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HR In Ethical Workplace


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The Role of Human Resource in Promoting an Ethical Workplace

The Role of Human Resource in Promoting an Ethical Workplace

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  • 1. Your e-business specialistThe Role of Human Resource in createPromoting an Ethical Workplace value Business Ethics and Values Taylor’s College - Subang By : Aimi Aizal Nashasuddin Chairman - Skali share Date : 20 November 2012 Venue: Taylor’s Business School
  • 2. Typical Organisation ChartYour e-Business Specialist
  • 3. Typical Organisation Chart All positions are filled with HUMANYour e-Business Specialist
  • 4. Functions of Human Resource Department • Hiring • Policy development • Promotions • Technical policy interpretation • Reassignments • Work Permitting Immigration Visa • Position classification and grading Program • Salary determination • Benefits – Health care insurance • Performance appraisal review and – Life insurance processing – Disability insurance • Awards review and processing – Retirement • Personnel data entry and records – Voluntary accidental death and maintenance dismemberment insurance • Consultation and advisory services – Leave Transfer Program to management and employees – Tuition Assistance Plan – Conduct problems – Training opportunities – Performance problems – Combined Federal Campaign • Employee assistance referral • Workers compensationYour e-Business Specialist
  • 5. Functions of Human Resource Department Summary • Organizational Development: – establish a hierarchal reporting system. – Plan and map the companys organizational infrastructure to support those needs. • Employee Recruitment and Selection Process – Coordinate requirements for human resource – Prepare job description – Coordinate interviews – Coordinate selection process • Employee Training & Development – Oversees skill development program – Continuous skill and capability program • Employee Compensation Benefits – Salaries, bonus, allowances, commissions etc. • Employee Relations – Arbitrator and liaison between employees and management, legal entities – Counselor • Policy Formulation – Continuous development of pollicies and proceduresYour e-Business Specialist
  • 6. Most Challenging Department DEALING WITH PEOPLEYour e-Business Specialist
  • 7. Typical Objective of Human Resource Department • To ensure the organisation is filled with sufficient and capable people, with the right skill set, who are continuously motivated to carry out their duties and functions in the organisation, hence contribute towards achieving organisation’s vision and missionYour e-Business Specialist
  • 8. Phenomena in the Past • Large companies with highly skilled and experienced people running them, continue to wind up over the last decades • Highly established, hundred year old empire collapsed overnight due to action of few…. 1913 - 2002 1762-1995 1932 - 2001Your e-Business Specialist
  • 9. What Went Wrong?? LOST OF HUMAN VALUES • People putting self interest above organisation’s interest • Unethical conduct • Lack of discipline • Etc…Your e-Business Specialist
  • 10. New Age Human Resource Objective • To ensure the organisation is filled with sufficient and capable people, with the right skill set, who are continuously motivated to carry out their duties and functions in the organisation, hence contribute towards achieving organisation’s vision and mission by upholding good values.Your e-Business Specialist
  • 11. Why Values • Ethics highly associated with:- – Morality – Virtue – Values – What is right, good or legalYour e-Business Specialist
  • 12. Core Values • Honesty • Efficiency • Sincerity • Flexibility • Integrity • Initiative • Professionalism • Mutual • Commitment • Accountability • Teamwork • Community • Leadership Involvement • Competence • Openness • Cooperation • Mutual RespectYour e-Business Specialist
  • 13. Nature of Values • Predominantly embeded in DNA • Hard to identify during interviews • Require time to shape or changeYour e-Business Specialist
  • 14. How Can Human Resource Foster Work Ethics • Designing company’s vision and objective around easily communicated values • Continuously communicate through various channels and activities • Serious disciplinary action especially those who breach core values Interest of the Self Importance Company/TeamYour e-Business Specialist
  • 15. The Skali Experience Our Values are Our Success Continuous Opportunities Believe MINDSET TRUST INTEGRITY Sincerity and HonestyYour e-Business Specialist
  • 16. OVERVIEW – Strategic Tactical Execution (STEM) Our Vision Statement: Global Conquest By 2020 Our Mission Statement: Creating, Sustaining and Innovating Humanity Towards “A Bullet Proof Enterprise” Our Core Values: Sincerity , Honesty & IntegrityYour e-Business Specialist
  • 17. Skali Experience – HR Function • Continous communication that promotes team/organizational objectives – Weekly briefing – Regular group meetings – Ritual - War cry/corporate song/Purple day – Intranet • Instilling sense of belonging through monthly group activities – Sports – CSR – Wall of fame, competition etc…. PURPLE ME SKALIN BLOODYour e-Business Specialist
  • 18. Examples Communication - Activities Skali! – One! One! One! SKALI SONGS Skali – Run! Run! Run! SKALI VIDEOS Skali! – Fun! Fun! Fun! Skali! – Create! Satu Proud to be Skalian Skali – Value! Skali – Share! Skali Evolution Gooooo!!!! Skali!!!!Your e-Business Specialist
  • 19. Examples Communication - Activities 19Your e-Business Specialist
  • 20. Examples Communication - ActivitiesYour e-Business Specialist
  • 22. create value Thank you share Address: Level 15B, Menara Sentul, No. 86, Jalan Sentul, 51100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel : 603 4043 9888 Fax: 603 4043 0999 Email: service@skali.netYour e-Business Specialist