SIXSeoul13 Day 1: Seoul City - Won Soon Park
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  • 1. 지금 서울시는 혁신 중 Seoul in the process of Innovation Social Innovation Exchange | 2013. 09. 09 Won Soon PARK
  • 2. 싱가포르에서 28 2010년 9월 24일
  • 3. Suggestion for Social Innovation Asia Node - Establishment of SIX ASIA
  • 4. Seoul Innovation Bureau Creation of Seoul Innovation Bureau
  • 5. Where does social innovation come from? From the details
  • 6. “I want to become a Mayor who’s first priority is bettering the lives of the citizens.”
  • 7. The 10 Rules of Repairing Sidewalk Blocks
  • 8. Forecast of fine dust particles and ozone concentration in Seoul
  • 9. From listening Where does social innovation come from?
  • 10. The angle of listening
  • 11. Ask the citizens Listen to the citizens Listening Workshops 6300 people
  • 12. 100 deliberation meetings take place before 1 policy is formed 63 Deliberation Meetings
  • 13. From the actual site Where does social innovation come from?
  • 14. Letter from residents of a rental apartment complex Dear Mr. Mayor, 6 people have taken their lives over the last 100 days. Please set up a suicide prevention program in our neighborhood. Please give hope to our neighbors and help them value their lives.
  • 15. I made an on-site visit I spent 3 days at the rental apartment complex
  • 16. On-site Office of the Mayor The answer is always at the site of the problem
  • 17. On-site Visit to the Metro
  • 18. Where does social innovation come from? From learning
  • 19. Hope Seoul Policy Expo
  • 20. Seoul is in the process of innovation
  • 21. Information(정보) is Innovation
  • 22. Open Government – Disclose all Information to the Citizens
  • 23. Open Government –
  • 24. Open Government - A secretary always keeps a record of all the meetings of the Mayor
  • 25. Sharing(공유) is Innovation
  • 26. 공유도시 서울 소유하지 말고 공유하자! Sharing-City Seoul
  • 27. Sharing - Large family Nuclear family, Single households Currently 47% of all households are single households
  • 28. Sharing - One roof, Empathy between generations
  • 29. Sharing - Open closet
  • 30. Bed & Breakfast Accommodations in Seoul
  • 31. Space(공간) is Innovation
  • 32. Social Economy Center Youth Hub Creative Lab Community Support Center Senior Citizens Employment Support Center Space - Social Innovation Park
  • 33. Space - Seoul City Hall Annex Building Observatory for Citizens
  • 34. Media(미디어) is Innovation
  • 35. Media - Kakao Story, Facebook, Twitter 930,000 friends 170,567 likes on Facebook 727,810 Followers on Twitter 41,571Friends on Kakao story
  • 36. Citizens can make comments about how to improve policies
  • 37. Late-night buses Over 2,000 passengers per day Happy to save cab fare Safe trip home Useful when I miss the last subway train Satisfied with service
  • 38. The very first city Social Media Center created by a local government in Korea Send citizen complaint to relevant division Relevant division solves problem and informs citizen 6 months 13,859 13,593 98% period complaints solved successfully handled
  • 39. Money(돈) is Innovation
  • 40. Money - Citizen Participatory Budget System
  • 41. Money - Good funding project The money citizens pay at a restaurant goes to underprivileged people
  • 42. cooperative enterprises Money - The very first Social Innovation Fund in Asia – Seoul 100 billion won social enterprises intermediary organizations social housing social impact bonds community enterprise education, etc 50 billion won from Seoul 50 billion won from private sector
  • 43. If you want to go fast, go alone If you want to go far, go together
  • 44. Thank you !