More Ground To Break: Craig Kreeger, Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd


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Virgin Atlantic's 30-year history is built around a single question: "How can we make things better for our customers?" Thus, Virgin Atlantic has been innovative for its history.

Moving forward, Virgin Atlantic is using technology to lead innovation. Innovation comes from collaboration: asking questions and having others to answer questions and create new ideas.

Recent test with SITA Lab using Google Glass on check-in agents at upper class wing at Heathrow Airport to step out from behind the counter and interact with customers was a huge success.

More Ground To Break – The CEO Perspective - Part 1: Craig Kreeger, Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd

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More Ground To Break: Craig Kreeger, Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd

  1. 1. Virgin Atlantic as a Driver of Change
  2. 2. Our Ideas Lab – Ask a different question – Start small, grow big – Make it part of people’s job – Have a process, but keep it simple – Give them access to resources – Test, measure, try again – Failure is good
  3. 3. Use Case – Greeting Passengers – It was about giving staff better information and freeing them up to be with our customers – We trialled Glass, Smart watches, and Phones – We took employee and customer feedback – We innovated during the trial
  4. 4. Customer Feedback on Wearable Technology Trial Customers ― Positive overall ― A new way to engage with them ― More personalised service
  5. 5. Wearable Technology Trial: Our Teams Employees ― Comfortable to wear: Minor adjustment period ― Empowered to provide better service ― Reduced paperwork and increased productivity Technology ― Battery ― Data ― API
  6. 6. Media loved it…
  7. 7. The trial was a success
  8. 8. Next Steps We intend to continue to lead and innovate as we champion our customers experience: ― iBeacon ― Facial recognition for personalised flight information ― And more to come… But, co-developed open standards are needed to support the full potential of innovation in our industry
  9. 9. DISCLAIMER Any use, republication or redistribution of this content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of the Author. Permission to copy and reproduce content may be granted by the author, at their discretion, and by request only. Source: presentation of Craig Kreeger, Virgin Atlantic at the 2014 SITA Air Transport IT Summit, Brussels. 2014 Air Transport IT Summit