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International engineer federation
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International engineer federation


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. International Engineer Federation “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators”
  • 2. Benefits For Venture Capitalists ✓ 1 Get Access to Fresh Business Plan ✓ 2 Invest in Trending Startups ✓ 3 Invest & Earn Equity. ✓ 4 Direct Links to Entrepreneurs ✓ 5 Chance To Diversify Investment ✓ 6 Regular Startups Proposal from IEF ✓ 7 .Chance to access New silicon valley “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators”
  • 3. IEF Support Regular Projects Ventor Capitals Call The Project should be: Investors Call Prototype Funding* IPR Assistance Project Consultancy “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators” 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Innovative Can be patented Green Social Low cost Need of society Improve Habitat Agree our funding agreement Assurance of delivery
  • 4. Free & Innovative Services by - IEF ✓ 1 International Engineer Federation Student Chapter 2 Educational Events 3 Online Portals with Individual Login ID & Password. ✓ 4 Jobs Portal for Freshers ✓ 5 Investors Meeting with Consultancy. ✓ 6 Open Innovation Centre with problem bank. ✓ 7 IPR – Assistance & Global Mentors. ✓ ✓ “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators”
  • 5. Upcoming Free Services by – IEF ✓ 1 Portals to gain and share E-Materials. 2 Social Network for like Minds 3 Interaction & Networking opportunities with various RnD’s ✓ 4 Online Portals for showcasing Innovation. ✓ 5 Crowd Funding Platform for each Members ✓ 6 Free Websites and Blog for Sharing knowledge. ✓ 7 ✓ ✓ Online tools for projects and Innovations with a lot more. “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators”
  • 6. What IEF will Do for Students • Online Assistance Online tools for Research & Innovation - full support with network of global Mentors  Engaged with New Ideas • Offline Assistance Educational Events – Seminars, Conferences, etc. - Innovative Competitions  Exploring live Engineering “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators”
  • 7. An Organization with IEF Support What we do ?? 1 The Result !! 2 1. Showcase Student Talent 2. Diversify career service tools 3. Engage with corporate community 4. Explore Engineer Technologies 5. Engage with Innovative Ideas 6. Explore Solution to Social welfare 7. Filter the Innovative Minds 8. Explore the world of Research 9. Consultancy 10.Improve Leaders 11.Sustainability “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators” 1. Talent outcome 2. New Ideas 3. Improvement in Technologies 4. Organizational Advertisement 5. More Engagement in Innovation 6. Engagement with Fortunes 7. Confident Talent 8. Welfare of the Society 9. Impart Growth 10. Quick Solutions 11. A Road Map for Research Career
  • 8. What They Seek Corporates 1  New Talent  Solution to Problems  Develop Innovations Recruiters 2  New method of finding talent  Diversify from the cycle Institutions Benefits to Organization  Delivers an integrated approach to organizational performance management that results in growth.  Delivery of ever-improving value to Members, Faculty, Investors and Innovators, contributing to Organizational sustainability.  Improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities.  Organizational and personal learning. 3  Showcase Student talent  Engagement with Corporates “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators”
  • 9. A Hub of Creative Genius Structure • • • • Have a Innovative Idea Create the road map Organize a dedicated work force Explain the Main Motive of work Capabilities • • • • Create the Hiearchy Build healty Relations Work for betterment Dedicated Involvement Engagement • • • • Have Discussions Have small goals Decide dead line Compete for excellence “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators”
  • 10. “Where Inventors are Supported by Your own footer Facilitators” Your Logo IEF
  • 11. Endless growth with all round expansion 1 A Innovative environment with regular expertise showcase and logo on our Website. 2 A platform engaging mass public participation in each event. 3 Technical Solution To Every Problem of your Organization with innovative skills. 4 IEF give you Global Exposure to Education World with value addition. 5 Parallel competence development with Credibility of Members. 6 Exposure to new Entrants with High Linkage in advisory committee and Project consultancy. 7 Substainability to the Organization imparting technical growth. “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators”
  • 12. We are expanding our Horizon Mentors From            “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators” NASA California Institute of technology Princeton University IIS - Banglore IIST NIT – Nagpur DST TERI ICGEB CEO’s And endless global support.....
  • 13. We are the Expanding Horizon We engage every one with inspiring hands.. IEF  Organization   Member  “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators” International Engineer Federation has the hub of innovative and technical work force to deliver solutions. Organization involve to get the fresh ideas or the technical solutions with fresh talents. Members get the benefit of exploring new way outs for the social welfare with a innovative approach and touch of corporates, goverments and organizations. Engage yourself in a win-win condition with IEF.
  • 14. Progress chart – Organization Showcase of Expertise & Talent Engage Member to problem bank IEF Collaborates “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators”
  • 15. Come & Share your Vision with us Thank You “Where Inventors are Supported by Facilitators”