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Jon Hugget's slides from our recent Summer School 2012 in Adelaide on the challenges of scaling social innovation and looking ahead to the future of innovation.

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Social social innovation

  1. 1. SocialSocial Innovation ^ Jon HuggettSocial Innovation eXchange Summer School Adelaide, 28th November 2012
  2. 2. Why Social Social Innovation? We are here to discuss: “THE GROWING PAINS OF SOCIAL INNOVATION” Social Innovation is growing … … so why is this hard … what are the pains?What might social innovation be when it grows up? How can SIX “innovate” Social Innovation? 2
  3. 3. My reflection from “Social-N” work with …Social iNNovationSocial eNterpriseSocial iNvestmentSocial eNtrepreneurSocial eNtrepreneurshipSocial iNtrapreneurshipSocial respoNsibilitySocial iNclusionSocial veNturesSocial fraNchisingSocial iNtelligence 3
  4. 4. Global interest in “Social Innovation” 4
  5. 5. Ocean of social innovations Innovation in Social services TACSI Family by Family Sustainable city Curitiba North Karelia HealthHarlem Children’s Zone Hammarby Sjöstad eco-town Khan Academy Kaboom Wikipedia Mothers to Mothers Kunskapskolan Charter schools Social Social Innovation? Lonely Planet Facial recognition Academies Kiva Avaaz Tyze Facebook Twitter Crowdsourcing Move On Texting Web chat Radical transparency All Out IM MySpace CSR to develop BoP products 38 Degrees BBM Skype Innovation done Tough Mudder Innovation in Socially Grindr how we Socialize 5
  6. 6. Each kind of social innovation helps another “FB membership passes 1 billion” October 2012 February 2012 Car use down Rail travel up 10% pubs close among young in UK and USA each year 6
  7. 7. Large (personal) impact over decades 1M 7
  8. 8. Huge systemic changes to the state “Protector”     Relational State “Provider”       Welfare state   “Partner”   “Partner”       ? “Passive”   Big Society           Prey?       “… a radical solution to the problem of declining public trust in governments:   why don’t governments show greater trust in the people?”Source: Government with The People: The Outlines of a Relational State, Geoff Mulgan, 2012 8
  9. 9. Why is this hard? Weakeconomies Capital of scale without Meritocratic How to spread? revenue leadership Can it Do leaders pay its own the way? problem? 9
  10. 10. Michael Young coined “meritocracy” in 1950s to compare with plutocracy or aristocracy 10
  11. 11. Predications of “Rise of the Meritocracy” went against the grain of its time Some 1958 predictions … 2012? Pick for more top jobs by “merit” ✔ Increasing income inequality ✔ Falling social mobility ✔ Marginalization of working people ✔ Decline of working class politics ✔ Party of the left becomes “technocratic” ✔ Party of the right becomes “populist” ✔ House of Lord revived as “meritocratic” ✔ 11
  12. 12. Do we have a crisis of “meritocracy”?“Meritocracy offered liberationfrom the unjust hierarchies ofra c e , g e n d e r a n d s e x u a lorientation, but swapped intheir place a new hierarchybased on the notion thatpeople are deeply unequal inability and drive” Christopher Hayes, 2012 12
  13. 13. Can SIX explore “social” social innovation? Smart people Good people doing doing good things smart things Meritocratic Democratic Hierarchical Fluid Top-down Bottom-up Interesting Systemic “Growing pains” “Grown-up” 13