Battle Of Theoi - Board Game Design & Marketing Presentation


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A board game game design and marketing presentation for an end of year project.

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Battle Of Theoi - Board Game Design & Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. teamShriram Srinivasan Rugved Kamat • Concept • Mechanism • Game Design • Out sourcing for • Mechanism print • Art Note: Illustrations were acquisitioned from internet. This is non-commercial game.
  2. 2. InspirationDeath Race Snakes and Ladder
  3. 3. Global overview• Game involves elements about Greek mythology.• German style.• It is a Turn based PvP game.• It is a 2 to 4 player game• 7+ Game
  4. 4. Game content• A board• Pair of dice• Different sets of cards• Coins• Rule Book• Quick Rule Book
  5. 5. product
  6. 6. SummaryThis is a Greek mythology based game. It is the battle of the fourgods Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and Demeter for the power to occupyMelos islands.A unique family game where four to two players can play.Easy to understand rules with illustrations.Portable and light to carry.Visually good.
  7. 7. Game concept• A race to gain the island first.• You collect resources, coins, attack and shield on the path.• Set up a town by constructing buildings before entering the island.• The one who builds first and enters will be the winner.
  8. 8. CardsGod Card: • To be picked at the starting of the game • 4 Gods  Zeus  Poseidon  Athena  Hades symbol • Each god has its own abilities.
  9. 9. CardsAttack Card: • Different types of attacks • Cant be traded symbol
  10. 10. CardsDefense Card: • Different Defenses • Can be traded symbol
  11. 11. CardsResource Card: • 4 Resources totally • Wood • Stone • Iron • Gold • Can be traded • Used to build buildings symbol
  12. 12. CardsBuilding Card: • Total 7 buildings • Have to build 5 • You gain resources when one building is complete. symbol • Resource needed is indicated.
  13. 13. Coins • To build the buildings • To trade, you can buy resources and defense card.
  14. 14. Board
  15. 15. One quadrant of the Board
  16. 16. Game playPlayer with highest roll starts the game.The player first obtains his god character card.
  17. 17. Game playPlayer collects the coins and resources to build the building.
  18. 18. Game playPlayer can attack other players or defend himself when he gets the power.
  19. 19. Game playPlayer has to build 5 buildings in order to win the game.
  20. 20. Game playPlayer can go back to the checkpoint if he doesnt have enough resources to build the building or if he doesnt have enough building to build.
  21. 21. Game play What you pay What you getPlayer can trade resources and coins with bank in the ratio of 2:1 i.e the player must give 2 items in order to get one item.
  22. 22. MarketingTarget Audience• Age 7+• More of Casual Players
  23. 23. MarketingHow our target audience thinks before buying a game? Fun game and different to play. Good time killer Less cost Visually good Not much complications in the game No boring pages and pages of rules
  24. 24. MarketingOur strategy and USP• Quick Rulebook explains so simple and neat with pictorial representation.• Fun and Entertaining to play• Different concept of board and card combination with a unique theme.• Light weighted board for portable any where.• Visually more attractive box cover, boards and card.
  25. 25. MarketingCost?Board - ₹400Box - ₹350Pawns, Dice - ₹150Rulebook - ₹100 --------- ₹ 1350 = €19.28 ---------
  26. 26. MarketingHow is it done?No Need for licensing.Total Production Cost -- € 20 EuroTotal Price of a single Board game can be -- € 49 EuroDistribution Process 1 Month for Pre-Production 2 Months for Production Localization for 1 week Printing and package 3 weeks ( as per the no. of copies) Shipping and distribution when it is done. Total of 4 months duration.