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Our Online User Groups are a great opportunity to share ideas, learn, and connect with other users and the SIMUL8 team.

For our February Online User Group we were delighted to be joined by SIMUL8 expert, Jim Holtman from Kroger - a SIMUL8 user of 20 years, and Matthew Hobson-Rohrer and Glenn Holburn from the SIMUL8 team.

These slides feature a presentation from Matthew Hobson-Rohrer on the power of SIMUL8 and why it is important.

During the presentation, Matt describes what makes a simulation tool like SIMUL8 powerful, and why it is important to a simulation practitioner. He also explores some of the largest models built with SIMUL8, as well as other powerful features like database connectivity and the ability to create sub-processes to encapsulate detail.

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  • - With Brian Harrington of Ford Motor Company - With Fiona Lindsay and Brittany HagedornSIMUL8 2014 – Page tbc, but will be mailer nearer the time with info. Kenny, Sander and Glenn to present. All at 4pm Eastern. To sign up check out our blog/twitter etc for more details.
  • Screenshots (Clockwise from top left): Queue Visualization, Resource Schedule, VL Editor UpdateQueue visualization – each square is a work item, and each shade is a label valueRibbon image update – the ribbon images have been enhanced to be more intuitive and stand outImage sets – users can select a set of images to represent the states of an activitySchedule by time of day:ArrivalsResourcesTravel times – need an example or descriptionVL UIBetter readability – color control and fontFolders to organize your logic blocksVL commands Get longest available resource time Find resource from pool Set resource pool search mode (circulate/priority/longest)
  • Bell labs fellow – only 140 in the worldCool fact about Jim – Jim is in his current position at Kroger because he was helping Kroger SIMUL8 users in the SIMUL8 online forum
  • Melissa – can you make this slide “pretty”, using our color scheme, etc with the Vin diagramHere is what I plan to say:SIMUL8 is Powerful, Flexible, and Fast. Today we are going to present SIMUL8’s power, and how it helps our users with their process improvement challenges. While there is some overlap between these aspects of SIMUL8, as you can see in this diagram, there are features that demonstrate SIMUL8’s power, which we will describe later in this presentation.
  • Businesses face many types of process improvement challenges. Some challenges are more complex, requiring a powerful simulation tool. Power of a tool also reduces the time it takes to analyze a process, making it easier to analyze more processes in a shorter amount of time (frequency). In this presentation we will show how users leverage SIMUL8’s power to cover a wide range of process improvement challenges. As companies implement simulation technology for process improvement, they can follow a path similar to the pink lines, starting with a few smaller projects, and eventually doing many more complex projects. SIMUL8’s power helps to cover more of that journey than other solutions. Examples of Tool A – linear programming, value stream mapping, Visio
  • One of the guiding tenets in the design of SIMUL8 was to help new users get going quickly. Examples: Electric vehicle manufacturer doing buffer analysis (Tesla, can’t say their name yet) State forensics lab improving their processes
  • When your challenges get more complex, but you only have a few of them, you need a tool with the power to tackle the complex problems, and one that is easy for occasional use.Scheduling of whiskey production
  • As simulation adds value in an organization, process improvement challenges “come out of the woodwork”. Everyone wants to have their processes “simulated” once the power of SIMUL8 has been realized. SIMUL8’s powerful database and XML file structure helps users automate their model building process.
  • SIMUL8 can handle very large and complex models:100’s of thousands of active work items100’s of thousands of objects in the simulationSIMUL8’s Visual Logic language helps users create models of the most complex business processesExamples: Large contact centers Airport passenger flow
  • SIMUL8 Feburary Online User Group - The Power of SIMUL8

    1. 1. SIMUL8 Online User Meeting “The Power of SIMUL8” February 26th, 2014
    2. 2. Logistics • Welcome • Materials – Presentations – Recording Right Click • Questions – GoToMeeting • Control panel • Chat SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    3. 3. Matt Hobson-Rohrer • 25 years simulation • Application areas – Manufacturing – Material Handling – Scheduling • Education – BS Mining Engineering – MBA • Location – Salt Lake City, Utah SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    4. 4. Agenda Item Time Welcome and Introduction Simulation at Kroger 5 minutes 15 minutes The Power of SIMUL8 15 minutes SIMUL8 Tips from our Experts 15 minutes SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    5. 5. Upcoming Events • Online forum schedule – Healthcare Workshop – Improving bed capacity management – March 4th, 2014 – Breakdowns Happen – Factoring downtime into your simulation - March 5th, 2014 – SIMUL8 2014 Webinar – March 19th, 2014 • Michigan training class – April 15th - 16th, 2014 • IIE Annual Conference – May 31st – June 3rd, 2014 - Montreal SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    6. 6. SIMUL8 2014 • Release March 17th • Visualization – Queues – Ribbon – Image sets • Scheduling – Arrivals – Resources – Travel Times • Visual Logic Updates – Updated user interface – Folders – New commands (16) SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    7. 7. Jim Holtman • • • • 50+ years in IT 20 years simulation Bell Labs Fellow Application areas – Computer Performance – Large Transaction Systems – Retail Operations • Education – BS EE New Mexico State Univ. – MS EE/CS Berkeley • Location – Cincinnati, OH SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    8. 8. The Power of SIMUL8 Why it is important
    9. 9. SIMUL8 Powerful Flexible Fast SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    10. 10. Process Improvement Challenges Few complex Many complex Consulting Tool “B” Complexity Journey 1 Tool “A” Spreadsheets Few simple Journey 2 Many simple Frequency SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    11. 11. Getting Started • Few simple challenges • Import your data • Powerful objects – Activity “routing in” – Queue discipline • Run scenarios – Random numbers – Confidence intervals • Examples: – Electric vehicle maker – State forensics lab SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    12. 12. Increasing Complexity • “Casual use” – Easy to learn • Custom applications – Scheduling – Scenario generator • Consulting • Examples: – Contact center sales tool – Spirits prod. scheduling SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    13. 13. Increasing Frequency • More simulation • Requires: – New users – Automation • Features – Licensing • Viewer • Cloud • Team – Database links – XML interface SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    14. 14. Many Complex Challenges • Complexity and size – Thousands of • Business rules • Objects • Work items • Encapsulate and re-use – Sub-processes – Components – Libraries • Examples: – Large contact centers – Airport passenger flow SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    15. 15. Summary • Power of SIMUL8 Compliments other tools Grows with you Creates real value and ROI Boosts • Speed • Flexibility Few complex Consulting Tool “B” Journey 1 Many complex Complexity – – – – Tool “A” Spreadsheets Few simple Journey 2 Many simple Frequency SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    16. 16. Questions? SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    17. 17. Glenn Holburn • Head of Support • SIMUL8 user success • Application areas – Manufacturing – Healthcare – Contact centers • Education – BS IS, Arizona State SIMUL8 Corporation | |
    18. 18. Thank You! • Materials available • Ideas for topics • Your feedback – Click on link in GoToMeeting chat SIMUL8 Corporation | |