Solutions Created With You In Mind..


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Our clients are high achieving, infinitely driven, extremely professional financial advisers and planners who may fail to achieve their true potential because of an increasing number of challenges and inefficiencies that attack their business everyday.

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Solutions Created With You In Mind..

  1. 1. Our clients and their challengesOur clients are high achieving, infinitely driven, extremely professional financialadvisers and planners who may fail to achieve their true potential because of anincreasing number of challenges and inefficiencies that attack their businesseveryday. This can be because of any one of the following:• A severe lack of practice management guidelines and operational procedures• Inefficient workflow and task management systems• Bad time and diary management• Badly selected back office and IT systems• Poor people management, leadership and development• Under-resourced, inadequately skilled and poorly trained staff• Inadequate HR and Payroll Management Systems• Ineffective management of professional partner relationshipsOur solutions and strategiesWe have created a number of solutions and strategies that help our clientscreate a structured and supported environment where every individual within itcan create a truly remarkable experience for the client.These include:• Document toolkits, guidelines and templates• Project management – Recruitment, Human Resources and Payroll• Outsourced management and back office services• One to one development and consultancy• Group training, guidance and workshops in: ° Operational Best Practice ° The 21st Century Professional Back Office ° Professional Partner Relationship Management ° HR & Recruitment Best Practice ° Practice Management – The Team
  2. 2. Who we areWe are experts in providing specialist solutions to the ever-demanding challengesthat you as financial planners and firms, face day to day.Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to offer you the support andguidance that you need in the following areas:• Creating and implementing operational procedures and policies• Building and enhancing team structures• Redesigning workflow and task management• Implementing effective back office systems• Designing, implementing and running HR and Payroll functions• Understanding and managing key professional partner relationshipsOur main objective is to make sure that you and your business are working asefficiently and as effectively as possible. We are extremely flexible in ourapproach and aim to add value to your business by working closely with you tohelp implement the right systems and tools which in turn will free up more of yourtime to spend on client facing revenue generating activities.Your choiceIf you want to work smarter and more efficiently because you know there has tobe a better way of working than ‘your way’, then please give us a call or drop usan email.And don’t forget all of our work is covered by our Value Benefits Guaranteewhich means that if you gain no value from our work together then we will giveyou your money straight back! We can’t be fairer than that!It would be our pleasure to work with you so together we can take the first stepin reshaping your business and life forever.