Let's Create the Ideal Journey: Trevor Didcock - Chief Information Officer, easyJet


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Air Transport IT Summit 2013 - www.sitasummit.aero - @sitasummit

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Let's Create the Ideal Journey: Trevor Didcock - Chief Information Officer, easyJet

  1. 1. europe by easyJetBest B2C appGrand prix Best in showMarketing on Mobile Awards 2013Best Low Cost AirlineBusiness Traveller Awards 2012(12th year in a row)Most innovative use of technology atthe boarding gateFuture Travel Experience Awards 2012Europe’s Leading Low Cost AirlineWorld Travel Awards 2012Most Effective mobile ApplicationEffective Mobile Marketing Awards 2012
  2. 2. Customer journeyKey Measures> Customer Satisfaction> Booking> Airport experience> In flight> Disruption> Overall satisfaction> Brand Tracker – “prefer easyJet”> OTPcontactdisruptionattract booking check-in boarding in flight arrivals> Customer Charter•Treated me like an individual•Open and upfront•Friendly•Seemed to care that I had a good experience•Made things easy for me
  3. 3. ATTRACTfuture> Clear pricing> Tone of voice> Previous badexperiencesMoments that Matter Customer SatisfactionMeasures> Likelihood torecommend> Consideration• Television/Radio/Cinema • Press • Email • WebBusiness PerformanceMeasures> Conversion throughemails> Conversion throughonline banners….
  4. 4. Attract
  5. 5. Bookingtoday future> Ease of making andamending bookings> Booking funnel> Clarity of informationMoments that Matter Business PerformanceMeasures> Website availability> No of non-unique webvisits received> Booking rate % per visit> Contact Centre Conversion> Mobile App downloadsCustomer SatisfactionMeasures> Satisfaction withthe booking process> Indirect channelsatisfaction• App • easyJet.com • Contact centre/sales desk• Travel agent / GDSMy easyJet Confirmation email Boarding Pass
  6. 6. today future> Queues at check-in> Help for SApassengers> Speedy Boardingbenefits> Bag policiesMoments thatMatterBusinessPerformanceMeasures> % checked in online> Airports acceptingmobile boardingpassesCustomer SatisfactionMeasures> Satisfaction with:•Ease of online check in process•Ease of using bag drop•Ease of finding the correctcheck in desk•Length of time spent queuing•Friendliness of check in staff• Navigate to check-in/departures (STS)• Check-in SB • Check-in (full) • Bag DropCheck-in
  7. 7. Airport bag drop signage Airport gate signage1.2.3. incorporated into Airport signage
  8. 8. Boardingtoday futureMoments that Matter Business PerformanceMeasures> Whole process time> Max hold time> Turn performance> No of Cabin Baggagetaken at the gateCustomer Satisfaction Measures> Satisfaction with boarding process> Satisfaction with:•Availability of information reboarding time•Clarity of announcements•Level of control over boardingprocess•Friendliness of boarding staff• Call to gate • Walk/Train • Boarding gate• Wait at gate • Walk/bus • Board aircraft> Sitting with friendsand family> Getting preferredseat> Having my cabinbag close to myseat> Speedy Boarding
  9. 9. In flighttoday futureMoments that Matter BusinessPerformanceMeasures> First wave within3min> Cabin SafetyReport> Turn Performance> Spend per headCustomer Satisfaction Measures> Satisfaction with:•Location of seat•Ease of storing luggage•Cleanliness & tidiness of aircraft•Temperature in cabin•How safe & secure you felt•Personal farewell from cabin crew•Friendliness of crew•Range of food/drink items available• Locate seat • Secure Cabin Baggage • Safety Demo• In-flight magazine • Boutique/Bistro • Disembark> Friendly and helpfulservice> Availability/quality ofonboard food & drink> Handling of disruptivepassengers> Final descentWe aspire to become a Café in the Clouds
  10. 10. contacttodayMoments thatMatterBusiness PerformanceMeasures> Contact centre measures> No of Pax cancelled> No of Pax delayed by 3+> No of Pax diverted> Disruption emails sent> Disruption texts sent> Cost of compensation• Main CSAT survey • Mobile survey • CRM activity• Inbound calls to contact centre • Contact Centre survey> Pre-flight info> Post-flightcontact> Airportpresence> CustomerservicetodayCustomer SatisfactionMeasures> Contact centre measures> If delayed ... satisfaction with:•Availability of information•Frequency of announcements•Consistency of information•How you were looked afterduring the delay•Overall satisfaction with service
  11. 11. Customer journeyWhere next for collaboration?> Share schedule, stand planning andcustomer information> Jointly track progress through the airport> Join up information, particularly in disruption> Share services to drive satisfaction andreturnscontactdisruptionattract booking check-in boarding in flight arrivals> Customer Charter•Treated me like an individual•Open and upfront•Friendly•Seemed to care that I had a good experience•Made things easy for me
  12. 12. DISCLAIMERAny use, republication or redistribution of this content isexpressly prohibited without the prior written consent ofthe Author. Permission to copy and reproduce contentmay be granted by the author, at their discretion, andby request only.Source: presentation of Trevor Didcock, Easyjetat the 2013 SITA Air Transport IT Summit, Brussels.2013 Air Transport IT Summit