NAME:                          Michelle HoskinPROFESSION:                    Financial Services Speaker    Entrepreneur   ...
In addition, Michelle will introduce the concept and content of The Practice Management System™ – a solution she hascreate...
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Michelle Hoskin Profile & Presentation Overview


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Michelle Hoskin Profile & Presentation Overview

  1. 1. NAME: Michelle HoskinPROFESSION: Financial Services Speaker Entrepreneur AuthorCOMPANIES: The Adviser Partnership – Standards International – ‘Best Practice Makes Perfect! 171 inspirational ideas to help achieve a perfect practice’CONTACT DETAILS:: EMAIL: TELEPHONE: +44 (0)1462 442447 TWITTER: @Michellehoskin LINKEDIN: /standardsexpert WEBSITE: ADDRESS: 5 The Granary, Fairclough Hall, Weston, Hertfordshire, SG4 7DP, UKABOUT MICHELLE HOSKINMichelle is well known for her endless enthusiasm and energy, infectious personality and unique outlook on what shedescribes as a “magical business”. With over 13 years’ experience working with the UK’s leading and most successfulpractices, she is internationally recognised as the font of knowledge and leading expert in identifying best practicestandards of operation within financial services.Through her work with The Adviser Partnership and Standards International, she delivers innovative solutions provento eliminate the debilitating challenges faced by financial services professionals every day. As a regular speaker atconferences, seminars and workshops both in the UK and overseas (including the Million Dollar Round Table AnnualMeeting – Anaheim 2012) her insights and ideas never fail to stimulate and inspire others to achieve the remarkable.PRESENTATION OVERVIEWCreate and lead a 21st century professional practiceAdvisers and planners continue to face huge demands to constantly focus on and develop relationships with prospects andclients, while still finding time for themselves and their families. This in itself is an enormous task. Through Michelle’s ownpersonal experience of having two very successful and busy businesses and a young family, she knows first-handthat it is essential to be supported by the right people who are doing the right things at the right time! Sadly, it is thisrelationship with their support person and/or team which advisers and planners often under-value and over-look.By sharing her 5 proven principles for perfection, the audience will be equipped to deal with these issues – and evento prevent them from happening in the first place.The 5 proven principles will be valuable to all session delegates regardless of the size or type of their businessor practice, or the size of their team both now and in the future. Delegates will be sure to take away an understanding of:1. How to design and build a unique team which is plentifully resourced, highly trained and strategically developed2. How to create a Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) culture and benefit from the team’s hidden desire to increase their responsibilities through a concept we call Receptive Delegation™3. How to identify and eliminate operational complexities in the workplace4. How to increase practice efficiency and service levels through the effective use of operational procedures and processes5. How to maintain a best practice culture and strive for continual improvement.
  2. 2. In addition, Michelle will introduce the concept and content of The Practice Management System™ – a solution she hascreated which contains numerous operational guidelines, process maps and supporting document templates. For manyadvisers and planners throughout the world, this unique solution has provided an invaluable framework, allowing themto be free from the day-to-day workings of ‘the office’ while their team and their business deliver consistent and highlevels of client service.IDEAS TO TAKE AWAY AND IMPLEMENTIn either a 60 or 90 minute presentation, Michelle’s ideas promise to be to the point, easy to understand and, mostimportantly, easy to explain to an adviser’s or planner’s own support person and/or team. If they are to be successfulin engaging their team’s help to implement the ideas effectively and make appropriate changes, this will prove invaluable.All attendees will take away a valuable insight and thorough understanding of the 5 proven principles mentioned above plus:1. An introduction to the framework of The Practice Management System™, including: a. The key areas included within it b. How to create it c. How to position it with professional partners in order to use it as a tool for marketing and business development2. An expert’s insight into each of the key roles required to support today’s professional adviser and planner and financial services business, including a description of each role detailing the required skills, experiences, attributes and responsibilities which will aid in the recruitment, selection and development of the team3. An appreciation and understanding of how to implement and maintain an effective internal communications programme. This includes internal team meetings, briefings and task/workflow management in order to constantly over-deliver internally and externally to exceed the needs and expectations of clients.Once each of the 5 proven principles is understood, shared with the support person and/or team and effectivelyimplemented, they will be instrumental in changing the way advisers and planners work and will reward them withone or more of the following:1. A much better, closer relationship with the support person/team2. A feeling of freedom from knowing that with the right support behind them, they are free to focus their efforts on the area that they enjoy most – client relationship management3. An increased confidence that the service promises they make to their clients are being met on time, every time – and to the level their clients have come to expect4. A renewed enthusiasm and enjoyment for what they do.