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Nu Txt - Same old stories?
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Nu Txt - Same old stories?


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David Kendall, Nu Txt - Same old stories?, SLA Weekend Course 2007 "The Future is Now"

David Kendall, Nu Txt - Same old stories?, SLA Weekend Course 2007 "The Future is Now"

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Nu Txt Same old stories?
    • 2. Characteristics of new media
      • Highly visual
      • Speed is prized
      • Less authoritarian
      • Mobile
      • Exchange/generation of content by users
    • 3. The Text Book experiment Does a book group need to meet face to face? What would the most effective way of using mobile phone technology?
    • 4. 12 readers were give advance copies of Jill Dawson’s Wild Boy. Connected within a text message group the 12 readers were asked to send their thoughts on the novel over a two week period
    • 5. Rachel: The dr gets even less sympathetic when Henri dies…but justb4 he is laughing at the party I was liking him. So don’t really get him yet
    • 6. What did we learn?
      • That readers were unused to sending out comments
      • before finishing the book
      • That they felt a pressure to join in
      • That they felt challenged by the format
      • That the experience was very immediate
      • That they would take part again
    • 7. 128 project
      • 16 teenagers are linked within a text message phone group.
      • They are asked to send their thoughts on reading to each other.
      • They can get automatic book recommendations sent to them via their phone.
    • 8. Sample book recommendation Read ths! Hs it al - luv, advntur, fab peple, ideas bout How u survive in dangerous times. How I Live Now - Meg Rossof
    • 9. Carrick: lovely bones was sad n so was Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud bt both are quite girly Trinity: I agree with lovely bones it sad but you still carry with it
    • 10. What did we learn?
      • Ensure all teenagers have credit on their phones
      • Keep any instructions simple
      • That the group were wider read than we thought
      • That they were confident expressing strong opinions
      • That they liked the short recommendations
    • 11. The Fastest Story In The West
      • 6 email groups (6x 15, y9 pupils)
      • 7 hours to create a story
    • 12. The Last Dragon
      • 3 envelopes containing different beginnings
      • Each group has a facilitator,and a scribe
    • 13. The Last Dragon
      • Each group has only 45 minutes for their part of the story.
      • Each group has complete control over their section of the story.
    • 14.