San Jose Highly Gifted Magnet School - Booster Kickoff 2010


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San Jose Highly Gifted Magnet school gives children of extraordinary intelligence an opportunity to learn, grow and develop to their maximum potential. The Highly Gifted Magnet schools in Los Angeles are one of the few programs in the US designed for children with IQ of 145+. These students have unique intellectual, social and emotional needs not addressed in regular or moderately gifted classrooms. SJHGM brings together specialized teachers, challenging curriculum and compatible peers to ensure a meaningful education in a supportive environment.

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San Jose Highly Gifted Magnet School - Booster Kickoff 2010

  1. 1. San Jose HG Magnet Booster Club September 22, 2010
  2. 2. Who is the Booster Club? You! Magnet Families
  3. 3. Our Mission Enhance and enrich public school education for our children Bringour talents and resources to support teacher programs Advocate for the needs of highly gifted students
  4. 4. Parents Enhance Learning Share an expertise or hobby that relates to curriculum Or find volunteer experts e.g. Rock Hounds amateur geologists
  5. 5. Parents – Bring curriculum to life!2nd /3rd GRADE Science:  If you have expertise in a subject or know Balance and Motion someone who does, please talk to your teacher Pebbles, Sand, & Silt  Underlined subjects are linked to more info Plants and Animals Matter & Energy Habitats 4th GRADE Science: 5th GRADE Science: Sun, Moon, & Stars  Rocks & Minerals  Mixtures & solutions  Magnetism & Electricity  WeatherOpen Court reading:  Environments  Living Systems Friendship Imagination Open Court reading: Open Court reading: Storytelling  Risk & Consequences  Cooperation & Competition City Wildlife  Dollars & Sense  Astronomy Money  From Mystery to Medicine  Heritage Country Life  Survival  Making a new nation  Communication  Going westSocial Studies Historical figures Social Studies Social Studies: Native Americans  California history  US history and geography
  6. 6. With parent support,Booster Club hopes to provideEnrichment Programs PE Quest in Science World Drums Shakespeare MUV Yoga Neuroscience
  7. 7. Quest in Science Credentialed instructor works with teachers to provide extra hands-on science Every Thursday, Sept. 30 – Nov. 4 Gr. 2-3: Life Science Gr. 4 & 5: Marine Biology (will dissect squids)
  8. 8. Physical Education 1 hour of YMCA PE every Thursday with Olympic coach In addition to PTA-funded PE every other Tuesday Focus on lifestyle choices, life skills, physical endurance
  9. 9. Music: World Drums Play different drums while learning world beats and rhythms, e.g. Ghanan, Taiko October 13 through November 17 Parents can attend last day
  10. 10. ShakespeareInstructors from Will GeerTheatricum BotanicumLearn ensemble work, song,dance, stage-fighting Gr. 2-3: Midsummer Night’s Dream Gr. 4: Twelfth Night Gr. 5: MacBeth Performance date: February 18, 2011
  11. 11. MUV Yoga and Dance Focus, relaxation, stress management Kinesthetic learning of curriculum Spring semester Parents invited to last day
  12. 12. Neuroscience  Neuro-anatomy, sensory experiments, fun exercises  What does “smart” really mean? Andrea Dweck’s research  Dissect brains  Spring semester
  13. 13. Booster Parents support all this and much more…  Science Lab  More Field Trips  IT Support, computer supplies  Social Activities  Community Service events  Anything teachers need
  14. 14. Booster Budget for 2010-’11 $24,800 PE Field trips & 10% Other 13% Yoga Music 16% 13% Science & Shakespeare Neuroscience 20% 28%
  15. 15. Fundraising Sources YOUR DONATIONS Employer Matching Grants Percentage-of-Sale (Ralphs, eScrip) Spirit-Wear Sales
  16. 16. $24,800 ÷ 70 students ≈ $350Suggested Donation: $350 Per Child
  17. 17. GOAL: 100% of families contribute ANY amount is helpful and appreciated Every cent goes to your child’s education Please ask your employer if they can match Tax-deductible
  18. 18. Please give generously Many families cannot donate $350, and will donate what they can, so please donate more if you can A private donor will match every dollar above $350 If you donate more than $350 by November 1st, you get a free SJHGM t-shirt
  19. 19. San Jose Highly Gifted Center Booster Club DONATION PLEDGEYes! I wish to make a tax-deductible donation of $350 or other amount $___________, for each of mychildren to participate in the enrichment programs and activities sponsored by the Booster Club.Child: ___________________________________________________in grade _____________Child: ___________________________________________________in grade _____________Address: ___________________________________________________________________________Phone: ________________________________________ Email _________________________________ I have enclosed my full payment of $_______________________ I will send my donation through PayPal.___ I pledge a total of $ _________ to be paid in ___ installments. Please send me payment reminders:$_____ Oct $ _____ Nov $ _____ Dec $ _____ Jan$_____ Feb $ _____ Mar $ _____ Apr $ _____ May $ _____ Jun ___ Yes ___ No My company may have a matching donation policy. ___ Yes ___ No I have contacts at a foundation or corporation that may help our school.Please include your child’s name on checks, made payable to San Jose HGM Booster Club. Please return this form to your teacher or to a Booster meeting. Thank you so much!
  20. 20. Free Money Programs Donate while you shop Sign up online at Vons, Pavilions, restaurantsRalphs Community Contribution and more Ask your Office Manager to attribute to: San Jose Highly Gifted Magnet Ctr (or code 70219507)
  21. 21. Teacher Reports: New this Year Accelerated Math (1 grade level ahead) Science Lab! Grades 4 and 5: Team Teaching  Ms. Garcia: Language Arts & Social Studies  Ms. Watson: Math and Science
  22. 22. New: Project Citizen THANKS to Liu Family and Center for Civic Education 4th & 5th graders learn how public policy is made. Teams present proposals at Project Citizen Forum All grades volunteer for community service
  23. 23. Beyond Donations… Parents Get Involved! Make curriculum come alive  IT support Help understand Shakespeare  Free photocopying Organize community service  Classroom wish lists Newsletter writing  Write grant applications Science Lab supplies  Organize a social event How do YOU want to help? Please fill out Volunteer Opportunities Form on next page and return to your teacher
  24. 24. San Jose Highly Gifted Center Booster Club VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIESParent Name: Occupation Student Grade(s)_____Email PhoneThe strength of the Booster Club depends on all the families in the Magnet. Our parents haveincredible skills and passions! To help us facilitate support for teachers and students, pleaseshare your talents and interests. Its going to be a great year!.I may be interested in helping with…(Please check all that apply)___ Teaching children / sharing my expertise related to curriculum subject _____ Coordinating Ralphs/eScrip free money program___ Writing for the Newsletter___ Writing grant applications___ Getting supplies for the Science Lab___ Helping students understand Shakespeare___ Providing IT support (on campus or take-home)___ Providing free photocopying___ Providing graphic design/artwork___ Organizing a social event for Magnet families___ Organizing a community service activity___ Organizing 5th Grade Culmination___ Other
  25. 25. Also Support our Schoolwide PTASan Jose PTA Provides: Buses for Field Trips PE every other Tuesday Playground equipment Library open after school until 4:30 PM Strong political advocacy for education
  26. 26. Booster Upcoming… Booster Meetings 2nd Wednesdays Oct. 13 mtg: Middle School options Nov. 10 - Exclusive tour of Portola Middle School Highly Gifted Magnet for San Jose families 8:30 AM We’re rebuilding our website. Check it out in a few weeks
  27. 27. Booster Meeting Calendar 2nd Wednesday each month  Oct 13, 6:30 PM (Info on Middle school options)  Nov 10, 2:45 PM  Dec 8, 2:45 PM  Jan 12, 6:30 PM  Feb 9, 2:45 PM  Mar 9, 6:30 PM  Apr 13, 2:45 PM  May 11, 6:30 PM
  28. 28. Please fill out yourDonation Pledge Forms and Volunteer Forms and return them to your teacher THANK YOU!
  29. 29. Whew. These plans are ambitious. Can we do it?
  30. 30. Together… you betcha!