! – 2-3 days after the event send a thank you note (email) to the recruiter thanking them for their time and recap your conversation (Why your notes are so important) – Attached a PDF version of your resume
  • 16. Pet Peeves• Too much cologne or perfume• Weak or sloppy handshake• Walking from booth to booth picking up swag – Even worse walking up to a recruiter with a bag full of stuff and then fumbling for resume/business card stuck in the bag of nickel toys and pens from all other vendors
  • 17. Pet Peeves• Not dressed professionally• Not prepared for the event• No research completed for targeted companies• No follow-up
  • 18. My Personal #1 Pet Peeve• Leaving the event complaining that there were “NO JOBS” and all the recruiters told you to go online and apply for their positions! – With the follow up statement of …“I could have stayed home and done that!”
  • 19. Jobs and Career Fairs• Remember these events are not all about YOU and JOBS! This is about networking with companies that you would like to work for!
  • 20. Questions
  • 21. LinksSLATE Missouri Career Centers Web Portal www.Jobs.Mo.Gov Job Portals