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The Most Overused PR Words of 2013

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Check out the most overused words in press releases in 2013.

Check out the most overused words in press releases in 2013.

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  • 1. new110,059 first 56,724 mobile 28,534 professional 27, 859 current 25,906 leading 24,404 annual 22,886 public 21,603 private 21,466 real 21,188 best 20,840 limited 18,515 united 18,424 free 18,099 average 18,093 general 18,019 significant 17,782 top 17,534 natural 17,444 social 16,260 full 15,934 corporate 15,826 digital 15,716 many 15,655 commercial 15,598 economic 15,550 key 13,838 local 13,579 important 2,856 next 12,687 largest 12,258 outstanding 12,067 major 11,780 strong 1,763 large 10,988 effective 10,951 strategic 10,875 core 10,433 focused 9,991 small 9,941 great 9,710 every 9,511 unique 9,472 special 9,190 recent 9,183 advanced 9,113 innovative 9,096 several 8,994 better 8,918 most 26,774 SHIFT Communications examined a sample of 62,768 press releases published in 2013 on MarketWired.com and looked at the most commonly used descriptive words in them. The top overused words this year included new (used 110,059 times), first (used 56,724 times), mobile (used 28,534 times), professional (27,859 times), and most (used 26,774 times). How many of these words appeared in your news releases, blog posts, and other public relations materials in 2013 - and how many will you replace with more unique, more impactful words in 2014? If you’re running out of words, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Contact SHIFT Communications today and work with our team of imaginative smarties to help your own story stand out. Learn more at http://www.shiftcomm.com today, or follow SHIFT @shiftcomm on Twitter. Methodology: SHIFT Communications downloaded a random sample of 62,768 English language press releases published only during calendar year 2013 from MarketWired.com. Using custom-built software, SHIFT staff programmatically removed boilerplate and navigational text, then counted 43,448,554 words in the body text of the press releases and assigned frequencies of appearance to each. After compilation, SHIFT staff manually removed frequent, non-descriptive language articles (a, and, the, etc.) and nouns (About, Contact, Call, etc.) to create the list. SHIFT Communications was the sole sponsor, underwriter, and conductor of the research. Data was collected during the period 12/4/2013 - 12/18/2013 using automated tools.