Extinction ppt student template
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Extinction ppt student template

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Extinction ppt to download

Extinction ppt to download

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  • 1. Extinction
    • Not always negative
    • Loss of one species makes way for another
    • 99.999% of all species that have ever lived on earth are now extinct
  • 2. Natural vs. Accelerated
    • Natural extinction
    • Sudden env. disturbance of a huge magnitude
    • Puts immense pressure on orgs: those that can adapt survive, others perish
    • Ex: climate change
    • asteroid impact (dinosaurs)
    • There have been 5 natural mass extinctions
  • 3.
    • Accelerated Extinction ( man caused)
    • Called 6th mass extinction
    • Hunting/Agriculture 10,000 years ago was the beginning
    • 75% of all extinctions today are caused by us
  • 4.
    • Background rate of extinction :
    • normal = 1 species every 5-10 years
    • today = 50,000 + every 5-10 years
    • UN Global Biodiversity Assessment team says @ current rate in 30 years we will lose 1/3 of all living things on planet if we don’t do something now!
  • 5.
    • Accelerated extinction
    • is caused by a species (us!)
    • taking place in only a few decades vs. 1000’s of years or eons of time
    • first time that plant species are disappearing at a faster rate than animals
  • 6. Causes of Accelerated Extinction
    • Overhunting/overharvesting of plants
    • Habitat destruction
    • Introduction of alien species
    • Pollution
    • Predator and pest control (pesticides..)
    • Disease
    • International trade in exotic animal and plant species
    • Illegal pet trade/ exotic plant collections
  • 7. Extinct Species
  • 8. Endangered Species
  • 9. Invasive Species
  • 10. Characteristics of Extinction Prone Species
    • Low reproductive rate
    • Specialized feeding habits
    • Large size
    • Specialized breeding area or large territory needed
    • Found only in one area
    • Preys on livestock and people!
  • 11. I have specialized feeding habits, large body size, am found only in one area and have a low reproductive rate!!! I know I’m cute…. … but am I doomed?