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The Most Overused Words in PR 2012


Check out the most overused words in press releases in 2012!

Check out the most overused words in press releases in 2012!

Published in Marketing
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  • 1. SHIFT Communications, in partnership with Marketwire, examined a sample of 5,000 press releases published in 2012 and looked at the most commonly used words in them. The top overused words this year included global (used in 2,162 press releases), forward (1,287 press releases), solutions (1,275 releases), international (1,266 releases), and leading (1,275 releases). How many of these words appeared in your news releases, blog posts, and other publc relations materials in 2012 - and how many will you replace with more unique, more valuable words in 2013? If you’re running out of words, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Contact SHIFT Communications today and work with our team of imaginative smarties to help your own story stand out. Learn more at http://www.shiftcomm.com today, or follow SHIFT @shiftcomm on Twitter. Methodology statement: a random sampling of 5,000 press releases was chosen from Marketwire’s newsroom feed for 2012. Press releases were de-duped of boilerplate statements to only focus on the actual content of the releases themselves. Common words such as the, an, a, etc. were removed manually from the data once processed. the of MOST global: 2162 forward: 1287 announced: 980 largest: 594 best: 903 effective: 313 standard: 289 performance: 874 experience: 804 outstanding: 332 investment: 765 social: 740 releases: 696 strategy: 297 benefits: 328 important: 524 environment: 328 integrated: 332 record: 297 offers: 692 facebook: 606 impact: 513 success: 340 advanced: 338 features: 347 announces: 690 social: 740 brand: 574 worldwide: 567 solutions: 1275 international: 1266 strategic: 391 partnership: 392 twitter: 492 innovation: 374 growth: 1078 well-positioned: 1070 leading: 1275 solution: 470 award: 453 growing: 366 significant: 464 innovative: 419 natural: 453 enviornmental: 406 better: 452 strong: 443 latest: 403 opportunity: 394 OVERUSED PR WORDS 2012