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Duty Presentation Summer 2014

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Blackboard duty presentation 2014

  1. 1.   An integral part of the RSA position  An 12 hour shift when a RSA or pair of RSAs are responsible for maintaining the safety and civility of the residence hall  RSAs on duty are the first responders to a crisis situation. What is Duty?
  2. 2.   Duty is EVERY night starting at 8:00pm and ending at 8:00am the following morning  Active Duty on Weeknights is from 8:00pm till 1:00am  Active Duty on Weekends is from 8:00pm till 2:00am  When not on Active Duty RSAs are on an “on-call” basis until 8:00am When is Duty?
  3. 3.  Active Duty vs Inactive Duty  Weeknights 8:00pm- 1:00am  Weekends 8:00pm- 2:00am  Doing rounds of the building/buildings  Ensuring the safety and civility of the residence hall  Weeknights 1:00am- 8:00am  Weekends 2:00am- 8:00am  No Community Walks  Being available to residents  Ability to respond to incidents outside of active duty
  4. 4.   Conduct Community Walks  The formal name for a “round”.  An observation of your entire building/area  Should be conducted based on the area’s need (3 to 4 walks)  Based on the area, RSAs are expected to be in the RSA office for a portion of the evening.  Respond to and document all policy violations and/or area damages Duty Responsibilities
  5. 5.   Build Community  Interact with Residents  Do not patrol around like a security guard  Take the opportunity to meet new residents  Promote university and building programs  Serve as a resource to all residents  Complete Guest Passes  Answer questions and concerns Duty Expectations
  6. 6.  Be prepared to deal with incidents that can possibly take over an hour to resolve. This can take away from all the tasks you wanted to complete while on duty.  Make sure that you have done your homework before duty.  Some incidents may take away from the time you were intending to use on homework  Arrive to duty well rested  Remember you are on duty for 12 hours and even though you may have left from your active shift, there could be a possibility that you required to respond to an incident at 7am.  Know your duty schedule.  It is your responsibility to know your duty schedule  RSAs who are constantly late or fail to make it to duty will have a conversation with their hall directors or someone from the central office Pre-Duty Preparation
  7. 7.   Come in with the Proper Attire  Wear Closed Toe Shoes!  Weekends-Wear SHU Res Life Apparel (Polo's/Sweatshirts)  Arrive early  7:50 – 8pm  Call the DOD from the duty phone  Duty Phones are located in the RSA Office  Start your Community Walk after you call the DOD  Don’t Forget to Change the who’s on Duty signs! How to start Duty?
  8. 8.   Call the Director on Duty (DOD)  Use the RSA duty phone (not a personal phone)  When calling in say the following: “Hello, this is RSA Suzy from Roncalli Hall and I am calling in for duty with RSA Jack”  If the DOD does not answer the first call, please make a second attempt  If the DOD does not answer the second call leave a detailed message Calling into Duty
  9. 9.  The Do’s of duty  While on active duty you can:  Interact with residents  Homework  Work on Bulletin Board/Doortags  Plan Programs  Read  Watch TV  While on inactive you can:  Sleep  Separate from your duty partner  Not required to remain in he RSA office
  10. 10.  The Don’ts of Duty  While on active duty you cannot:  Leave your Area  Drink Alcohol  12 Hour Rule  Separate from your duty partner on rounds  Leave non-res life personal unattended in the office  Sleep  While on inactive duty you cannot:  Leave your Area  Drink Alcohol  Ignore knocking on your door  Ignore the duty phone/cellphone  Leave non-res life personal unattended in the office
  11. 11.   Drugs, Weapons, Assaults, Unruly Guests, Aggressive Individuals, Large gatherings, Possible Transports, and any situation you feel you need backup  When approaching these situations call Public Safety first  Followed immediately by calling the DOD  Crowd Control and Gathering Information are RSAs primary responsibility in these situations  The RSA are also expect to assist the DOD and Public Safety whenever their help is require When to Call the DOD or Public Safety
  12. 12.   Lock the RSA office door when you leave  Bring necessary materials with you (clipboard, paper, pen, duty phone, etc.)  Make sure the residents know where to find you Leaving the office for the night
  13. 13.   Report all policy violations and any damage  All documentations must be submitted by 12:00pm the next day  Duty Log  New duty log system will be available on Blackboard  Report all the events of the night including documentations and MOPS  Conduct Coordinator (COCO)  Documenting any policy violations through COCO Judicial System  Detailed information of exactly what happened in a documentation  Be Specific!  Write objectively!  Specific session will occur during Fall training regarding COCO  MOPS Request  Report any Building Damage to Campus Operations (MOPS) Duty Documentation
  14. 14.   Keep calm when entering a situation  Never assume  Ex: If you confronting a loud room, don’t assume that you are dealing with a drug alcohol situation.  Assess the situation  Collect and record important information  Residents’ names, student numbers, area/room they live in  If necessary (drugs, alcohol, physical altercation, etc) collect the SHU cards of the involved party (Li  Record the time and date of the arrival of Public Safety, Ambulance, DOD, etc.  Make sure to observe and collect information  Assist these individuals in dealing with the issue How to Confront on Duty
  15. 15.   RSAs Jack and Suzy were conducting a community walk through Roncalli Hall when they heard loud music coming down the hall. RSAs Jack and Suzy approached the room and knocked on the door. Resident Bryan opened the door, and RSAs Jack and Suzy explained that it was past Quiet hours and asked to turn down his music. The RSAs also gave resident Bryan a warning, stating that they may have to take Judicial action if they were to return to his room. True Stories Noise Violation
  16. 16.   RSAs Jack and Suzy were in the RSA office in Roncalli Hall when resident Sally approached and asked for help with a friend of hers, who was throwing up in her bathroom. RSAs Jack and Suzy followed resident Sally to her room where they found her friend Bryan on the floor of the bathroom with vomit on himself and in the toilet. RSA Jack asked if he had anything to drink tonight, resident Sally said she he had. RSA Suzy called Public Safety for an Alcohol Assessment. RSA Suzy then called the DOD. Within 10 minutes, both Public Safety and the DOD arrived on the scene. Public Safety attempted to communicate with Bryan. Bryan was mumbling too much for anything to be understood. Public Safety called for an ambulance for resident Bryan. Fifteen minutes later, the American Medical Response Team (AMR). Both public safety and AMR had decided that resident Bryan should be transported to the hospital. True Story
  17. 17.   RSAs Jack and Suzy were in the RSA office during office hours when they smelt the scent of Marijuana. RSA Jack looked out the window to see 3 residents smoking outside. RSA Suzy called Public Safety and the DOD . RSAs Jack and Suzy went outside to confront the 3 residents. One of the residents attempted to run. RSA Jack, knowing the resident and called out for Matt. Matt then stopped and returned to talk with the RSAs. Public Safety and the DOD arrived. After talking to the residents, it was revealed that they all live on the 3rd floor of Roncalli. Public Safety, the DOD, and RSAs followed residents Matt, Mark, and John to room 313. The DOD administrated a drug search of the residents’ room and discovered 6 small individual bags of Marijuana and a weighing scale. The drug paraphernalia was confiscated and the residents were brought to Public Safety for further questioning. True Story Drug Violation
  18. 18.   While there are 12 hour Duty Shifts, a RSA is always “on-duty”  Any time throughout the day a RSA is responsible for confronting any situation that may present itself to them  By being a presence in the building allows you to be a resource and help residence make healthy life choices  Reporting any building damages to MOPS  Let your residents know your availability  Creates boundaries  Increases Communication  When necessary call the DOD and Public Safety  When confronting a situation in which you need backup call this number: (203) 449-1961  Do not share this number with non Res Life personnel The 24 hour duty theory
  19. 19.   You will gain a level of comfort in confronting your peers for not following community standards  may indicate to a future employer that you will hold others in the workplace accountable to the standards set by the management or team.  Since you have many different issues that can arise in one duty night, you will no doubt demonstrate a mastering of how to juggle multiple, important tasks at once. How Duty Can Benefit Your Future Career
  20. 20.   Remember that you are not alone  You are on a team, you are in this together  There is no situation too big for you to handle  You can always call a fellow RSA or a RHD for help  The University embodies a great deal of trust in you and your judgment to show leadership and positive representation in any situation. Team and Support