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  • Introduce PresentersDuring this session we will go over key policies, procedures , and safety information in this presentation. Please hold all questions until the end of the presentation.
  • Mention tailgating/piggybacking and relate this to the previous thefts and vandalism in the residence hallsRemind residents that they will not be given access to be building in order to walk through the lobby to get to an adjacent sidewalk. All buildings have pedestrian routes provided for access to all other areas of campus.While it may seem impolite to not hold the door for someone, keep in mind that if you allow a person to follow you into the building who does not live there, you are giving them access to both your home and the home of others.Explain that the Emergency Exit doors are structurally not intended for regular use, and therefore become a security issue if frequent use causes them to malfunction.
  • Stress that any person of the opposite sex, whether a resident of that building or not, is considered a guest, and all Open House Policies apply (hours, being registered, etc.)Remind residents of the importance of discussing guests with their roommates/suitemates. Your right/privilege of having guests stops where your roommate’s / suitemate’s rights to privacy begin.Visitors under the age of 17 must remain in the lobby area of the building, and must be in the company of the resident he/she is visiting.
  • Reinforce talking with roommates / suitemates about overnight guests in particular.Any overnight stays beyond the limits stated can be considered “cohabitation” and may result in referral to SL&C and sanctionsHighlight the 11:00 PM check-in time. Night guards cannot register an overnight guest, and will not allow any non-residents beyond the lobby area.
  • Emphasize that each hall’s structure and layout is different which is why these policies differ from building to building.
  • We’re not putting policies in place to try and catch residents in order to place sanctions on them, or to cause undue inconvenience for our residents.These policies are layers of safety measures to insure that residents have safe living environments.Our overall goal is for residents to follow the policies, not to fine or sanction residents. However, if residents choose to violate the policies, and in turn put all residents in danger, it is our duty to hold them accountable.
  • We are not able to talk with your parents regarding many matters pertaining to you. If you have a problem, issue, or concern, it’s best for YOU to come and speak with the persons yourself.
  • According to the University’s Code of Student Conduct, all students should have their ID card on them at all times while on campus. Your ID is your key to the building. Without your key, you either do not gain access, or you are charged to have someone give you access.The $15.00 Unlock Door fee and the Lock Change charges are applied to your University account and can be paid in the Cashier’s office in Vermillion Hall.If you loose your key, the Lock Change charge will be applied to your account regardless. Better to get a new key and to be able to protect your belongings than to leave your door unlocked.Community Assistants are the only personnel who can unlock your door for you. Because they are students, there will be times when they are unavailable to unlock your door. You should not ask maintenance or custodial staff to unlock your doors as they cannot do so.
  • Mandatory meeting presentation (2)

    1. 1. University of LouisianaLafayetteSubtitle RESIDENCE HALL POLICIES, PROCEDURES & INFORMATION
    2. 2. Access to your building You MUST use your Cajun Card to access the building. You must also present your Cajun Card to the desk worker or night guard each time you enter the building, or when asked to do so by a University official. You, and your guests, may only enter the building through designated entrances adjacent to the lobby area. Non-residents will NOT be given access to the building in order to hang out in the lobby, or to walk through the lobby to an exit. Exits marked as “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY” are not to be used to enter or exit the building on a regular basis.
    3. 3. OPEN HOUSE POLICY All guests must be registered at the front desk of the hall in which they are visiting. A resident of the hall must sign in the visitor as a guest. Open House hours are from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM daily For the purposes of this policy, a guest is defined as any individual, who is not a resident, assigned by the Department of Housing, of the residence hall being visited or is a resident of the building, but of the opposite sex. Residents are expected to limit guest to two (2) guests per visit. Residents and guests must present a valid picture ID card (Residents must leave their UL ID Card) at the time of sign in. Proper or valid identification for guests consists of the following: State Issued Driver’s License or Identification Card, Military ID, Current Student ID, or International Driver’s Licenses Guests must be 17 years of age, or older. Guests will receive a Guest Pass which should be carried at all times while in the building in which they are visiting. The resident must meet their visitors in the lobby. Guests must be escorted at all times by the host resident. Residents will be held fully responsible for the conduct of their guest(s). If a resident does not feel their guest(s) can act responsibly, said individuals are not permitted to be signed in. At the end of guest’s visit, residents must accompany their guest(s) back to the front desk to receive their ID cards.
    4. 4. • Residents are allowed overnight guests of the same gender who have been properly registered for a maximum of 2 nights during any 7-day period, no more than 5 nights in a month. • Overnight guests are required to carry their copy of the completed Overnight Guest Registration Form at all times andOVERNIGHT be prepared to provide it upon request of any University official. • Hosts shall be responsible for all actions of the guest. Guests GUEST are required to adhere to all policies of the Department of Housing and Student Life & Conduct and University of Louisiana at Lafayette. POLICY PLEASE NOTE: Overnight guests must be registered by 11:00 PM on the first day of their stay.
    5. 5. UNLOCK DOOR POLICY• Will now apply to all doors (building entrance, suite, bedroom, closet, etc.) If you have been provided access to any door either by key or card access, you will be charged to be let into these areas should you forget your key or ID card.• For each instance, the resident will be charged a $15.00 “Unlock Door” fee. University of Louisiana• If a resident looses his/her key, he/she will be charged the amount to re-core Lafayette all locks in the room/suite. ($200.00 for Baker, Bonin, Coronna & Huger; $100.00 for Conference Center and Harris.)• Residents should not leave doors unlocked or rely on their Subtitle roommate/suitemate if a key is lost. You will be charged& INFORMATION RESIDENCE HALL POLICIES, PROCEDURES for the lock change regardless of when the lost key is reported.KEEP IN MIND- This service may not be available at all times. During scheduled class times, staff may not be available tounlock your door. However, between 7 PM and 7 AM, staff should be on hand to assist with lockouts.
    6. 6. STAIRWELLSCoronna & Bonin Halls• Residents may utilize the stairwell across from the elevator at any time.• Access to stairwells on each wing will be RESTRICTED between the hours of 10:00 PM and 10:00 AM. Residents may use these stairwells between 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM.• Alarms on these doors will sound until reset by a staff member.Baker & Huger Halls• Residents may only use the stairwells to which they have been given card access.• Unauthorized entry to stairwells, as well as accessing adjacent halls, floor, or wings, will carry the same sanctions as those for unauthorized entrance to a University building or misuse of emergency exits.Conference Center• Residents may utilize the stairwell near the elevators at any time.• Access to all other stairwells from the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of the building is RESTRICTED at ALL TIMES.
    7. 7. • Failure to adhere to these policies may result in immediate removal from the residence hall, suspension of guest/visitation privileges, and/or referral to the Office of Students Student Life & Conduct or University Police Department. • Possible sanctions include, but are not limited to:SANCTIONS  Admonition  Warning Probation  Disciplinary Probation FOR  Suspension of Rights and Privileges  Fines (up to $200 for first offense; doubled for repeat offenses)  Suspension of eligibility for extra-curricular activities POLICY  Holds on University accounts / registrationVIOLATIONS PLEASE NOTE: Fines are NOT applied to your University account, and must be paid directly to Student Life & Conduct within a timely manner.
    8. 8. FERPAThe Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of1974, is a federal law that establishes the rights of studentswith regard to education records, and ensures students ofthe right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to thoserecords. This form is provided as a means for students to givethe University of Louisiana at Lafayette permission to discussand/or disclose their academic/conduct records withsomeone other than themselves (i.e., with aparent, guardian, etc.).
    9. 9. CONTACT US• Dean Greg Zerangue or Dean Carl Tapo Student Life & Conduct Office 223 Martin Hall (337) 482-6373 University of Louisiana• Dawn Broussard, Area Coordinator for Bonin, Coronna & Harris Coronna Hall Office (337) 482-2878 Lafayette• Kari White, Area Coordinator for Baker, Huger & Conference Center Baker Hall Office Subtitle RESIDENCE HALL POLICIES, PROCEDURES & INFORMATION (337) 482-6271
    10. 10. UL LafayetteMission Statement To provide a safe environment through a sensitive, measured approach to all situations requiring police assistance in support of the mission of the University and Student Affairs. This benefits current students, new students and transfer students.
    11. 11. Key Services Offered 24-hour police patrol and immediate inquiry of suspicious persons, acts, and circumstances. 24/7/365 30 Full time officers and 10 part-time officers. Headquarters in Bittle Hall on Hebrard Blvd. Officers maintain 24-hour patrol on foot, bicycles and in vehicles. The department maintains a close working relationship with area law enforcement agencies and all university administrative departments. Prompt response to Calls For Service. Crime prevention programs and information.
    12. 12. Key Services Offered Monitoring of vehicle and pedestrian traffic and Enforcement of Louisiana traffic laws. Facilitation of emergency response plans and evacuations. Safety AwarenessUniversity Police educates the campus community about crime risk awarenessand crime prevention through presentations, printed materials and informationposted on our web site.
    13. 13. Key Services Offered Professional and thorough investigations of criminal activities. See Something, Say Something Campaign. Off Campus Presence. C.U.S.P. Unit (City/University Safety Program) Patrols areas off campus where large numbers of UL students live and socialize, including the McKinley Street Strip, downtown Lafayette and apartment complexes where large numbers of students reside. The specially equipped police cruiser the team uses was purchased by UL Lafayette’s Student Government Association. Self Defense Classes “Learn to Fight Like A Girl” for campus organizations and departments.
    14. 14. Critical Information Code Blue Emergency Call System 51 emergency phones throughout campus. Main campus, cajun field, sorority row, fraternity row, parking garages. Easily recognizable and activated by pushing an easily accessible button which automatically connects with ULPD. Camera Surveillance There are about 300 surveillance cameras on campus and in residence halls. Restricted Access Students must swipe their UL Lafayette identification cards to access residence halls on campus. Several academic or administrative buildings can only be accessed at night and on weekends by swiping an authorized UL ID card.
    15. 15. Critical Information Emergency Notification System (ENS).An emergency notification system provides immediate alerts for emergencies thatmay threaten harm to people on campus, such as chemical spills, tornadowarnings or violent act on campus. Emergency notices are conveyed by textmessage, email, phone, emergency radio receiver, campus hotline and theuniversity’s main website. 482-2TIP line. Dean & Counselors On Call Program. 24hrs/day, . Night Shuttle – 482-6936 5p to midnight, Mon-Thurs; 3p-Mid, Fri; 12 noon to Mid on Sat & Sun.
    16. 16. Resources Web Site ( Crime Prevention Information Crime Log Clery Stats act/index.shtml Lost and Found Student Union, Library and UL Police Department.
    17. 17. Common Questions What does the UL Police do? Is it a FULL law enforcement agency? Can we arrest people? What is our jurisdiction? Do I pay for my citation at Parking and Transit? Who handles parking complaints?
    18. 18. Interested in KnowingAt the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, campus safety is paramount. We are committed to providing a secure environment for our students, employees and guests.Please let us know if we can assist you.Main Number337-482-6447 or dial 911 for emergencies.
    19. 19. Parking and Transit Operated by the Parking and Transit Department, separate from the police department. Handles parking permits, citations and towing. Operates Bus Shuttle from Cajunfield Parking on campus requires a permit Parking at Cajunfield is free 337-482-6858