Maulana Azad National Institute of  Technology,Bhopal<br />Project Proposal<br />Name of Branch:-  COMPUTER SCIENCE<br />C...
Manit project
Manit project
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Manit project


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automated number plate reception system

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Manit project

  1. 1. Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology,Bhopal<br />Project Proposal<br />Name of Branch:- COMPUTER SCIENCE<br />Course:- UG<br />Title of Project:- Automated Campus Security System<br />Project Duration:-6months (till feb2012)<br />Project Details:-<br /><ul><li>Introduction and justification:-</li></ul> Massive integration of information technologies into all aspects of modern life caused demand<br />for processing vehicles as conceptual resources in information systems. Because a standalone<br />information system without any data has no sense, there was also a need to transform<br />information about vehicles between the reality and information systems.<br /> The campus of a college(here MANIT is taken for project) is needed to have a good security system to which reduces the no. of crimes at that campus .since the campus is much crowded and the in-out movement of the vehicles and persons are very high the security personnels are unable to keep track of all the vehicles getting in to the campus, if they try to keep track of all vehicles the queue at the gate grows and both security personnels and students faces problems.Which makes an demand of automated vehicle tracking system which will enable us to keep track of all vehicles passing through manit gate, which should give us no waiting problem, no queue and also no need of more man power.<br /> So the basic features we are going to add in this project are Smart Card(radio frequency identity enables) based person indentity system and Automated Vehicle Tracking System, by which the persons entering the gate will be recored by our system and also the vehicles are , all the data will be stored in database.the practical feasibility of the system and its urgency to the institution makes the project justified.<br /> 2.literature survey:-<br /> The automated campus security system is 2 module system in which we have considered the demand of both person and vehicle tracking system. In this field of security we have seen the different systems emerging out which are deployed in different system for different fields like the java based automatic number plate detection technique in traffic control system, Smart card (RF id enabled ) system at different shopping. Combiningly the smart card technology and Automated number plate detection technique and the employment of database connected system will provide us the best security system.<br /> Now for the 1st module we have taken the consideration of automatic vehicles tracking system.<br /> The 1st module of the project AUTOMATIC BARCODE REGNISATION SYSTEM technique is modification and advancement of the well known automatic number plate detection technique.which are employed in parking, number plates are used to calculate duration of the parking in devloped countries. When a vehicle enters an input gate, number plate is automatically recognized and stored in database. When a vehicle later exits the parking area through an output gate, number plate is recognized again andpaired with the first-one stored in the database. The difference in time is used to calculate the parking fee. Automatic number plate recognition systems can be used in access control. Forexample, this technology is used in many companies to grant access only to vehicles of authorized personnel. In some countries, ABRS systems installed on country borders automatically detect and monitor border crossings. Each vehicle can be registered in a central database and compared to a black list of stolen vehicles. In traffic control, vehicles can be directed to different lanes for a better congestion control in busy urban communications during the rush hours.<br />There are six primary algorithms that the software requires for identifying a license plate:<br />Plate localization – responsible for finding and isolating the plate on the picture.<br />Plate orientation and sizing – compensates for the skew of the plate and adjusts the dimensions to the required size.<br />Normalization – adjusts the brightness and contrast of the image.<br />Character segmentation – finds the individual characters on the plates.<br />Optical character recognition.<br />Syntactical/Geometrical analysis – check characters and positions against country-specific rules<br /> <br />3.Project Objectives:-<br /> 1. Assurance of security from cyber crimes at Maximum technical level,<br /> 2. Keeping track of entry/exit of students.<br /> 3. Unique individual identity useful in almost every college level summit.<br /> 4. Transperancy ensuring no raise of any individual issue.<br /> 5. Significant reduction in time consumption and labour employment.<br /> 6. Avoiding any manual error which may creep while large or subtle data handling.<br /> 7 .Barcoding of vehicles and issuing 1 vehicle for 2 students can reduce no. of vehicles,<br /> 8.Low cost and maximum benefit.<br /> 9. Project is fully automated so no manpower needed..<br /> <br />4.Project details:-<br />This project we are planning to implement ABRS(automated barcode recognition system) so as to enhance the security structure of the campus. At present the entries are done manually which consumes a lot of time as well as labour. Also this is not a reliable system from the security point of view, as there are many loopholes in the system.<br />Using ABRS technology makes the system more efficient and reliable.<br />Our main motive is to maintain the record of all the vehciles entering the campus and their respective duration of stay, so every vehicle will be provided with an RF id code. To serve this purpose we should have high resolution cameras installed at the gate. A motion sensor is attached to the camera to sense the incoming vehciles from a particular distance. When the vehicle is detected it activates the camera, a hump provided at the entry lowers the speed of the vehicle , which gives sufficient time to the camera to capture the barcoded area provided in the vehicle . This camera is so constructed to click every hundredth part of a second(1/100) . Since the camera can capture number of images in a short span of time, all the images of the vehicle are compared and the final evaluated result is sent to the database server and the entry is done. To make the working of sensor more efficient, the boundaries of the barcoded number plate is illuminated with radium so that it can be easily and precisely sensed . Infra-red detection systems are installed so that it can be read even in foggy weather. If the vehicle is not sensed in the due course then an alarm should be raised in this case , and the number of the vehicle is noted down manually . <br />To provide transparency the data of all the entries is uploaded on the web , which is via a GUI, programmed on JAVA basics. The database is managed using SQL server. The basic programming used to form an interface between camera and database is done using JAVA . The webpage is formed using HTML and php. The image processing is done using MATLAB .<br />The Automatic Barcode Recognition System is a special set of hardware and software components that proceeds an input graphical signal like static pictures or video sequences, and recognizes license plate characters from it. A hardware part of the ABRS system typically consists of a camera, image processor, camera trigger, communication and storage unit.The hardware trigger physically controls a sensor directly installed in a lane. Whenever the sensor detects a vehicle in a proper distance of camera, it activates a recognition mechanism.Alternative to this solution is a software detection of an incoming vehicle, or continual processing of the sampled video signal. Software detection, or continual video processing may consume more system resources, but it does not need additional hardware equipment, like the hardware trigger.<br /> Image processor recognizes static snapshots captured by the camera, and returns a text representation of the detected license plate. ABRS units can have own dedicated image processors (all-in-one solution), or they can send captured data to a central processing unit for further processing (generic ABRS). The image processor is running on special recognition software, which is a key part of whole ABRS system.<br />