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KM and happiness at work by Alexis Adair
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KM and happiness at work by Alexis Adair


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. KM and Happiness at Work Can Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques Create Happier Employees? Alexis Adair October 2013
  • 2. “Emerging research from neuroscience, psychology, and economics makes the link between a thriving workforce and better business performance absolutely clear... We’ve learned a lot about how to make people happy. We’d be stupid not to use that knowledge.” Harvard Business Review, January/February 2012, p.77 2
  • 3. What is Happiness? 3
  • 4. Happiness – the Research • Self-Determination Theory – Deci & Ryan • Flow – Csikszentmihalyi • Positive Psychology – Seligman, Diener, Kahneman, Gibson, Norton, Fredrickson • Progress Principle; Creativity – Amabile 4
  • 5. What Makes People Happy at Work? • “happiness at work is wanting to be there” – KM8 • “I don’t grunt when I have to come in every morning, I look forward to it” – KM2 • “I think when people feel included, they feel happier” – KM11 • “We feel happy when we feel we belong somewhere” – KM8 • “The deeper sense of happiness I think does come out of a sense of connectedness to others” – KM3 5
  • 6. What Makes People Happy at Work? • “It does make people feel more successful and satisfied, happier … to have work they have some control over” – KM4 • “I think obviously things like coaching and mentoring have a direct impact on happiness” – KM7 • “people want interesting work where they can learn and grow” – KM16 • “I think each person's happiness is defined, and this is true for me, based on using their strengths” – KM11 • “letting people … use the capabilities they have or learn new capabilities. … a sense of doing what they can do well” – KM4 6
  • 7. What Makes People Happy at Work? • “I think people are happy … when they feel as if they’re valued in some way by the employer” – KM14 • “They’ve got to really know that the other person is genuinely interested in the kind of stuff that they want to share” – KM8 • “there is somebody who cares about them” – KM10 • “you feel that you’re contributing to something, in particular something bigger than yourself, it’s not just about you” – KM8 • “did we make a difference today?” – KM11 7
  • 8. Coding of Interviews 8
  • 9. Coding of Interviews 9
  • 10. 10
  • 11. The Framework • Autonomy • Competence • Relatedness 11
  • 12. The Four Domains 12
  • 13. 13
  • 14. 14
  • 15. 15
  • 16. 16
  • 17. 17
  • 18. How Can KM Support Employee Happiness? • “Knowledge management builds trust. … If you’ve got knowledge management right, and you’re developing relationships and sharing and collaboration between people, that generates your culture” – KM8 • “allows you to feel connected to other people” – KM6 • “it does help to tie you to a wider network within your company” – KM13 • “I think that the social networking aspect is the most important element of the knowledge management model” – KM3 18
  • 19. How Can KM Support Employee Happiness? • “people can see some of that value that they’re bringing to other people” – KM14 • “I can actually make a name for myself by what I share” – KM6 • “I think the employee benefits a lot from participating, because they expand their knowledge and increase their reputation.” - KM13 • “help me get through the day without as much stress” – KM14 • “when my employees have been happiest, is when they can do the job in a frictionless environment” – KM10 19
  • 20. How Can KM Support Employee Happiness? • “enabling work with a range of KM practices and tools strikes me as having a direct impact on people’s happiness” – KM7 • “you’re able to do your job effectively because you can always get the right answers to the questions that you have” – KM6 • “… using it to improve their work processes” - KM3 • “… you can use something faster” – KM13 • “If you’re looking for something that you need to do your job, you can find it quickly and efficiently” – KM6 • “I would think you’d get a fair amount of frustration without pretty decent KM” – KM5 20
  • 21. 21
  • 22. An Additional Method for Evaluating a KM Program How many needs can you meet in each of the four domains? Autonomy Competence Relatedness Removal of Thwarting / Obstacles The Work Itself Individual Cultural / Organizational Social 22
  • 23. Thank You! Alexis Adair MS, Information and Knowledge Strategy, Columbia University @xaether 23