Harwell emergency equipment product list 2010


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Further information from the Disaster Planning training day held by SINTO on 11th May 2010

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Harwell emergency equipment product list 2010

  1. 1. Harwell’s Disaster Kit Equipment Sales List If you would like to order anything on this list, please complete the form and email to HDRS at info@hdrs.co.uk, or fax to 01235 432246, or email us for a MS Word version of the form. Postage and packing will be charged on a weight basis, via Parcelforce or DHL 48. Please send your order to us via email to info@hdrs.co.uk, or by fax to 01235 432246 or post to HDRS, Dalton Building, Maxwell Avenue, Didcot, OX11 0QT. Please contact us on 01235 432245 if you require any further information about any product. TOOLS , INCIDENT CONTAINMENT AND BUILDING RECOVERY Item Description Product code / Size Price Quantity unit required Submersible Electric submersible pump by Clarke, built for use with clean or SUBPMP £94.95 Pump dirty water, capable of handling solids up to 30mm diameter. Excellent for pumping out basements. Maximum flow of 253 1 Unit metres per minute. 230v. Please also specify length Hosing must be purchased separately. Cost £1.89 per metre – of hose specify length required. Adaptors are supplied with the pump. required. Puddle Clarke Puddle Pump, excellent for cleaning up after leaks due to PUDPMP £114.95 pump exceptionally low pick up level, which leaves minimal residue. General duty, maximum flow of 125 litres per minute. 230v . 1 Unit Please also specify length Hosing must be purchased separately. Cost £1.89 per metre – of hose specify length required. Adaptors are supplied with the pump. required. Petrol Clarke pump, with highly reliable Honda long life industrial 4 stroke POWERPMP £274.95 powered petrol engine with robust tubular steel carry frame. Output of 600 water litres per minute with a 2 inch outlet. 1 Unit pumps Hosing must be purchased separately. Cost £2.99 per metre – specify length required. Adaptors are supplied with the pump. Site lights Clarke halogen telescopic tripod site light, double lamp, 230v SITEDBL £34.95 1 Unit (double) Dehumidifier Clarke DMD66 industrial dehumidifier . Exceptionally powerful, DEHUM64 £725.00 heavy duty dehumidifier for the fast removal of unwanted moisture in the atmosphere. Operates continuously to accelerate drying out 1 Unit times in newly built or plastered buildings and deals effectively with Please also specify length the aftermath of plumbing leaks, rain ingress and flood damage., of hose Maximum of 64 litres per day removal rate. required. Dehumidifier Ebac portable heavy duty dehumidifier. 15 litre capacity tank with DEHUM15 £295.00 auto-shut off when full, or continuous drain facility. Tough, robust and quiet running. 1 Unit Blower Clarke CBD3500 blower dryer for quick and safe drying of floors. BLOWDRY £215.00 dryer Airflow of 2,614 cfm and 900w, 230v motor with 3 speed adjuster. Tough polyethylene casing. 1 Unit Petrol Clarke Frame Mounted Long Run Petrol Generator 2.7kVA - PETGEN £525.00 generator CP2850LR. A super efficient, petrol powered source of portable electrical energy - ideal for virtually anyone who's working or 1 Unit enjoying leisure activities, remote from the mains. As well as a fuel efficient Honda petrol engine, & reliable components, the CP2850LR also has an extra big fuel tank of 11 litres, so it will keep running for hours & hours between refills – up to 11.9 hours. Absorbent Absorbeez! Thin absorbent cushion with a 17 litre capacity, with ABS17 200mm £9.50 cushions amazing speed of absorption. Sandbag alternative in flooding x situations and can be used in clear-up. 1 UNIT 1000m m Absorbent Absorbeez! Thin absorbent cushion with a 33 litre capacity, with ABS33 200mm £15.00 cushions amazing speed of absorption. Sandbag alternative in flooding x situations and can be used in clear-up. 1 UNIT 1800m m Absorbent Absorbeez! Absorbent boom to prevent spread of water ABSBOOM 100m £39.00 booms horizontally through a room. 7.25 length, mx 1 UNIT 7.25m Wet- High-quality industrial wet and dry vacuums from Nilfisk. 260 watt NILF35 35 litre £279.95 vacuum suction power at the end of the tube with HEPA filter, and modular NILF50 50 litre £449.95 cleaner design, enabling multi level use. Top of the range, suitable for industrial and commercial use. NILF75 75 litre £549.95 Wet Numatic WV-470 provides a professional solution, with a capacity NUMWV 20 litre £179.95 vacuum of 20 litres of water with a 26.8 metre range. 1 Unit www.hdrs.co.uk / www.harwellsupportservices.co.uk
  2. 2. Polythene 1 metre opening to 2 metre, (folded) 400 gauge, 100 metres long. POLY1/2 100 m £48.50 sheeting This is suitable for pre-cutting to the particular size of your shelving length so that protective sheeting is quick to use in emergency situations. 1 roll, Polythene 1m opening to 4m multifolded. 400 gauge, 50 metres long. This is POLY 1/4 50 m £52.00 sheeting suitable for pre-cutting to the particular size of your shelving so length that protective sheeting is quick to use in emergency situations. 1 roll Fire Heavy duty 1000 gauge film (250 micron), 4m x 25m, centre FIRERET2/4 25m £99.50 retardant folded. Suitable if likely to be in position for a long time polythene 1 roll sheeting Pre-cut Harwell can pre-cut 4m or 2m widths of polythene or fire-retardant POA sheeting polythene to set lengths on request. Prices on application. Lead The lightweight quick deploy Leak Diverter springs open in LEAKDIV £145.00 diverter kit seconds to prevent damage to collections. Hook onto any pipe or rafter, pull off sleeve and the diverter springs open like an inverted 1 Unit umbrella. Tapered sides funnel liquid towards the centre where hose is attached. 3.33 gallons per minute drainage Duct / gaffer Multipurpose waterproof duct tape for polythene jointing. Indoor or DUCTAP 48mm £3.50 tape outdoor use. Strong rubber adhesive. x 50m 1 roll Tape Standard tape dispenser to fit 50mm tape. Enables fast TAPEDISP £7.50 dispenser deployment of duct tape etc in emergency situations 1 Unit Stanley Retractable utility knife, supplied with 3 cutting blades. STANKNF £4.95 knife 1 Unit Cutting Medium duty stainless steel cutting knife with easy snap off STARCUT £3.95 knife blades. 1 Unit Dustpan Dustpan and brush set DPB £4.25 and brush 1 Refuse Heavy duty 18" x 29" x 39"160 gauge (recommended for salvage CLEARRB 18 x £44.95 sacks operation). 29 x Clear Packs of 200 39 inch Refuse Heavy duty 18' x 29' x 39'. 350 gauge. Black BLACKRB 18 x £24.95 sacks 29 x Black Pack 200 39 inch COLLECTIONS SALVAGE AND AIR-DRYING Item Description Unit Size Price Quantity required Blotting Refined woodfree, acid free blotting paper for paper conservation 100 sheets 610 x £31.95 paper and repair work. Can be dried out and reused. 430 Newsprint White newsprint. Thinner than blotting paper for the purposes of NPA5 A5 £4.95 interleaving / padding out. Packed in packs of 200 sheets. 200 sheets NPA4 A4 £8.75 200 sheets Release A 42 gsm, two sided, solvent free, silicone treated vegetable paper RELPAP 510 x £8.95 paper for use in separating potentially adhering surfaces. 760 25 sheets mm Melinex Polyester product whose static characteristics are useful for MELA4 231 x £13.00 (A4+size) picking up wet paper in flood situations. 313 100 sheets mm Crepe Crepe Bandage 5cm x 4.5m for wrapping leather and vellum CREPEB 5cm x £1.00 bandages bindings to help preserve their shape 4.5m 1 unit Cotton tying Acid free cotton tape. Useful for keeping materials together and for TAPCOT 13mm £5.75 tape construction washing lines. x 50m 1 roll Solid brass Brass non-corroding clips, useful for hanging items when air- BRCLP £8.49 paper clips drying. Small 22mm clips. 1 bag 500 Self seal Plain grip seal polythene bags, 200 gauge. All p acks of 100 bags. SS69 6x9 £8.95 polythene All measurements in INCHES inches bags 6 x 9 SS1014 10 x 14 £12.95 Available in sizes 6 x 9 inches, 10 x 14 inches, 13 x 18 inches. Other sizes are available – prices on request. SS1318 13 x 18 £15.95 www.hdrs.co.uk / www.harwellsupportservices.co.uk
  3. 3. Plain Plain, clear polythene bag, 120 gauge.. PB1215 12 x 15 £42.95 polythene inches bags Available in sizes 12 x 15 inches (1000 bags) and 30 x 36 inches Box of 1000 (extra large for ledgers – 500 supplied). PB3036 30 x 36 £62.50 inches Other sizes are available – prices on request Box of 500 Paper C fold s ply paper towels, white. 150 towels per sleeve CFOLD150 £3.50 towels 1 pack of 150 towels Scissors Scissors, 8.25 inch. Black ABS handles, stainless steel. SCISS825 8.25 £2.25 inch 1 pair Water spray Trigger spray 750ml. Useful for spraying off debris. TRIGGSP £2.50 bottle 1 bottle Desk fan Oscillating desk fan, dia 300mm, grey and white. For use in wind DESKFAN £19.95 tunnels. 1 unit No assembly required. Tyvek Non tearable, water resistant tags TYVLAB 82mm £5.25 labels x Pack 50 41mm Strung tags Strung tags, available in red, blue, green or buff. Useful for STRTAG 120x6 £11.95 – coloured signifying categories of material during salvage – blue tags for wet 0 mm crates, green tags for mouldy crates etc. Box 250 Disposable 24 exposure Kodak disposable camera with flash DISPCAM 24 £8.95 camera expos 1 Unit ure J Cloths Pack of 50 standard j cloths 1 pack of 50 £5.96 Reflective 18mm dots used to indicate priority items and priority shelves. REFDOT 18mm £6.95 dots Available in red or yellow. dots 1 sheet 50 HEALTH AND SAFETY, PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Item Description Product code / Size Price Quantity unit required Nitrile Disposable nitrile glove. Better sensitivity, cooler and more NGL / S, M, £5.95 gloves comfortable than vinyl or latex. Ambidextrous fit. Supplied in a box Box of 100 L, XL of 100 individual gloves. Chemical Ansell Solvex Plus Nitrile Gloves. High-performance chemical AGLX1 One £2.25 Gloves protection. Comfortable and long-lasting. Single Pair size AGL12 One £18.00 12 pairs size Rigger Split leather rigger gloves. Engineering general handling cut risk RGL One £2.25 Gloves applications and assembly. Single pair size Goggles Sports style goggle with 180° field of vision for distortion free GOGV One 4.95 (over peripheral vision. Fits over a variety of prescription eyewear and Single pair size glasses) can be combined with half masks. Manufactured to EN166 3.4.9.B Economy Budget goggle offering grade 1 protection Direct Vent GOGBG One £9.95 goggles Manufactured to EN166. Pack of 10 size Safety Safety Helmet Manufactured from HDPE plastic 8 point harness SAFHAT One £4.25 helmet Sweatband 30mm slot Manufactured to EN397. Available in white, 1 unit size.. (hard hat) blue, red and green Mask – FFP3 Fold Flat Valved mask P3VRESP One £29.95 FFP3 Box 10 size Mask FFP3 FFP3 Fold Flat Valved mask P3ECO One £17.95 Box 5 size www.hdrs.co.uk / www.harwellsupportservices.co.uk
  4. 4. Headlight LED headlight with elasticated strap. HDLMP One £8.25 1 unit size Tyvek suit Tyvek Classic hooded Coverall Dispoable Suit . Protection to TYVEK SML £5.50 EN1149-1. Protects against dry particulated and hazards (Water CLASSIC XL based chemicals). Splashproof (not waterproof). XXL 1 unit Full safety Dunlop Green full safety Wellington. Steel toecap & midsole. Oil SAFWELL Sizes £15.00 wellington resistant outsole.. 3-12 boot 1 Pair Disposable Disposable cat ering-style apron (NB white aprons supplied) APRDIS White £4.95 apron Pack of 100 Hi Vis Polyester waistcoat Hi-Vis Saturn yellow with reflective bands YELVIS M, L £4.50 Waistcoat velcro fastening 2 bodyband and 2 braces to EN471 XL, 1 unit XXL Personalised Hi vis yellow waistcoat with heat-sealed black logo and wording on YELVISP M, L £8.50 Hi Vis the back – useful to identify members of your emergency team. XL, Waistcoat Minimum order 25 of same logo. Email .jpeg artwork/text. 25 minimum XXL order PVC Two Two piece 100% waterproof suit. Zip front jacket with studded WTST SML £6.95 piece overlap Press stud adjustment to wrists Hood Elasticated waist XL trousers Press stud adjustment to ankles. 1 unit XXL First Aid Kit 10 person first aid kit. FAX10 £15.75 1 unit PPE MUST Mandatory sign, Personal Protective Equipment must be worn, PPESGN BE WORN Rigid PVC. 300mm x 100mm sign 1 unit Wet floor A Frame Floor Sign with dual message 'Wet Floor' one side and WETFLAF £8.75 warning 'Cleaning in Progress' the other side. 630 mm high x 300 mm wide sign, 1 unit Hazard tape Black and chevron hazard warning self-adhesive tape, 50mm x HAZTAP 50mm £3.95 33m x 33m 1 roll Reflective White. Class 2 retro-reflective. Self adhesive bonds to most dry REFTAP 50mm £25 tape surfaces. For marking in a dark environment, and for marking of x 5m priority shelves and boxes when cut to size. 1 roll Warning 75mm x 300m. Extra-strong barrier tape with high-visibility black CAUTAP 75mm £25.00 tape – do warning text against yellow. Can be tied and re-used. x not enter 1 roll 300m Torch Energiser impact 2 D torch. Shatterproof lens. Rubber casing. Torch2d £9.95 Batteries supplied. 1 unit Lighting – 2 million candle rechargeable spotlight. Medium battery drain. 2MILSPOT £19.25 spotlight Supplied with 12V Charging Adaptor. 1 unit Lighting 500 w portable site lighting. Requires mains electricity. SITELIGHT £12.95 -portable site 1 UNIT A Division of Oxford Drying Services Ltd Registered Office: Dalton Building, Maxwell Avenue, Harwell Campus, Didcot, Oxon, OX11 0QT Tel: 01235 432245 Fax: 01235 432246 Email: info@hdrs.co.uk Registered in England No. 3064821 * VAT Registered No. GB 641 8783 14 www.hdrs.co.uk / www.harwellsupportservices.co.uk