Successful Social Enterprise in a UK University: The case of the University of Northampton


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Successful Social Enterprise in a UK University: The case of the University of Northampton

  1. 1. Wray Irwin Deputy Director of Social Innovation and Enterprise The University of Northampton Successful Social Enterprise in a UK University: The Case of the University of Northampton
  2. 2. Northampton in the UK c 70 miles North of London c 270,000 population Mixed economy, traditional industries replaced by light manufacturing, high-tech. engineering, service sector
  3. 3. What are we famous for Some facts about Northampton •Between 11th and 13th Centuries it was capital of England •Loosing side in the civil war •Rebelled against 5 English monarchs •3rd oldest university in UK (but see point above) •Shoes, rubbish and the lift tower
  4. 4. Yes a lift tower
  5. 5. Yes a lift tower
  6. 6. The University of Northampton Some facts and figures •c 14,600 students in 2012 •70% full time •60% female, 40% male •55% over 21 •90% undergraduate, 10% postgraduate •83% UK students, 17% international
  7. 7. The University of Northampton • Arts • Education • Health • Northampton Business School • Science and Technology • Social Sciences Six Schools and Two Campuses
  8. 8. The University of Northampton • Position 102 out of 129 UK universities • Graduate employment 90% • World renown leather centre • World renown waste management centre State of the Nation 2009
  9. 9. The University of Northampton • Raising the Bar • 3 clear objectives • Top 50 university by 2015 • Top 10 for student experience • # 1 UK University for Social Enterprise New Vice Chancellor
  10. 10. Social enterprise and UK universities • Social enterprise increasingly important • A ‘new model’ flexible, dynamic and cost effective model for service delivery and transformation • Social enterprise supported by all mainstream political parties • UK universities good at following developments! • Social enterprise moving from a niche specialism to more mainstream education • New research, learning material, degree programmes , student societies, external speakers etc • Very small government funding to support social enterprise via HEFCE – UnLtd engagement • But there was lots of ‘guerrilla’ activity happening at grass roots The national picture
  11. 11. Social enterprise in UK universities • Over 115 UK universities have ‘social enterprise’ information on their websites • Said Business School, Oxford, Skoll Centre for social enterprise (1-2 academics) • Judge Business School, Cambridge (1-2 academics) • Middlesex University research centre (c 10 academics and researchers) • Lots of small ‘pockets’ of activity, normally located in one Faculty or Department • Student Hubs and others • Increasing numbers of Masters programmes and undergraduate modules • A developing area • Northampton the only university to have a whole institution integrated focus on social enterprise Examples of activity
  12. 12. University of Northampton Management • 2010 new Vice Chancellor, new ambition, new mission • ‘Raising the Bar’ strategy – publicly committed Northampton to be #1 UK HEI for social enterprise by 2015 • Change management tactic – tell the world you are going to do it, then you have to do it! • Visible and consistent leadership from the Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer • Proven project manager with strong ‘enterprise’ record • Social enterprise in Northampton funded by Higher Education Innovation Fund allocation (£1.2m p.a. = c $1.8m) • Define core values for social enterprise strategy • Define key strategic activities • Be hyper-active and communicate all the time! What we did to be #1 UK social enterprise university
  13. 13. Social Enterprise • Provide a unique student experience of the very highest quality, developing both theoretical and practical competence in social enterprise • Encourage, support and develop entrepreneurial skills and enterprising attitudes in students, staff and communities we work with • Strive to deliver a fairer and more inclusive society Underpinning values
  14. 14. It’s more than modules • You don’t have to do a social enterprise degree to be socially enterprising • Attitudes, values and behaviour more important than specific qualifications • Can be a socially entrepreneurial artist, scientist, lawyer, accountant, dentist, teacher etc • Philosophy underpinning learning and research is vital • Extra-curricular opportunities very important – Enterprise Club crucial to Northampton • Promotion of a socially enterprising university should be different Socially enterprising university models
  15. 15. Yes a lift tower
  16. 16. Mission Accomplished: UK #1 HEI by 2013 • 47th in University league table • 97% of graduates in graduate employment • #1 for Social Enterprise, Ashoka U designation. • Supported over 3,200 social enterprise clients • Generated over £1M new income • Helped over 50 students/graduates set up new social enterprises • Influenced social enterprise policy and practice • Provided over 300s placement/internship opportunities • New research • New learning opportunities What have we done?
  17. 17. The future • Build on Change-maker Campus network • New educational offer: new students, new staff • Social Innovation on every corner • Move to new ‘leadership model’ to drive innovation • Embed social impact/value in all activities • New University, new site, based on Change-maker principles 2013 - 2018
  18. 18. Where are we now? The Cube St Johns Park Campus Avenue Campus Waterside +
  19. 19. What are our plans?
  20. 20. Thank you for listening