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SIT - Innovation Consulting - Reasons To Believe

  1. 1. RUTH KANTOR STUDIO SIT-Reasons to Believe ‚ ‚
  2. 2. Elsewhere in our materials, you can readabout what we do, who we are, and mostimportantly, what we promise to help youachieve.All this is relevant, and we hope that itwill impress you. But the key question is: You can believe in usWhy should you believe us? because of:Not an easy question to answer, we admit. 1. The number and diversity of our repeatSo we have devoted time and effort to clientsfigure this out, and here is the brief version 2. Results I – Products that are alreadyof what we have come up with. The rest on the shelfof the booklet is an attempt to visualize 3. Results II – Written and oral testimonialsour answers. from SIT clients 4. The variety of countries, cultures and languages we work in And for those who have the patience, 5. Articles by and about us in academic, popular and professional publications
  3. 3. Out of hundreds, we presenta select list of product results:Kennametal VariMill Philips CE– Slimline Newell- Rubbermaid Kapro- Shark 920A single instrument Q-series – Deck Box This spirit levelprovides a dual milling The challenge – A light/heavy-weight incorporates 6process for both rough differentiation. deck box. It is light inventions, amongand fine cuts. Core The result – award and easy to carry, with them a periscope- winning slim-line a compartment that like mirror forelement width varies DVD players, with no can be filled with dirt viewing anaccording to angle. LCD display, or with or water to stabilize. horizontal plumb a single control vial when using the level vertically.
  4. 4. Nestlé (BPW) Elgo– Lockn Roll Tivall- Vegetable Orbotech-Nestea Winter Expandable hose Dough Automatic OpticOrange reel that allows The first and only InspectorA winter collection efficient shipping dough in the world Parts of the originalof ice teas that can and storage, giving in which vegetables chuck werebe served cold, at it a unique look. replace 85% of the eliminated to resolveroom temperature or flour. electrostaticwarm, transformed discharge.the business model The resultingfrom "cold" teas to breakthrough multi-"ready-to-drink" top cubic spreadteas. resembles a chocolate bar.
  5. 5. SIT, headquartered in Israel, has offices or Argentina . Austria . Australia . Belgium . Brazil . Bulgaria . Canada . Chile . China . Columbia . Croatia . Czech Repablicaffiliates on 5 continents. We have Denmark . Estonia . Finland . France . Germany . Guatemalaconducted innovation projects in 52 Hungary . India . Ireland . Israel . Italy . Japan . Kazakhstancountries, working with people from 73 Latvia . Lithuania . Malaysia . Mexico . Netherlands . New Zealand . Norway . Peru . Philippines . Poland . Romanianations, in over 700 companies. We offer Russia . Serbia . Singapore Slovakia . Slovenia . South Africaour programs in 13 languages. Spain . Sri Lanka . Sweden . Switzerland Thailand . Turkey . UK . Ukraine . USA . Venezuela.
  6. 6. Let our clients and friendsspeak for us: technology issues, I appreciate that SIT "… I have attended all manner of takes time to understand new domains... consultancy/marketing/branding/how We were surprised with SITs flexibility to to sell things/how to sell yourself seminars work with a rather homogeneous group and I have rarely participated in anything of development people. …Ive worked so eye - opening and tangible and, dare with SIT several times during this past I say generous. ... SIT proposed what year and they have always delivered. Each appears to be an endless stock of new opportunity has met its objectives and approaches to thinking through ideas and several resulting project proposals have how they can be expressed. walk already entered our development out revved up, stimulated and armed with pipeline." very neat tools..." Jürg Löliger Rachel Audigé Scientific Advisor - CT-R&D Global Communications & Branding Manager, Nestec Ltd., Nestlé BioScience - Bayer CropScience SA "I found the SIT problem solving session "What I find most beneficial from SITs to be useful, productive and a lot of fun!  work with the teams is their non- ...the whole process of coming up with conventional way of creating an these potential solutions was very atmosphere to put people at ease… The efficient. All of the participants felt they method creates a different mindset for could find uses for the technique ... to "activating brains" and makes sure that address a variety of problems." the participants are able and willing to share ideas that they have. As a scientist Rama Padmanabhan Ph.D. Senior Research Fellow and DirectorE-TRANS who works on complex food science and Technology ALZA Corporation
  7. 7. The following is a short and select list of articlesby and about SIT that have featured in numerousacademic and business publications. Journal of Business Chemistry (2006) - Science (1999) - Templates in Creative Sparks Systematically Creating Coincidental Product Market Leader (1999) - Innovation at a Evolution - Case Studies of the SIT Method in Crossroads the Chemical Industry Marketing Science (1999) - Creativity ESPM (2006) - Idéias Inovadoras Templates: Towards Identifying the Fundamental Schemes of Quality Advertisements Bio-IT World Magazine (2005) - The DNA of Ideas Journal of Marketing (1999) - Toward Identifying the Inventive Templates of New Harvard Business Review (2003) - Finding Products: A Channeled Ideation Approach Your Innovation Sweet Spot Science (1999) - Memes The World The Economist (2003) - Expect the Unexpected Executive (1998) - Forecasting Innovative The Wall Street Journal (2002) - The Products Brainstormer International Journal of Modern Physics Cambridge University Press (2002) - Creativity (1997) - Algorithms for New Product in Product Innovation Development: An Exercise in Thought Dynamics Journal of Marketing (2002) - Riding the Creativity and Innovation Management (1996) Saddle - The Voice of the Product: Templates of New Product Emergence. Creativity and Innovation Management (2000) - First We Throw Dust in the Air, Then We Claim We Cant See: Navigating in the For links and full details see our website at: Creativity Storm w w w. S I Tsi t e . c o m ‚