SISLink13 - 21/6 - ronde 1 - Exam logistics and management, the next step forward - David Reanney (scientia)
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SISLink13 - 21/6 - ronde 1 - Exam logistics and management, the next step forward - David Reanney (scientia)






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  • The features of Exam Scheduler have been designed to meet a number of specific customer business needs.To highlight a few - Ease of use is very important for both students and staff. Thousands of students have now used the product, and feedback has been very good. It allows you to keep accurate records of which student should be attending what – rather than relying on sheets of paper or other local solutions It is not intended as a replacement for your Student Record System. Instead it allows you to make better use of that data, and add value by providing an easy and safe way of keeping data updated while providing an improved student experience

SISLink13 - 21/6 - ronde 1 - Exam logistics and management, the next step forward - David Reanney (scientia) SISLink13 - 21/6 - ronde 1 - Exam logistics and management, the next step forward - David Reanney (scientia) Presentation Transcript

  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013Exam Scheduler and ExamManagement SystemEducational and Exam LogisticsPresented by David ReanneySISLink 2013, Noordwijkerhout
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013IntroductionGoede morgen allemaalDank voor jullie aanwezigheid
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013Background• Founded 1989, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom• Higher Education Scheduling and Resource Managementexpertise• 500 Education institutions worldwide (UK, Europe, Australia,New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia & 26 other countries)• Experiences in Resource Optimization, Planning, Scheduling &Timetabling
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013• Over 60 of the world’s top 100 research Universities schedulewith Syllabus Plus• 75% of the UK Times top 200 schedule with Syllabus Plus• Market Leader in Scheduling solutions for Higher Education• 170 clients in Northern Europe• 27 in the Netherlands
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013Commitment• Specialist Development Resources with many years ofexperience developing and refining scheduling and resourcemanagement solutions.• Significant ongoing investment in Product Development –over 11 million GBP committed to development this year.• Heavy commitment to client engagement• Active User community• User Groups• User Forums
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013Solutions OutlineStaff & AcademicWorkloadSyllabus Plus EnterpriseExam SchedulerStudent AllocationWeb SolutionsScientia SpaceManager Scientia FacilitiesManager Scientia MobileCalendaring
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013Exam Scheduler - Summary• Exam Scheduler has been designed with the aim of helpinginstitutions provide an improved service to students, whilstsaving time and effort for staff.• It allows the examinations scheduler to create a conflict-freetimetable that balances the needs of the institution withstudent requirements.• Exam Scheduler can be used to:• Schedule planned examinations• Allocate Invigilators• Allocate students to seats• Manage students that require extra provision
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013BenefitsAutomatically creates a clash-free timetable forStudents in minutes not hours or daysPowerful and configurable schedulingengine designed for examination schedulingReduces back-to-back exams and balances theoverall load for studentsSpreads exams across the availableexamination periodAllows the scheduler to take account of ‘real-world’scheduling requirementsScheduling engine can be tuned to meetinstitutional requirements and has fullmanual over-ride and controlReduces cost of invigilation and can remove theneed to rent costly external spaceImproves room use for exams – fits multipleexams into a single room or splits largeexams across multiple roomsMinimises the time it takes to take account ofchanges needed to meet special provision forstudents with additional requirementsImproved management of sessions forstudents that need extra provisionMinimise data entry, improves accuracy and speedsup the publication of draft and final examtimetables for staff and studentsCan take data from and send data out toother management and reporting systemsExam Scheduler – Benefits and Features
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013Exam Scheduler – Demo
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013Exam Scheduler – Summary• Schedules exams for real or planned numbers of students• Handles rooms, examiners, invigilators and seat allocation• Assists the management of students that need extra provision• Interactive scheduling engine can be used:• For automatic bulk scheduling• For interactive scheduling• For manual (guided) scheduling• To manage changes to the schedule after draft and finalpublication
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013EMIT Interface Tool - Features• Required for the import and export of:• Students and Exam enrolments• Examiners and Invigilators• Locations• Curriculum Structure and Exam Requirements• Student Additional Requirements• Scheduled ExamsFrom any ODBC data source• Oracle and SQL Server fully supported• Import and export of multiple periodssimultaneously• Synchronisation of availability datafrom Syllabus+/Enterprise Timetabler• Full data validation on import• Automatic handling of data changesthrough timestamps on data• Can be used interactively or as ascheduled background command-lineprocess• Easy to use UI for configuration• defined configurations can be saved for uselater by a background process• Comprehensive logging
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013And coming soon..Extending our solutions – Exam Management System• Providing extended Invigilator Management• Exam Paper Management and Logistics• Management of Distance and Special Exams
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013Exam Management SystemExtending our solutions – Exam Management System• Seamless Integration with Exam Scheduler• Entirely Web Deployed• User Defined Stage Based Workflow
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013Exam Management System - Demo
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013And Further Down the RoadSerial Exam Extension• Serial exams are where students undertake the exam inbatches as opposed to all at the same time.• Common serial exams include oral assessments for languagetesting, performance based assessments and medicalpractise exams.• At present these are often managed outside of the centralexams scheduling process.
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013And Further Down the RoadSerial Exam Extension• Extended venue allocation support covering preparation andsupport spaces.• Extended time allocation support providing for preparationtime examiner breaks etc.• Students are only assigned to their batch slot for the exam.
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013Questions?
  • Copyright © Scientia Ltd 2013Thank You!For more information please or call 0615 873 © Scientia Ltd 2013