SGS 2012 Annual Report Business Overview


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SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognised as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With
more than 75,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,500 offices and laboratories around the world. We are continually pushing ourselves to deliver innovative solutions.

Innovations from SGS have transformed the way businesses operate. From our foundations creating trust across the grain trading routes of Europe, to developing today's cutting edge technologies for the oil and gas industry, we strive to provide independent and valued services that go beyond our customers' expectations.

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SGS 2012 Annual Report Business Overview

  1. 1. Annualreport-businessreview
  2. 2. SGS is the world’s leadinginspection, verification,testing and certificationcompany. SGS is recognisedas the global benchmark forquality and integrity. Withmore than 75 000 employees, SGSoperates a network of over 1 500offices and laboratories aroundthe world. We are continuallypushing ourselves to deliverinnovative solutions.Innovations from SGShave transformed the waybusinesses operate. From ourfoundations creating trustacross the grain tradingroutes of Europe, to developingtoday’s cutting edgetechnologies for the oiland gas industry, We striveto provide independent andvalued Services that go beyondour customers’ expectations.04SGS NVIROCROP10 SGS minerals services18 SGS APPLIED TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION CENTer28 SGS e-mobility34SGS VITROLOGY40 SGS intron46 SGS environmental services
  3. 3. 32When conceptualising the topic for this annual report, I immediatelythought of the quote by the late Steve Jobs: “Innovation distinguishesbetween a leader and a follower.” It is a sentiment that is echoed inmy vision for SGS, and you will find that very quote, if you look closelyenough, on page 27 of this report. SGS has been innovating and leadingsince 1878, when we transformed trading across Europe by offeringthe first-of-its-kind grain auditing service.Today, we are continuing to innovate solutions and services to helpbusinesses work smarter. We do this by listening to what our customersneed, and responding with a solution that makes an immediate difference.I make sure this happens every day by asking the brightest minds atSGS to deliver services that go beyond our customers’ expectations.I encourage their innovation by giving our big thinkers the space, time andfreedom to do what they do best – lead. They lead everyone around themin pursuit of new paths and opportunities to seek out the most beneficialsolutions for our customers.I harness the power of our unique global network, and our intimate localknowledge, by recognising innovation in the 75 000 employees and1 500 offices and laboratories that make up SGS. This annual reportshows how SGS innovates new solutions in facilities from Australia toScotland. You will discover the benefits of our SGS services in sectorsas diverse as precision farming, green building and cell-based assays.In reading the interviews of a few of our innovators, one thing willbecome clear: SGS has unique abilities as an independent third-partyservice provider, abilities unequalled in size or scope. Which is why,in 2012, SGS continued to be the world’s leading inspection, verification,testing and certification company.Christopher KirkChief Executive OfficerThere isnothingnew aboutinnovationat SGSSGS InnovatorsOUR VIsionWe aim to be the mostcompetitive and themost productive serviceorganisation in the world.Our core competenciesin inspection, verification,testing and certificationare being continuouslyimproved to be best-in-class.They are at the heart ofwhat we are. Our chosenmarkets will be solelydetermined by our abilityto be the most competitiveand to consistently deliverunequalled service to ourcustomers all over the world.OUR ValuesWe seek to be epitomisedby our passion, integrity,entrepreneurship and ourinnovative spirit, as wecontinually strive to fulfil ourvision. These values guideus in all that we do and arethe bedrock upon which ourorganisation is built.75000employees1500offices and laboratories1global network
  4. 4. SGS NVIROCROPSMARTER FARMINGCobus BurgerManaging Director, SGS NviroCropGlobally, agriculture faces the challenge of keeping pace with humanpopulation growth and the threat of climate change. Cobus Burger,Managing Director of SGS NviroCrop, knows nature holds the key tosustainable crop production. He innovates to discover nature’s secrets.
  5. 5. 76SGS NVIROCROPAN ATTRACTIVE PROPOSITION“Farming is not ‘cool’ and that’s aproblem,” begins Cobus, looking outover his crop test fields in South Africa.“The average age worldwide of acommercial farmer is 56 years. Youngpeople are not interested becausefarming is no longer attractive. Here atSGS NviroCrop, we are trying to changethat. We deliver services that provideoperating leverage and sustainability forboth large-scale operations and small-scale community farms. By makingfarming profitable, we make it attractiveagain. That means more farmers, morecrop production and better food security:it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”WORKING WITH NATUREAs a part of SGS Seed and CropServices, the innovations from SGSNviroCrop provide a platform for sellingsmarter farming practices worldwide.Their ability to make farming moreattractive and sustainable is basedon
introducing new precision farmingtechniques. Cobus has made this hisspecialist subject for the last 21 years.He knows how to accurately identifythe weakest link in crop yields andquality, and he delivers this knowledgethrough his services for SGS customers.His innovations in precision farmingtechniques are helping farmers learn howto work with nature and not against it.PRECISION FARMING – WHAT IS IT?Why is precision farming so successfulfor SGS customers? Cobus explains
itlike this, “Precision farming worksbecause we fertilise just the rightamount, in just the right areas. Ourinnovation is that we use satellitetechnology, GPS and samplingtechniques to view everything happeningat ground level. What is exciting isthat this allows us to determine all thevariables in the
soil. From this knowledgewe create chemical maps and soil mapsthat illustrate our recommendations forvariable rate fertilising. We then knowwhere to apply less fertiliser or morefertiliser, depending on high or lowpotential areas respectively. By doingthis, we avoid the risk of polluting theaquifer and create a more sustainablefarming environment. The businessadvantages we supply are to lower inputcosts and at the same time increasethe yield potential for our customers.Put simply, we create better profitmargins. When you realise nature is fullof variables waiting to be discovered, andyou find a way to unlock and interpretthese, you can make any innovation inagriculture successful. This is one ofthe most underestimated principles infarming. At SGS NviroCrop, we get it.We approach agriculture and seedand crop innovation as a holisticbusiness challenge.”It is frominnovationslike this, andmany othersfrom SGSNvirocrop, thatSGS is beingnoticed acrossSouthernAfrica as anorganisationdeliveringprogress, trustand a realcommitment toa better future.Smarter farming for CobusBurger is all about developinga real understanding
of how touse things differently. He enjoysfinding the newest technologiesand developing ways of adaptingthem so that they function better.Knowledge for Cobus, you sense,is about getting hands-on in thevery soil he wants to improve.He embodies the vision of a bettertomorrow by working smartertoday. At SGS NviroCrop, all ofthe 18 expert agronomists havethat same drive to create newways of working. Cobus and histeam have positioned SGS asa leader in Southern Africa forconsulting in precision farmingtechniques. Their holistic approachis already providing tangibleand sustainable results that arebeginning to resonate across thecontinent. Making a difference istheir priority, in months not years,because they know that is whatkeeps innovation in the spotlight.
  6. 6. 98SGS NVIROCROPTHE FUTURE OFPRECISiONAGRICULTUREWatch out for these innovations over,on or in a crop field near you soon:Unmanned drones equipped withcameras to deliver a bird’s eye view forspecialist ‘zone detection’ softwarePerforated pipes installed in order totackle salt build up due to poor qualityirrigation, generating proper waterdrainage systems that can increaseyields by up to 40%Yield prediction models fromcombining satellite imagery with yieldmaps to let farmers accurately predictyields during the second part of thegrowing seasonINNOVATIONVALUESCobus looks at the ‘value’ ofinnovation in three ways:The motivation it gives histeam to keep creating newsolutions: “You must havepassion – the will to make adifference. I want my teamhere at SGS NviroCrop
to makea difference and strive everyday to innovate and developnew services for SGS. We keepeverybody here involved as theresults start to come in. Everyonestays in the loop and remainspersonally connected to projects.I want people here to care aboutwhat they do. Our business modelhas to reflect this, as positiveresults drive our organic growth.”The value for SGS beyondmere revenue generation:“Revenue, profit – these cannotalways be the main factor.Some of our projects may notbring huge financial benefits butthey add value to our customers’businesses. They help develop adesire to continue working withSGS. We then become
thedefault ‘go to’ organisation fortrusted innovation.”Attracting the nextgeneration of innovationtalent: “It is very important
forme to bring new talent to SGS.Young people with a fresh outlookthat bring ideas we have not evenconsidered. Young innovatorsare still experimenting, creatingthe difference we value sohighly here. By joining SGS, theysuddenly get the opportunity tobe supported in their thinking. Weoffer a globally respected networkwithin the industry. At SGS, newinnovators can have an impactthat has worldwide reach.”Crop test fields in Potchefstroom, South Africa228% increase to operating leverage overtwo years for McCain’s chip potatoes247% increase to operating leverage over oneyear for a major citrus orchard1% increase in farming efficiencies hasthe potential to save over $1 billionLOCAL BENEFITSHolistic thinking means Cobus and histeam of expert agronomists go beyondunlocking the variables of soil. They alsodevelop new business partnershipsthroughout Southern Africa that promoteSGS at a local level. For instance, small-scale farmers in South Africa have torely on what is available to them forseed and fertiliser. Cobus sees thisas an opportunity for SGS to offer aninnovative new service. “We connectthe small-scale farming communitiesin South Africa directly to the majorinternational fertiliser companies. Innegotiation with the fertiliser companies,we obtain free fertiliser samples for thecommunities we partner with, and inreturn they allow us to investigate theactual performance of the fertiliser intheir particular region. As each regionis unique, in terms of soil property, wecan then help the fertiliser companiescreate a compound specifically tailoredfor each community. In parallel, we runeducation programmes with the farmersto explain why the testing process isgoing to ultimately benefit them in thelong-term. On completion of the study,when they get the chance to purchasetheir unique fertiliser compound, theyget a quality product specific to theirregion. This helps them to farm and growcrops in a more efficient, productive andsustainable way. Other farmers aroundtheir community see this and want toknow how it happened? It is a verypositive way for SGS to interact withthe local farmers and communities.”
  8. 8. 1312SGS minerals servicesA ROBOT’S BEST FRIEND is Ken Litjens,Vice President of SGS MineralsServices in South East Asia Pacific(SEAP). His innovative use ofexisting robotic technologies hascreated new opportunities and anew workforce for SGS. Not toreplace the present workforce,but to make their lives better, saferand more productive.Ken is kept busy in SEAP. Maybe itwas this continued demand on histime that spurred him to seek outand improve on automated roboticsystems for SGS Geochem. Hisinnovation was borne out ofnecessity: there were simply toofew workers available for the jobsKen needed filled.In Perth, the highly competitivehub of mining in Australia, Kenno longer has to worry as muchabout recruitment. Thanks to hisautomated robotic systems hisexisting workforce now benefitsfrom better working conditionsand increased job satisfaction.He has managed to orchestrate ateam that provides SGS customersin SEAP with exactly what hewas aiming for – productivity andquality improvements.THE MININGINDUSTRYIN PERTHIS TRULYUNIQUE
  9. 9. 1514SGS minerals servicesKEN’S ROBOTSKen’s push for innovation in productivitywith SGS Geochem has beenaffectionately dubbed: ‘Ken’s robots’.He elaborates, “We did not invent theautomation behind SGS Geochem, or therobots, but what we did was take thetechnology that was available at the timeto the next level. Automated systemsonly work as intelligently as their designallows, and luckily for SGS there aresome very talented scientists in myteam. We tailored our automated systemsspecifically to solve the needs of ourcustomers. The mining industry in Perthis truly unique in the way it has embracedthe use of robotic automation.”Automation has major benefits, as Kenreveals, “It means we can eliminatea lot of the manual handling jobs ourpeople have to do on a daily basis. Whensomeone literally has to crush rocks for aliving, or weigh a thousand samples in ashift, their safety and their motivation areboth at risk. So, just the improvementin working conditions for people hereat SGS is a great plus. Work becomesmore interesting for them because theyare free to invest time elsewhere.” Thebenefit in other ways is not lost on Keneither, “The best thing is, with a robotthe work always gets done as fast as youneed it, with no sick days or operationalhealth and safety issues.”The benefit of Ken’s robots, beyondproductivity, is the reduction in thechance of error on the job. “If you thinkabout human error, it is random,” explainsKen, “and so because of this it is difficultto eradicate. With a robot any error issystematic, so it is easier to notice errorsand easier to fix them. The way we havespecifically developed our technologiesallows us to be at the forefront of what ispossible and to continuously improve ourservice. That is what makes our serviceinnovative and in demand by more andmore mining companies in SEAP.”FROM PIT TO PORT“A mantra of our minerals businessfor the past ten years has been: ‘FromPit to Port’,” continues Ken. “Whatthat means is we provide a serviceto our customers from the mine allthe way through to delivering goodsto their final destination. Not manyother companies can do that. SGShas the global reach and services toachieve this. For instance, we havegrassroots exploration tools that helpour customers find new resources andidentify prospective areas. We can getinvolved at the very earliest stagesof exploration and then move on todefine resources for drilling, designflow sheets and explain the best wayto extract the metal from the ore. Ourmetallurgy division provides onsiteexpertise, while our laboratories providedata to optimise the mining process.We have the ability to get that extra1% or 2% of productivity. If you do themath on plant processing that may be20 or 30 million tonnes a year, it addsup to quite a profit.” Ken’s involvementdoes not stop there. “We are alsoinvolved with the process of selling thecommodity, confirming that it makesit onto the trucks, and ensuring whatis supposed to be there is in the rightquantity and quality at loading andunloading. Finally, we ensure the safedelivery of the product to the end ofthe supply chain.”BENEFITS ACROSS SGSWhile Ken is primarily concernedwith operations in SGS Minerals, heunderstands the wider benefits thatSGS services offer. His close integrationwith other SGS colleagues helps himwith this. “Mining has a few challengesto overcome such as its environmentalimpact or reducing work place incidents.I try to educate businesses on thesheer breadth of services from SGS.Many of our customers we work withare amazed when they realise we canminimise their environmental footprint,and prove it; or realise they can come tous for comprehensive health and safetyprogrammes, or a range of systemsand certification trainings. SGS’ globalsize, and the level of service offerings,gives the businesses I talk to onemajor benefit – they can use SGS foreverything and only have one creditoron their books.”Smarter thinkingAs SGS customers have become morein need of new ways to optimise theirbusinesses, so Ken has ensured histeam has risen to the challenge. “Thebusinesses we partner with are smart,”admits Ken, “so we have got to be justas smart. When a business asks for abreakdown on how the latest spectralanalysis techniques can improve theiroperations, I want everyone on myteam to be in a position to have thatconversation with them. My teamshares knowledge so that any one of uscan talk about QEMSCAN™ or MMI™technology or any of the other cuttingedge solutions we offer at SGS. Thatmakes people trust SGS. We are seenacross the mining industry as expertsin our field and that is important in asector as competitive as minerals.” Kenproactively encourages different divisionsacross SEAP to talk to each other andkeep up-to-date on new advances in theindustry. “If we say we are leaders, weneed to lead. We need to know what the‘next’ big thing is, or what has changed,and how that impacts our customers.”LOCAL KNOWLEDGEKen has travelled to places in theworld he would never have dreamt ofvisiting if it were not for his work withSGS. “The geographical spread of theminerals business and our involvementas leaders in this sector means we havein excess of 200 laboratory sites aroundthe globe. There are 100 laboratory sitesfor SGS Geochem alone, of which 40are commercial laboratories. Some ofthe places we go to are remote. I havetravelled to many of the places whereour laboratories are now located aroundthe world. It is often during the businessdevelopment phase, long before theSGS infrastructure is in place, and soyou may end up miles from a city, townor village. This gives you a chance toreally understand and connect on a locallevel. I meet the local workers andget stuck into working with the soiland dirt, and it makes a real difference.When you position yourself, as SGSdoes, as a ‘local’ global company it isimportant to visit and know what itmeans to work in these places.”FLY ME TO THE MOONOne place Ken has not visited yet, butthat is definitely on his wish list, isas remote as it gets. “If there is theopportunity to set up mining operationson the moon, I know SGS will beinvolved,” states Ken. “Hopefully, it willhappen sooner rather than later so I canbe a part of that history.” With Ken’senthusiasm, and down-to-earth outlook,it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise tosee him get there. For now, he has hisrobots to take him to other worlds –of productivity.IN THE MINERALSBUSINESS, ANDESPECIALLY INLABORATORYTESTING, WEHAVE SCIENTISTSWITH INQUIRINGMINDS THATSTRIVE TODISCOVER NEWKNOWLEDGE.IF WE SAY WEARE LEADERS,WE NEED TO LEAD.WE NEED TOKNOW WHAT THE‘NEXT’ BIG THINGIS, OR WHATHAS CHANGED,AND HOW THATIMPACTS ourCUSTOMERS.At SGS, we arechallenged toinnovate andfollow ourideas throughto completion.
  10. 10. 1716SGS MMI™SGS MMI™ is an advanced geochemicalsurface exploration technique that isproven to find mineral deposits in new orpreviously explored locations. SGS is thesole provider of MMI™ technology, with15 years of experience in continuouslyresearching and developing MMI™ andinnovating new capabilities. As marketleaders in ion extraction technologyand geochemical exploration, miningcompanies worldwide partner with SGSand use MMI™ to pinpoint gold, basemetals, nickel, uranium, rare earthsand rare metals, kimberlite intrusives,and other buried elements. MMI™uses state-of-the-art analytical analysisand sophisticated chemical processesto help target exploration drilling byproviding information on the depth atwhich alteration and mineralisation isoccurring. With exceptional low limits ofdetection (in the parts per billion range),made possible by the latest generationICP-MS Dynamic Reaction Cell™ (DRCII™) technology, MMI™ significantlydecreases exploration time and costs.QEMSCAN™ FROM SGSQuantitative Evaluation of Materialsby Scanning Electron Microscopy, orQEMSCAN™ for short, is the mostpowerful process mineralogical toolcurrently employed in the mineralsindustry. It is configured to measuremineralogical variability based onchemistry at the micrometer-scale.SGS experts in applied and processmineralogy use QEMSCAN™ to aidstrategic decision-making in acquisition,exploration, feasibility, and plantoperations. QEMSCAN™ consists ofcutting edge components that utiliseback-scattered electron (BSE) signalintensity and Energy Dispersive X-raySignal (EDS). These combine to createa unique, flexible minerals identificationand measurement technology, whichprovides: bulk modal analysis; particlemaps; locked and liberated texturalanalysis; size-by-size and mineral-by-mineral chemical assay; and tracemineral hunt and search capabilities.As the industry leader in integratingHigh Definition Mineralogy services,such as QEMSCAN™, SGS is continuingto deliver innovative technologies andsolutions that create advantage.SGS minerals servicesSGS MINERALSSERVICES INAUSTRALIASGS METALLURGY is recognised globallyas the world’s leading developerof laboratory and pilot plant testingprogrammes for improving metallurgyoperations. Proven experience in creatingbankable, sustainable flow sheets andpractical technical solutions allows SGSMetallurgy to continue innovating newapproaches for the processing industryin geometallurgy, process modelling,production forecasting, and advancedcontrol systems.SGS GEOCHEM provides innovativeand unique services in explorationand process control sampling. With anetwork of NATA accredited laboratories,process automation and roboticsample preparation, SGS Geochem isresponsible for the exclusive MMI™technology and a comprehensive rangeof mine site laboratory services.SGS COAL AND TECH SERVICES hasNATA accredited coal laboratoriesservicing all major coal ports inAustralia. SGS Coal and Tech Servicesprovides quality control at mine sites,borecore and power plant evaluation,and mechanical sampling design andcommissioning across a range of bulkparticulate materials.SGS ADVANCED SYSTEMS is the hubof SGS Minerals’ advanced processcontrol and online diagnostic solutions.SGS Advanced Systems offer a widerange of expert systems for unitoperations, including: crushing; grinding;beneficiation; flotation; dewatering;induration; and drying – ensuringmetallurgical operations are stabilisedand optimised to maintain improvedthroughput and recoveries, 24/7.SGS MINERALS TRADE deliversinspection and supervision services tothe mining industry. For anyone whoneeds to sell, buy or transport materialanywhere in the world, SGS MineralsTrade is a trusted partner for independentverification and certification of productquality and quantity.
  12. 12. 2120SGS APPLIED TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION CENTERAfter more than four decades inthe oil and gas industry, WayneKriel, Director of the AppliedTechnology & Innovation Center(ATIC), is once again bringing newimpetus to technological advancesin the upstream sector. As aresult, SGS Upstream Servicesis changing the perception ofthe global oil and gas industryby introducing innovativetechnologies for onsite real timesampling and testing. SGS isnow a visible industry player andleading innovator in technologiesand services that are forcing theoil and gas industry to not onlyrethink what is possible in testing,inspection and certification butto reassess SGS’ role in all theirupstream operations. This trulydifferentiates SGS as a providerof innovative technology drivenservices. An achievement thatmirrors Wayne’s motto: “Don’t aimto be competitive in an industry,aim to innovate to change the waythat industry works, forever.”CHALLENGING IDEASThe ATIC team’s inventive geniusand astute business minds help thedevelopment of new technologies. Theircreativity in developing novel solutionsfor the upstream sector means SGScustomers can overcome their mostchallenging sampling and measurementproblems. Wayne explains how theATIC started, “The idea for the ATICoriginated from a conversation withAlim Saidov, EVP of SGS Oil, Gas &Chemicals and Environmental Services.The conversation centred on how tocreate new opportunities for SGS in theupstream sector. We knew there wasa gap in the market for truly innovativeservices. What the ATIC offered us wasthe chance to develop our innovationsinto solutions for our customers.”The ATIC originally consisted of a smallelite group that included some of theleading innovators in the industry.Collectively, they knew that while theoil and gas industry prides itself on newexploration it is surprisingly slow indeveloping new ideas and technologies.Wayne continues, “Right from thestart that gave us an advantage – wewere interested in bringing these newsolutions to life. I had already hadsuccess in turning ideas into new andprofitable business services, so basedon these past innovations, SGS gaveits full support as we began workingto turn SGS into a leading innovatorin the upstream sector. For SGS, theATIC really did represent a truly uniquenew way of thinking, both in terms ofbusiness and innovation.”ONSITE INNOVATIONSEarly on, it was decided that the ATICshould focus its efforts on servicesthat offer onsite real time samplingand testing solutions. Wayne explainswhy, “Our customers were asking usto develop a faster alternative to fixedlaboratory PVT analysis. In most cases,the transportation of samples to land-based PVT laboratories would take atleast three weeks, which was too longfor many of our customers. We lookedat more immediate ways to generateresults for them. Our idea was to take allthe capabilities of a land-based laboratoryand create a portable laboratory thatcould be easily installed at a productionfield or platform. The attraction of thissolution was that it removed the needfor our customers to transport samplesaltogether. In placing the laboratory onsite, the issues sometimes associatedwith shipping, contamination ortimeframes were eradicated. So,the first real innovation from the ATICwas to provide a solution called theFluidPro PAL™.”Creating an onsite laboratory thatdelivered results equal to, or in somecases better than, fixed laboratoriesis an innovation many in the industrythought impossible. But the challengeof the impossible is something thatdrives Wayne and his team to proveotherwise. “We knew we could deliverthe FluidPro PAL™ but what we didn’trealise was how in demand the servicewould eventually become. We have nowbuilt a fleet of complete FluidPro PAL™laboratories, and have them stationedin Angola, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Mexico,Asia, and many locations in the MiddleEast. Our customers find the laboratoriesinvaluable to their operations and wonderhow they managed without them forso long. When a PAL,” as Wayne refersto them, “goes out, most of the time itdoes not come back until after the fulldevelopment project is completed. Forexample, we sent one on a three-monthtrial and it has now been in service forthree years.” It sounds an obvious andsimple idea – transfer the capabilities of afixed laboratory into a portable one, takeit to some of the remotest places onearth and power it up – but it took Wayneand the ATIC to finally realise what manypeople in the oil and gas industry saidcould not be done.JUST THE BEGINNINGFor Wayne, the FluidPro PAL™ is justthe start of what the ATIC is capableof innovating. He has completed manymore projects and developed uniquesampling and measurement tools,including: MiniPVT™; AutoGOR™; RapidDeployment Kit™; GC/GOR™; GasPro™;and IonPro™. Each project has madea significant impact, in a very shorttime frame, across the entire upstreamsector. The ATIC’s ability to redefine SGSas an innovator is being proven with therelease of each new technology andservice. The ATIC presents the perfectblueprint for innovation at SGS: a sharedvision and collective passion to createsolutions that others believe impossible.As a result, SGS has gone from beingrelatively unknown in the appliedtechnology world of upstream, to beingthe company that everyone wants towork with. By listening to the needs ofSGS customers worldwide, the ATIC isnow creating global business solutionsof the future.IN THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY,NEW EXPLORATION IS PUSHINGBOUNDARIES. THE CHALLENGEIS TO ACHIEVE ACCURATEANALYSIS IN THE MOSTREMOTE PLACES AROUND THEWORLD. COMPANIES NEED TOKNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEYHAVE FOUND, PREFERABLYAS SOON AS THEY FIND IT.WAYNE KRIEL, DIRECTOR OF THESGS APPLIED TECHNOLOGY &INNOVATION CENTER, MAKESTHIS POSSIBLE IN EVERYCORNER OF THE GLOBE.HIS NEW TECHNOLOGIES FORSGS UPSTREAM ARE SETTINGNEW BENCHMARKS FORTHE INDUSTRY, BOOSTINGTHE GLOBAL DEMAND FORINNOVATIVE SGS SERVICES.<18inches of bench space required for theMiniGOR™ Flash Separator5% precision from consecutivesampling results with SGSMethanol-in-Crude Systems
  13. 13. 2322The ATIC offers SGS customers a unique ‘idea-to-service’ facility. It houses state-of-the-art laboratoriesand immediate access to skilled prototype fabrication in one location. This allows any of the ATIC team tosketch out an idea of what they need and simply walk it along the corridor to the fabrication office.IDEAThe ATIC has inhouse fabrication capabilities so is able to immediately create working prototypes. Thisallows the team to develop and test new technologies until they are ready to be deployed, giving the ATICa leading advantage when it comes to getting innovations into the hands of SGS customers.PROTOTYPEOne example of this ‘idea-to-service’ is the SGS MiniGOR™. An SGS customer mentioned to the ATICteam that they had problems transporting samples. The process always compromised their samplesbefore they got to the laboratory for analysis. The ATIC team suggested eliminating the transportationprocess by analysing the samples directly on the platform. This avenue had already been considered, butwas not believed to be possible. For the ATIC team, it was another chance to invent the ‘impossible’. Injust three months, they had researched, tested and delivered a working prototype that provided accurateonsite sampling.PRODUCTIONThe innovation of the SGS MiniGOR™ proved so successful that it was soon being requested worldwide.This ability to perform inhouse innovation ensures R&D stays within the walls of the ATIC, and new tech-nologies and their advantages remain solely in the hands of SGS, and SGS customers.SGS APPLIED TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION CENTERLee williamsCompetency Team Leader, AppliedTechnology & Innovation Center (ATIC)Lee Williams is one of the originalteam members of the ATIC. Heis responsible for developingnew services in flow assurance,production chemistry, enhanced oilrecovery, geochemistry, and otherareas. He knows what makes theATIC different.CREATING INNOVATION SYNERGY“These days there is a lot of technologythat you can buy straight off theshelf,” explains Lee. “With advancesin electronics and detection andmeasurement systems, our industryhas been revolutionised but only a feware really bringing these advantagestogether. Here at the ATIC, we doexactly that, we look at how to makewhat was a single function apparatusperform multiple functions. Ourinnovations also come from exploringways to automate functions to makethem accessible to non-experts. Wechallenge ourselves to make newsystems portable, and user friendly,so they can be employed anywhere inthe world. We try to bundle as muchadvantage into a single unit as possiblein order to reduce equipment, thenumber of individual operations neededper task and the risk of error in results.That is the benefit to our customersfrom our thinking and expertise hereat the ATIC – we combine portabilityand multifunctionality in a single unit.”Lee knows that the freedom theATIC team has been given by SGS toinnovate is what makes the difference.“SGS encourages and supportsideas that bring new business to theSGS Group. There is no complicatedchain of approval, SGS very quicklyapproves our proposals. It does thisbecause we only target those ideasthat will be commercially viable. Wehave unique insight into what will bea globally sought-after product. Ourcustomers want what comes out ofthe ATIC because our people look atmore creative ways to make solutionshappen. For example, the AutoGOR™and the CycloneSeparator™ are thekind of innovations developed at theATIC that go beyond a mere solution.Innovations like these give ourcustomers a next level advantage inday-to-day operations.” Lee is convincedthat the ATIC creates an innovationsynergy that is seldom found anywhereelse in the industry. His success indelivering technologies that go beyondexpectations is proof of the creativemindset fostered at the ATIC.WE TRY TOBUNDLEAS MUCHADVANTAGEINTO ASINGLEUNIT ASPOSSIBLE.
  14. 14. 2524SGS APPLIED TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION CENTER19S39.098SOLUTION22V47.867VERIFICATION15O30.974OPTIMISATION5E10.811EVALUATION12L24.305LIQUEFACTION4DDEDICATION9.0122SGS GASPRO™SGS GasPro™ is a fully portableautomated sampling solution for productquality validation in the commercial fueland gas industry. It analyses natural gas,LNG, LPG or chemical gas, and suppliesimmediate results calibrated to thespecific needs of an operation. The ATICteam developed it as a fully portableprocess gas chromatograph, sized tomeet check-in luggage regulations, witha simple to use touch screen menu thatoffers a truly go-anywhere solution.SGS RAPID DEPLOYMENT KIT™SGS Rapid Deployment Kit™ deliverslive sample composition (water, gasand oil), trace contaminant, base oilcontamination, and physical propertiesmeasurement. Developed by the ATIC,and incorporating industry-standardmethods and SGS patented technologies,it provides a wide range of testingoptions. SGS Rapid Deployment Kit™samples everything from formationbrine samples to pipeline gas samplesat well sites.SGS IONPRO™SGS IonPro™ is a comprehensive waterchemistry analysis and data interpretationservice. It simplifies complex data so thatreservoir engineers in facilities, processdesign and production operations canact quickly to reduce risk and maximiseefficiencies in operations. SGS IonPro™utilises proprietary ion chromatography(IC) and wet chemistry field procedures togive the full picture of what is happeningin oilfield water chemistry.SGS AutoGOR™SGS AutoGOR™ provides analysis ofreservoir fluids via a small, portable andenvironmentally controlled enclosurethat can be installed in almost anygeographic location – onshore oroffshore. It combines high precisionpumps, sensors and meters, with anautomated operating system for reliableand trusted results. Simple and easy touse, SGS AutoGOR™ requires minimaltraining to operate while maximising theopportunities to receive results whereand when needed.
  15. 15. 2726WE AREINVENTORS,INNOVATORSAND freethinkers.WE LOVE TOBE IN THELABORATORYDEVELOPINGNEW IDEASEVERY DAY.SGS APPLIED TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION CENTERGRAHAM MULLINGSResearch Chemist, Applied Technology& Innovation Center (ATIC)Innovation at the ATIC extends tothe way new hires are onboarded.Graham Mullings, recruited twoyears ago as a recent chemistrygraduate, is one such example.A BRIGHT FUTUREGraham had to find his feet quickly asan applied research chemist at the ATIC.“Coming to the ATIC from college waslike night and day,” reveals Graham.“In college, we were told what wasneeded pretty much everyday. Hereat the ATIC, you are briefed, givena budget and from there on it is upto you to come up with the solution.That is an amazing opportunity for acollege graduate. It is daunting to beplaced in that situation straight fromcollege but at the same time it is anincredible challenge.” Graham is typicalof the new hires that Wayne bringsinto the ATIC and the challenges theyface from day one to begin their ownpath to innovation. “Working at theATIC is a chance to learn from someof the best in the business,” continuesGraham, “they represent an elite groupin upstream. I can tap into knowledgefrom laboratory testing to field work,petroleum engineering to chemistryand get over 25 years experience ineach area. I’ve been sent all over theworld working with the FluidPro PAL™.I’ve witnessed first-hand how big SGSis globally. Right now, I’m working onautomating our GC/GOR™ so that it canbe operated anywhere, by anyone, andwhen completed it will really change thegame in the upstream sector. If you hadtold me I would be doing this two yearsago, I probably would not have believedyou.” Wayne knows that bringing newhires like Graham into the ATIC, andgetting them up-to-speed from day one,is exactly how SGS can keep pushingthe boundaries of what is possible inupstream technological innovation.IF YOU HAD TOLDME I WOULDBE DOING THISTWO YEARSAGO, I PROBABLYWOULD NOT HAVEBELIEVED YOU.
  16. 16. SGS e-mobilityRECHARGING ANEW GENERATIONMATTHIAS POPPVice President, SGS Consumer TestingServices, AutomotiveThe history of E-Mobility is not new. People have experimented,developed and mass-produced electric vehicles for nearly 120 years.The question is: what innovation is still missing for success?Matthias Popp, Vice President for SGS Consumer Testing Services,Automotive, believes he has the answer – integration.
  17. 17. 3130SGS E-MobilityFoCUS ON THE FUTURE“We are responsible for creating newtest technologies for OEMs, particularlyin the field of electro-mobility, orE-Mobility,” is how Matthias explainshis team’s role in SGS. “Since 2008, wehave seen that due to various factors,such as the financial crisis and anincrease in oil prices, the automotiveindustry has suffered difficulties inselling large volumes of conventionalcombustion vehicles. With decliningprofits and increasing green policies fromgovernments globally, the automotivesector has renewed its interest in electricvehicles. A similar thing happened duringthe 1970s when oil prices threatenedproductivity and profits. In fact, evennow, if you look at Asia, Europe andthe USA the push for innovations inelectric vehicles and hybrids has mirroreda gradual paradigm shift away fromfossil fuels to renewables. Perhaps forSGS in 2012, this is a timely changein perception – the last time sales inelectric cars peaked was exactly onehundred years ago, in 1912.”CREATING AN ELECTRIC LANDSCAPEWhile electric vehicles may not beanything new, for E-Mobility to becomea serious global player in the automotivemarket many areas still need revisiting. Ifonly to make sure that, this time around,E-Mobility is accepted at the consumerlevel. Matthias and his team provideleading OEMs with dedicated servicesthat generate consumer confidence andtrust. “We have specific teams herein Munich that specialise in differentareas of E-Mobility. Our homologationgroup is working with OEMs to speedup the development and type approvalprocess for products. This allows OEMsto get cars to market quicker and moreefficiently, helping to keep prices down,which is important for the consumer.”Matthias continues, “We have a teamwho carry out state-of-the-art batterytesting. SGS has invested heavily in thisarea and the result is a purpose-built€10 million battery test house. This givesus a real edge over our competitors aswe can offer OEMs the opportunity toresearch, develop and test the safety offuture innovations in battery technology.Our functional safety group is ensuringcomputer controlled systems, which arequickly becoming the heart of electriccars, can deliver safety even in the eventof software or hardware failure.” This iseasier said than done, especially whensome electric cars now rely on up tofour independent, but interconnected,motors and battery systems for theirdrive system.Matthias and his team also consider howthe electric landscape needs to changein order to keep vehicles at full power.“We have a team solely dedicatedto innovating testing techniques thatsafeguard the infrastructure for makingelectric vehicles viable. For instance,we develop and certify the test chargestations which are now popping upeverywhere from people’s homes tofast food drive-ins. Our team helpsOEMs meet the safety compliancerequirements for these charge stations.Requirements that are continually-evolving in order to cover newchallenges against misuse, deteriorationdue to environmental elements, andacts of vandalism.”It seems the collective knowledge andexperience at the E-Mobility InnovationCentre in Munich really does offerOEMs a one-stop solution for SGSservices. Matthias is hoping his integralsafety approach can once again makethe difference in helping this emergingsector of the automotive industry torecharge interest in innovation.We have a different focuson technology. We challengeconventional thinking, inorder to create uniqueengineering solutions.Karim KortländerManager, Alternative Drive SystemsWe ask our customers novelquestions. Ones they haven’tthought of yet. That allowsus to bring innovation to ourcustomers’ technologies.Jan HubeRManager, Customer Service,EMC & SafetyElectric cars have silently graced theroads of Europe and the USA sincethe 1890s – only a decade or so afterSGS was established in 1878. Theyproved so popular even Clara Ford,wife of Henry, owned a 1914 DetroitElectric: before her husband changedthe automotive landscape forever withhis now legendary ‘Model T’. MatthiasPopp and his team at the SGS E-MobilityInnovation Centre in Munich are hopingto change that landscape once again.Matthias is combining the knowledgeof a number of individual SGS divisions– automotive, chemical, energy, andindustrial manufacturing industries – tocreate a single ‘integral safety approach’for E-Mobility. His aim is to bring all ofSGS’ expertise together in one place andoffer a one-stop solution for functionalsafety, homologation, battery testing,and safety testing of electric vehicleinnovations. In 2012, nearly 100 yearssince the Detroit Electric rolled down theroad, Matthias believes the time to goback to an electric future is now.
  18. 18. 3332SGS E-Mobility10million euros invested by SGS1000volt 600 amp traction batterytesting capabilities50times gravitational accelerationshock testing2000m2of floor space housing themost up-to-date battery testing equipment500kilos the weight of a single high-performance (up to) 1000 volt battery-40to 160 degrees Celsius climatic chamber‘extreme temperature’ test environment12test benches for simulation of batterydrivecycle and lifecycle scenarios300kilo newton force shaker for vibrationand shock testing5special rooms for overload, crush,drop, and penetration safety testingof traction batteriesCO2limits are forcing a rethink by OEMsand their R&D departments, promptinghybridisation and electrification of wholefleets of new vehiclesCharging WHILEdrivingis a radical new way of approachingE-Mobility which is innovating newways of keeping electric vehicles onthe road without the need for stoppingto rechargeAutonomousdrivingmay become reality, where you no longer‘drive’ but instead ‘travel in’ your vehicleas it takes you safely to your destinationEnergy storagesystemsin new batteries to allow people to‘connect to grid’ at home and supplyelectricity stored in their vehicles back tothe grid for peak shaving grid demandRadical newbatteriesproduced specifically for decentralisedenergy storage and based on e-mobilitytechnologies offer more households thechance to live ‘off the grid’ via solar orwind chargingDRIVINGNEW LEGALFRAMEWORKSOF THE FUTUREKarim KortländerManager, Alternative Drive SystemsKarim Kortländer is an expert in non-conventional drive technologies forvehicles that run on hybrid, pure electric,hydrogen liquefied gas, and the manyother drive technologies hidden awayin R&D laboratories around the world.Karim consults on how to bring thesenew drive innovations to market.“We are kind of technical lawyers,”he begins, “We help manufacturersunderstand and navigate the regulatoryenvironment so that they can developproducts that get to market faster. Wehave two roles, advising our customersand sitting on technical working groupsfor standardisation and regulation.”The latter role enables Karim and theE-Mobility team to stay ahead of thecompetition by being involved directlywith the process of drafting newregulations. “We aim to develop testableand non-design restrictive frameworksfor these new regulations, which wehope will guarantee the safety ofpassengers and the environment. Thegoal is to ensure all future drive systemsfor vehicles maintain, or even improveon, today’s accepted safety levels.However, we also have to ensure thatwhen new technologies are safe, we canprove this, even when faced with therestrictions of out-dated regulations,”explains Karim. “The problem withtoday’s regulatory framework is thatit slows down innovation. We haveamazing new technologies but the legalframework to certify them is partiallyobsolete. It was set up at a time whenthe kind of technologies we are nowinnovating were not even considered inpeople’s wildest dreams. For instance,think of what computing was decadesago and what it is now. Mobile phonetechnology is another example ofmassive technological leaps in a shorttime frame. That leap in technology isjust waiting to happen in the automotiveworld. For instance, imagine a car inthe future: you simply get in, say adestination and relax for the rest of thejourney. Through the integrated use ofGPS networks, predicted traffic flows,intelligent drive dynamics, and activesafety systems – the car makes thejourney for you.”The technologies for making this kind ofvehicle already exist. One thing stoppingthe car of the future being manufacturedis the regulatory framework fordetermining ‘responsibility’ in theevent of an accident. “That is our job,”recognises Karim, or as he puts it,“We negotiate the best path for ourcustomers with regards to the currentregulations. My skill is in dissectingthe content of a particular regulation’s‘protection mechanism’ and transferringthis to future technologies. I guess youcould say we align new technologiesand future regulations. This benefitsour partners in vehicle manufacturing,R&D development, and the manyresearch institutes and universities SGScollaborates with worldwide.”E-Mobility team in Munich: Jan Huber, Martin Schmidt, Matthias Popp, Jürgen Böck, and Karim KortländerSGS IS WORKINGWITH STAKEHOLDERSTO FORMULATE THENEW REGULATORYFRAMEWORKFOR ALTERNATIVEDRIVE TRAINS.
  19. 19. SGS VITROLOGYINNOVATIONISINFECTIOUSArchie LovattScientific Director, SGS VitrologyEver since his childhood, Archie Lovatt, Scientific Director atSGS Vitrology, has dreamed of searching for cures to diseases andways to make the human condition better. Now his cutting edgethinking protects us. He ensures new vaccines and medicines aresafe from viral contamination.
  20. 20. 3736For SGS Life Science Services,Archie develops novel multi-million pound R&D test methods.His pioneering work helpsbiopharmaceutical companiesdistribute safe, uncontaminatedhuman biological medicinesto millions of people aroundthe globe every day. Archieand his team provide SGScustomers with a unique mix ofworld-class customer service,unparalleled scientific ability anddecades of innovation within thebiopharmaceutical testing market.You don’t have to spend long in hispresence to believe him when hesays, “Ever since my early yearsin school, this is what I’ve alwayswanted to do – help treat mankindof the future. That is why I becamean innovator. Innovation will curediseases that we currently have notreatments for.”PREFERRED PARTNER“What inspires me to innovate is beingable to dream up new methods”, explainsArchie from the SGS Vitrology laboratoryin Glasgow, Scotland. “I joined thebiotech industry in the mid 90s and haveplayed a key role
in developing servicesthat represent the gold standard ofquantitative real time polymerase chainreaction (qPCR) assays.” Together withhis team, Archie has been responsiblefor the innovation
of hundreds of assays,many of which are redefining thebiopharmaceutical testing market.Archie realises his cutting edgeinnovations are only one-half of anysolution. Today, businesses in thebiopharmaceutical industry demanda comprehensive range of serviceswhen choosing to partner with alaboratory. Archie ensures SGS is theirpreferred choice by bringing his tirelesswork ethic to continually improvetechnical regulatory services, businessdevelopment services and the molecularbiology assay R&D pipeline.CREATING SYNERGIES“The reach of SGS around the
worldmeans we can contribute to thevalidation and creation of novelmedicines that will become the nextgeneration of biopharmaceuticalproducts,” explains Archie. “More andmore top selling human medicines
arebecoming biological in nature. Withthe introduction of powerful
newtechnologies, such as deep sequencingfor the detection of unknown viruses,what we are working on today at SGScan become the new standard. Ourinnovations,” states Archie, “may replaceconventional methods of creatingmedicines in the near future.”SGS VitrologyArchie amazes me everytime customers require newprojects and products. He’sable to see opportunitiesin new technologies andfind solutions that makeimmediate impact.Margaret TempleCEO, SGS VitrologyArchie encourages honestand open communicationat SGS Vitrology. I valuehis thinking and input onmy ideas. It is inspiringto be a part of his highlyprofessional, hard-workingand interactive team.John BlackMolecular Biology Manager,SGS VitrologyThe core strength of the SGS Vitrologylaboratory is in providing access to arange of industry leading bioanalyticalservices in one place. Globally, SGScustomers benefit from service offeringsthat include: primer design; assayvalidation to International Conferenceon Harmonisation (ICH) guidelines;standardisation; and Good LaboratoryPractice (GLP)/Good ManufacturingPractice (GMP) documentation tosupport regulator drug submissions.These services deliver the criticalassurances SGS customers in thebiopharmaceutical industry need whendeveloping new human biologicalmedicines. By having them in one place,a synergy is created where solutionsexceed expectations.INNOVATION AND BUSINESSArchie recognises that science andbusiness are inexorably linked. “Weinitiate at least three to five major testdevelopments per year. Currently, weare working on a wide range of nucleicacid detection methods. From these,probably over 30 different virus detectionmethods will eventually be applied andlaunched as new SGS products in 2013.In all my work, I am highly motivated byboth innovation and business. Turnover,growth and development targets all needto be considered. Accurate costing ofprojects and market intelligence ensureshigh profitability – we cannot afford toinnovate otherwise.”ARCHIE LOVATTIS AS INFECTIOUSAS THE CONTENTSOF THE TESTTUBES, VIALSAND SYRINGESSURROUNDINGHIM. THE CORESTRENGTH OF THESGS VITROLOGYLABORATORY ISIN PROVIDINGACCESS TOA RANGE OFINDUSTRYLEADINGBIOANALYTICALSERVICES INONE PLACE.652ft2of state-of-the-art GLP/GMPlaboratory facilities allow SGS Vitrology todeliver a comprehensive range of biosafetyservices such as: virology; cell andmolecular biology; and microbiology andelectron microscopy30years experience in a qualityregulated environment38employees
  21. 21. 3938SGS Life sciencesStephen Armstrong has a broadbusiness perspective in his role as GlobalBusiness Controller and Head of GlobalOperational Excellence & Acquisitionsfor SGS Life Science Services. He workswith the global team on a wide rangeof innovations and developments inwhat is a continually evolving industrysector. His role demands he stays at thecutting edge. “We are working heavily oninnovative strategies because the entiremedical and pharmaceutical industryis changing dramatically,” he explains.“Pharmaceuticals being developedtoday have been in the process ofchanging for the past 10 to 20 years.The industry is moving away from smallmolecules that can be assembled withtraditional chemistry towards a newarea of biologics.”One of the early examples of biologicswas in the creation of synthetic insulin fordiabetic patients. Biologics are basicallylarge molecule medications createdusing living cells or by replicating livingprocesses. Stephen sees this as thefuture. “These medicines are what theindustry is moving towards more andmore, and so in response, SGS has torapidly innovate to keep pace. We areadapting our laboratories that traditionallydid small molecule testing, both on thepharmaceuticals themselves and thematerials that go into them, in order to beable to offer services developed for theselarge molecules.” While it might soundfairly simple to upgrade a laboratory, itis far from easy. Stephen provides thisanalogy, “It’s like owning a motorcyclerepair shop and suddenly being askedto work on jet engines. It is really a verydifferent area of science we are facedwith now. And very different skill sets thatwe need to be up-to-speed on.”The fact that SGS works with customersthroughout the biologics value chain istestament to the planning and innovationsthat Stephen and the team around himare successfully delivering. He knowscreatively innovating services andfacilities, plus making astute acquisitionssuch as SGS Vitrology and SGS M-Scan,allows SGS Life Science Services tostay ahead of the competition.Stephen realises that SGS’ proactiveacquisitions policy greatly increases SGSservice offerings.“ Companies like SGSVitrology and SGS M-Scan have a key rolein the development of new drugs knownas monoclonal antibodies. For SGS, thisis important as these will beincreasingly coming onto the marketin the coming years. These drugs usethe body itself to fight disease by directlyaccessing the technology that humanlife is based on. The difficulty and dangeris that this also means contaminantslike viruses can creep in, so we need toensure the drugs always maintain thehighest quality.”Stephen knows his fellow colleagues atSGS keep the value chain for biologicsproduction safe. “Archie Lovatt and theteam at SGS Vitrology are world leadersin biosafety, and the great work that theSGS M-Scan team does allows us tocharacterise and understand proteins andtheir behaviour. Across both these areas,our technologies put us at the forefrontof industry innovation. We support ourcustomers in the services they requireso that they can lead the progression ofmedical science, and in doing so, we helpto bring the safest and highest quality ofmedications to market.”For Stephen and the team at SGS LifeScience Services, quality is not justa buzzword. “In this industry, qualitymeans something much more profoundthan perhaps it does in other industries.Pharmaceuticals have to be at thehighest level of quality because, quiteliterally, people’s lives depend on it.” It isthinking like this that inspires everyonein SGS Life Science Services to be betterat what they do. “We all play a part indeveloping cures for diseases that arevery difficult to treat. Maybe in 20 or 30years diseases like cancer will be reducedto chronic, but treatable, illnesses withless of an effect on people’s day-to-daylives. I think the sector of biologics andbiopharmaceutical proteins offers us areal chance to make this a reality. Andthe opportunities for pharmaceuticaldevelopment in this sector are high forboth emerging and mature markets. Tobe a part of helping in any way possible iswhat drives my motivation and passion tokeep innovating.”CompleteexpertiseDr Rabia HidiDirector of Biomarkers andBiopharmaceutical Testing,SGS Laboratory ServicesDr Rabia Hidi is the Director ofBiomarkers and BiopharmaceuticalTesting for SGS Laboratory Services.She is responsible for ensuring SGScustomers get the laboratory solutionsthey need. In early 2012, SGS LifeScience Services opened a new Cell-based Assay Facility in Poitiers, France.This new facility provided an opportunityto further develop and expand theservices offered by Dr Rabia and herteam. “We could see there was ademand for new services within thebiological testing and biomarkers area.We simply needed a facility that matchedour skills in this sector. The new Cell-based Assay Facility allowed us to quicklytransfer our existing knowledge in orderto develop applications for biosimilarservices. SGS aided us in this process byinvesting in two of the latest generationBD Flow Cytometry Systems. These arethe most up-to-date systems availablethat integrate cutting edge softwarein their design to allow more detailedanalysis of clinical studies. With thisinvestment in technology we have beenable to facilitate cross-comparison ofdata between laboratories, and providea host of other enhanced analyses.”The result of this forward thinking bySGS is that the facility in Poitiers hasalready had an impact in growing newbusiness. Of course, new facilities andtechnologies only provide a springboardfor creating new business opportunities,Dr Rabia knows it is equally about howthey are put to use. “This new facility istruly state-of-the-art. We have the staff,technologies and expertise to meet allthe needs of our customers. We havebrought together an expert team ofscientists who are leading the newestinnovations in the biomarkers area. Theirremit is to focus on developing newimmunoassays and find ways to optimisethe immunoassays that currently exist.”Dr Rabia ultimately knows why her teamand their work in Poitiers continues tobe in such high demand. “We continueto work on new immunoassays untilthey are fit for validation and provide acomplete solution to meet whateverchallenge is presented to us. Ourexpertise and the trust our customersput in our ability to create novel waysto solve their problems is what makesus unique.”THEBIGPICTUREStephen ArmstronGGlobal Business Controller & Head ofGlobal Operational Excellence &Acquisitions, SGS Life Science Services700validated bioanalytical methods,ready for use on request35years of experience in global contractservicing make SGS a trusted supplier ofintegrated solutions including: preclinicalactivities to Phase I-IV clinical trials;bioanalytics and biosafety; biologicscharacterisation; and quality controltesting services19worldwide SGS laboratoriesprovide analytical and bioanalyticalsolutions
to global pharmaceutical andbiotechnology firms2000clinical trials performed every year by over1 500 SGS employees enable ourcustomers to improve efficiencies in drugdevelopment timelines and decision making1393ft2of new facilities in Mumbai bringthe latest Q-TOF hybrid quadrupolemass spectrometer, in-process sampletesting, water system validation, andbiopharmaceuticals testing capabilities formycoplasma and endotoxinSGS SAMPLEPROCESSING CENTRESGS customers in North Americaasked for a trusted and fastermethod to access industry-leading biosafety, cell-basedassay and immunogenicityanalyses. SGS developed anew Sample Processing Centrebased in Lincolnshire, IL. Thisnew service, with integratedBiosafety Level 2 capabilities,means SGS customers now havea centralised receiving point tosend their biologics samples.Once delivered, there is completepeace of mind in the safetyof
samples and integrity of sampleresults. SGS handles the biologicsample receipt, processing andonward shipment to one of theirthree GLP-certified biologics andvaccine testing laboratories inEurope – such as SGS Vitrology.SGS’ highly experienced teamis known worldwide for theirpioneering work in the field ofbioanalytical services.SGS CLINICALPHARMACOLOGY UNITNew clinical trials at SGS’ ClinicalPharmacology Unit in Antwerp,Belgium, are now benefiting fromthe implementation of a neweSource automation system. Thisnew system helps SGS customersto overcome the specificchallenges involved in Phase Iclinical studies: customer accessto study data, frequent changesto trial design, and the rapid paceof study set-up and execution. TheeSource system (Oracle HealthSciences LabPas) is a centralisedsoftware tool that helps managevolunteer recruitment andelectronic study data capture.The system reduces the risk oferrors when entering data as allprocesses are automated. Withthe opportunity
to share andreview real time data online, thissystem allows clinical trials tobe streamlined, saving time andcosts as a result.This new facility is truly state-of-the-art. We have the staff, thetechnologies and expertise to meetall the needs of Our customers.
  22. 22. SGS intronBUILDINGSspeakto meRon LepPersConsultancy Manager, SGS IntronWhat if your building could talk?Let you know how to optimiseenergy savings or alert you if thematerials used within it are notstrong enough? Ron Leppers,Consultancy Manager at SGSINTRON, listens to buildingsevery day so he can developthe construction materials ofthe future.
  23. 23. 4342SGS IntronHaving building materials that tellyou how they feel is a challengingidea to grasp. But for Ron Leppersit is simply another avenue downwhich to drive his innovation.Together with his team, he hasestablished a purpose-builtSustainability Test Centre for SGSthat develops future green buildingsystems and products; a centreSGS believes will ultimately definewhat is possible in terms ofenergy savings.Ron’s thinking is what separatesSGS from its competitors inconstruction and materialsengineering consultancy.New business developments,realised through openness toentrepreneurial thinking, allow forgrowth in innovative environmentalsolutions across the constructionsector. Solutions from SGSsuch as sulphur concrete, phasechange concrete, and many othershave already proven to reducegreenhouse gas (GHG) emissionsin constructions and infrastructure.DELIVERING PROMISESFor Ron, the idea behind the SustainableTest Centre was a simple one. “If asupplier is going to introduce a newproduct to the market it has to deliverwhat it promises. The consumer hasto see it working. But more than that,green building products must fit togetherwithin the overall system. They needto communicate with each other andenhance that system.”To bring his vision to reality, SGSprovided the necessary funding tohelp Ron begin his research. “Weconducted a market survey of around200 construction companies: smallcompanies and large organisations.We asked them what was their nextstep in terms of product development.We wanted to know what help theyneeded
to reach their targets. Couldthey get there on their own? Or did theyneed help? They were all unanimous inwanting assistance.”This study was Ron’s first insight intohow green building challenges couldbecome a growth area for SGS. “Thecompanies we spoke to were reallyhappy somebody wanted to developthis idea of ‘living systems’ for greenbuildings. That gave us the confidenceto request funding for the SustainableTest Centre.”Ron and his team managed to bring90% of the companies he interviewedon board with his vision. His promisewas to take their ideas and productsto the next level of development. Ronexplains how, “Our expertise here atSGS INTRON is our knowledge andexperience of how materials work in reallife. The Sustainable Test Centre meanswe can carry out development, testingand certification for our customers andget their products onto the market in theshortest possible time.”A SIMPLE MOTIVATIONRon had his own personal experienceof energy and cost saving challenges.In fact, it was the initial seed of his ideafor the Sustainable Test Centre, as heelaborates, “I had invested a lot of timeand money into building my own houseas an energy saving enterprise, and itwasn’t delivering. I had searched for thenewest and best products on the market,and all the product marketing I had readtold me I would save money. There wasone problem though: I wasn’t.” It wasnot that the products individually did notwork. The problem Ron discovered wasthat they would not work together. “Myenergy bills were at least 20% short ofmy potential energy savings. I went backto the suppliers and invited them to visitmy house. We worked together on theproblem. We changed things, adaptedthings
and enhanced things. After oneyear of continual improvements, myhouse finally began working anddelivering optimal savings. What wedid was unique. We made separateindividual products ‘talk’ to each otherand work together.”GREENER BUILDINGSGS is helping to lower theenvironmental footprint and operatingcost of buildings around the world.Through investigating additionalconsiderations, such as the typeof activities taking place inside thebuilding and changes to the surroundingenvironment, the benefits of self-regulating systems constructed withmaterials that control heat, lighting andenergy usage is finally being realised. ForSGS, and the companies it partners with,this new approach to greener buildingsystems is truly revolutionary.NEVER FORGET TO HAVE FUNThe fact Ron’s idea has proved such
asuccess is not a surprise to anyone
atSGS, and every day he continues toattract new customers. “Here at SGSINTRON, we
do mechanical tests,physical tests, chemical tests, biologicaltests, and environmental tests – whenour customers visit us they are alwayssurprised by the scope of our expertise.And that is always good fun.” Fun iscertainly something Ron and all hiscolleagues believe in. “It is fun to beable to innovate around subjects wefind interesting. At SGS INTRON, wedo that. The result is that we developnew and unexpected things that inspireothers. That is what drives us: creatingtomorrow’s inspiration.”Ron is not just anout-of-the-box thinker,he turns the box over so hecan climb onto it and seefurther than anyone else.Gert van der WegenDirector, SGS IntronThe companieswe spoketo werereally happysomebodywanted todevelop thisidea of ‘livingsystems’for greenbuildings. Thatgave me theconfidence todevelop thesustainabletest centre.130employees across three businessgroups deliver certification, testing andconsultancy on building materialsAt SGS INTRON, Wedevelop new andunexpected thingsthat inspire others.We view Ourcustomers’ projectsas an investmentthat we must providea return on.WHEN BUSINESS LISTENS,BUILDINGS ANSWERSUSTAINABLE TEST CENTreSolutions are why businessesseek partnership with theSustainable Test Centre. Greenbuilding entrepreneurs rely onSGS to add the missing ingredientto their idea. They trust SGS toadd significant value, turning anidea into a profitable businessventure. SGS’ vision of connectinggreen building products toachieve integrated solutions is anattractive one. Many new productsare under development that createthe difference in an increasinglyenvironmentally aware society.Which is why SGS is in demandby global organisations, smallbusinesses, academic researchinstitutes, and governmentalorganisations worldwide.
  24. 24. 4544Robert knows that Europeis only at 30% of its 70%waste recycling target for2020. I see a huge potentialin his thinking. Globally,SGS can be the solutionleader for waste.Rico van SelstDirector of Business Development,SGS INTRONRobert HaverkortSenior Consultant, SGS IntronRobert Haverkort is a SeniorConsultant with SGS INTRON.He specialises in finding solutions
forsustainability and durability inconcrete constructions. Last year hisinnovations earned SGS significantfees from helping SGS customersmanage waste material. Robertexplains, “Waste is one of ourbiggest profit centres. We have aunique view on waste, for us wasteis an opportunity to turn somethingworthless into a valuable product.Over 30 years ago, slag was justwaste and no one knew what to dowith it. We researched it, predicted itsperformance, and tested and certifiedits use in concrete. In the end, wemanaged to replace 70% of the rawmaterial in concrete with slag. Today,slag has a value of approximately $130per tonne, and slag concrete is themost widely used type of concrete inthe Netherlands. We turned waste intoa high value product – we’ve done thesame for fly ash, municipal waste,rubber tires, and other waste.”wA$TE NOTSGS IntronRETHINKACCEPTEDRico van SelstDirector of Business Development,SGS INTRONFor Rico, innovation is all aboutrethinking the accepted approach.“We have an entrepreneurialway of doing business. Ourconsultancy work is basedon finding solutions for ourcustomers. There is no hourlyrate because we no longer worklike that. We sell solutions for afixed fee. We find out the budgetour customers have in mind andwe propose a solution based onthat budget. In this way, everyoneinvolved is clear on what is to bedelivered. We view our customers’projects as
an investment that wemust provide a return on.” Doingthings differently also meanshandling interactions in the officein a new way. “We don’t askeach
other how work is going.Everyone knows co-workers,in all companies, are reluctantto actually quantify their day-to-day performance. Everything
isa grey mist of answers toquestions such as ‘how is itgoing?’ Answers are alwaysalong the lines of ‘ok, good, notbad, on track’. So instead, weinvented a ‘weather reportingsystem’. Now we translateachievements into a weatherforecast. If a project outlook is‘bright and sunny’, we don’t worry.But when things are ‘possiblethunderstorms’, we prepare forthat. Thinking differently helpsus act differently.” For Rico,business development dependson this. “We want people to bedifferent, to be entrepreneurialand free to celebrate theirindividuality. Everyone at SGSINTRON can have the gadget,desk, or environment that bestinspires innovation. We aim toempower by how we act everyday. Innovation is in the DNA ofour company and our people.”
  25. 25. SGS environmental servicesMY LOVE REMAINSUNCHANGED,IT MUST BECHEMISTRYPaul PuiBusiness Manager,SGS Environmental Services
  26. 26. 4948SGS environmental servicesA PARTNER TO BELIEVE INFor non-routine chemical analysis, Paul’swork and that of his team is now highlyvalued by the chemicals industry inAustralia. “We have built our departmentinto a profitable and sought-after serviceprovider. What we do here is unlikeanything else in Australasia. Chemistrydoes not change, it is the same whetheryou use it for mining, environmentalservices, occupational hygiene, orpharmaceutical monitoring – in the endit is simple chemistry; albeit, with ourclever thinking to make it work properly.”It is precisely because of this cleverthinking that SGS customers from acrossall industries rely heavily on the servicesPaul and his team deliver to them. Theyhelp reduce risk and increase safety in thepotentially hazardous chemicals arena.“When a chemical plant is in trouble, ourcustomers do not care how much it isgoing to cost them to fix things becausethey need the problem solved, andsolved quickly. They know it is imperativeto ensure all potential environmentaland human health issues are avoided.Because of this, SGS is available 24/7 sothat when they call us, at anytime of theday or night, we respond. We go in andwe solve whatever needs addressing,before it is too late.”A commitment to being availablewhenever needed has created a uniquerelationship for SGS with businessesacross Australia. “My goal is for ourcustomers to think of SGS as anextension of their own business. Wewant them to think of our service astheir applied research laboratory. If wedeliver everything they need, then theywill never go anywhere else,” explainsPaul. The continued call for his team’sexperience is testament to the fact thatSGS services have been readily adoptedby the industrial chemicals industryin Australia.MY GOAL IS FOROUR CUSTOMERSTO THINK OF SGSAS AN EXTENSIONOF THEIR OWNBUSINESS. WEWANT THEM TOTHINK OF SGS ASTHEIR APPLIEDRESEARCHLABORATORY.IF WE DELIVEREVERYTHING THEYNEED, THEN THEYWILL NEVER GOANYWHERE ELSE.MOTIVATION AND BREAKTHROUGHSPaul and his team innovate every timethey respond to a new issue because notwo problems are alike. Every job thatcalls on their expertise demands a novelsolution. This daily challenge keeps theirmotivation and passion to find solutionsfor SGS customers as strong as ever,especially for Paul, even after nearly 15years. “I have to continuously innovate.I am not doing academic research orrun of the mill analysis. No one heredoes. We are all here because weget challenged every day on high-endcomplex projects that require we finda solution. When you solve a problem,when you have that breakthroughin thinking, you are rewarded withtremendous satisfaction in your job.That is all the motivation we need.” Paul’smotivation is clear to see in his smile ashe returns once again to his lab – and hisunchanging love of chemistry.AREA OF SCIENCEMORE THAN ANYOTHER HAS HELPEDMANKIND – CHEMISTRY.IT HAS HELPED TOGROW BETTER CROPS,MANUFACTURE NEWTECHNOLOGICALPRODUCTS ANDPRODUCE FASTERACTING MEDICINES.PAUL PUI, BUSINESSMANGER AT SGSENVIRONMENTALSERVICES, WORKS 24/7TO IDENTIFY CHEMICALRISKS AND PROTECTAGAINST DISASTER.In everyday life we are surroundedby chemicals and chemicalprocesses. They are a part of whatwe eat and wear, and the buildingswe live and work in. Chemicalshave made daily life better foreveryone but if mismanagedthey pose a significant risk.Paul Pui works in the specialistSGS Industrial and AnalyticalServices Projects Group of SGSEnvironmental Services, Australia.He has decades of experience inmanaging chemicals and knowsfirst-hand how to keep themsafe. Paul uses his knowledge ofchemistry to get the best resultsfor SGS customers. He is wellversed in the chemical analysisneeds of big business, and heknows intimately the demands ofboth local and global chemicalsorganisations. His uniqueexperience and innovative thinkinghas positioned SGS as a preferredpartner in the industrial chemicalsindustry. Paul’s work allows SGSto provide much needed servicesto the Australian chemicalsindustry: an industry that hasundergone a radical restructuringin recent decades.AN OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONPaul’s forward thinking allowed him tosee where the chemicals industry washeading during its restructuring process– outsourcing. He predicted a demandfor third-party independent laboratoryfacilities. SGS had all the right expertise,and a trusted reputation, which Paulrecognised would be a perfect fit inthe new outsourcing culture. “WithSGS, I knew it would be possible tooffer exactly what organisations weregoing to need. I had twenty plus yearsof experience in high-end non-routinework. Together with SGS, I could realisemy vision of creating the number onelaboratory service in Australia for non-routine third-party chemical analysis.We now have a team with a uniqueskill set, expert business knowledge,in-depth health and safety training,and a comprehensive understandingof all the relevant market regulations.This has allowed us to capitalise on aniche market and create an innovativeoutsourcing solution for the chemicalsbusiness here in Australia.”Paul brings a calm andquiet sense of assurance toeveryone in the laboratory.When he’s around you wantto learn what he knows.Dr Pier Victor GarlandoAnalytical Team Leader, Industrial &Analytical Services Projects GroupWorking here is exactlywhat being a scientist forme is about. We get todo new, exciting andchallenging research thatmakes a difference.Dr Peter NovellaLaboratory Manager, Industrial &Analytical Services Projects Group
  27. 27. 5150SGS eNvironmental servicesSGS DIOXIN ANALYSIS SERVICESSGS provides testing for trace quantitiesof dioxins in everything from air tofood. Dioxins form as a byproduct ofchemical and combustion processes.Due to their nature as an unintendedpart of the manufacturing process,dioxin levels are extremely low: in mostcases at around one million times lessthan other environmental hazards. ForSGS customers, dioxins pose a highlypersistent environmental risk thatcan accumulate in the environmentand cause a significant health risk bycontaminating the food chain. SGSsupplies a fast, effective and efficientservice that reliably analyses dioxincontent based on high-resolution gaschromatography and mass spectrometry.With over 16 000 analytical samplesbeing processed every year, SGS isable to provide a proven, expert teamof scientists wherever needed. SGS isaccredited to certify that environmentalstandards are being met in the EU, USAand Australia, and offers an analysis andcertification service that is second-to-none in the environmental sector.SGS MULTI TRACE®SGS has developed a smart toolfor qualitative and quantitativeenvironmental investigation. Fasterthan conventional test methods,SGS MultiTrace®is able to target 350compounds (organic micro pollutantsand POPs) via an integrated sampleprocessing flow. This enables SGSto tailor the analysis to local andinternational environmental testingregulations. SGS MultiTrace®isaccredited to EN-ISO 17025 for validity,accuracy and precision in the results itoffers SGS customers. An integratedlaboratory service, with intelligentmulticomponent screening, means SGSprovides objective and scientific answersbased on the most up-to-date technologyavailable. For the most extensiveanalysis and assessment of soil andground water samples nothing comesclose to matching SGS MultiTrace®forcost-effectiveness, reliability and speedof results.
  28. 28. 5352SGS benefitsQualityOur customers rely on ourindependent third party inspection,testing and auditing solutions toensure products, services andprocesses comply with the latestquality standards. Our globalnetwork of state-of-the-art facilitiesprovides information to certify andverify quality worldwide.EfficiencyOur tailored business solutionshelp our customers implementprocesses and systems that makebusiness operations faster, simplerand more efficient. We deliverunrivalled efficiency results fromlocally accessed SGS experts, whodraw on the global experience ofthe entire SGS network.SafetyWe help organisations developeffective health and safety systemsto protect employees, generateconsumer confidence and enhancetrust in business operations. Wesupport our customers in adheringto best practices and complyingwith local, national andinternational regulations.ProductivityOur training and outsourcingsolutions ensure productivity keepspace with developments in ourcustomers’ organisations. In theshort-term, we help by outsourcingour world-class productivityexperts. In the long-term, wedeliver focused training to developspecialist skills in our customers’existing personnel.Reduced riskWe provide our customers withindependent and impartial servicesthat enable them to identify, manageand reduce risk. Our experts deliverrisk management solutions, drawingon our testing and inspectioncapabilities to verify risk preventionmeasures are in place. Across awide range of industries we assistwith compliance to international riskmanagement standards.TrustOur global reputation forindependence and integrityenables us to build trust whereverneeded. We provide transparentand unbiased inspection, testing,verification and certificationsolutions so our customers cangive assurance in their products,processes, systems and services.SustAinabilityWe help our customers takeownership for building a moreresponsible and sustainable future.We encourage environmentalresponsibility and reduce the riskof corruption in our customers’projects. Our services assist indeveloping sustainable facilitiesand production, as well as betterworking and social environments.Speed to marketCompliance with the requirementsof target markets is key toincreasing speed to market.Our consultancy, testing andcertification services help ourcustomers overcome the complexchallenges of understanding andmeeting market demands anywherein the world, whatever the industryor sector.72.97basic earnings per share in CHF800cash flow fromoperating activities in CHF million10.2organic revenue growth in %130proposed ordinary dividend in CHF28additional dividend per share in CHF5000new employees and 150 new officesand laboratories5.6total revenue in CHF billion16.3total revenue up in %176total cash consideration in CHF millionfor the acquisitions556net profit for the year in CHF million2012the first year a single business sectorexceeded one billiion in revenues:Oil, Gas & Chemicals Services18acquisitions in 11 countries1. Constant currency basis.
  29. 29. 5554CHEMICALIndustrial chemicals companiestrust SGS to provide theservices they need to remaininnovative, sustainable, efficientand competitive.Our services help to control chemicaluse according to the tolerance levelsin place for an industry. We offer acomprehensive range of chemicalsolutions as well as asset integritymanagement services, lean optimisationprogrammes, project lifecycle servicesand technical support to help businessesrun more smoothly, profitably andeffectively. We have the knowledge,experience and global reach to assistwith staff training or the provision ofextra staff. We support our customers inmeeting complex industry requirements,dealing with intricate equipment andsometimes difficult and dangerouslogistics. Our services are designedto augment our customers’ existingprocesses and procedures and aredelivered by our experienced operativesand qualified scientists.CONSTRUCTIONWe ensure construction sites aresafe, processes run efficiently andreliable materials are sourced.Partnering all organisations constructingbuildings or infrastructure, we determinehow best to add value to all stages ofboth small and large scale constructionprojects. Our Geotechnical Servicesand Environmental Services conductconstruction feasibility, risk assessmentand management studies. We performchemical and physical testing of thedurability of materials and providematerials certification, checking suppliersand materials at source. In addition, weoffer equipment services and an AHEADasset management system to keep trackof machines and other assets. Once abuilding is complete, we provide facilitiesmanagement, waste managementand inspection requirements, includingenergy audit certification. Thanks to ourwide-ranging knowledge of constructionand engineering, we ensure ourcustomers realise projects on time, onbudget and within all safety regulations.CONSUMER GOODS & RETAILOur consultancy and cross-business services help to facilitatequality, compliance, safety andsustainability across globalsupply chains.Manufacturers, importers, exporters andretailers of consumer products rely onour expertise to enable them to meet thechallenge of delivering trusted consumerproducts. We help organisations toreduce risk, improve efficiency andensure compliance with contractual orregulatory requirements throughout thesupply chain. We provide a broad anddetailed understanding of consumergoods and retailing, supporting ourcustomers in building stronger and moreresilient businesses. With our support,our customers gain a competitive edgeby developing products, processes andsupply chains that surpass expectations.We test safety inEverything fromperfumes to paintsto toys.We build efficientand sustainablebusinesses.We deliver quality,compliance andsafety to globalsupply chains.SGS by industryAGRICULTURE & FOODOur services deliver end-to-endsupply chain solutions thatreduce risk, ensure quality andimprove productivity.We play a key role in protecting theintegrity of global food productionthrough our agricultural goods trackingfrom field to fork. Consumers wantassurance of safety and quality atevery stage of the process. Wesafeguard their interests through ourinvolvement from primary productionto the point of processing or custodytransfer. We assist with legislationcompliance, ensure correct storage,shipping, packing and distribution, andassess products throughout diverseagricultural and food supply chains.Through our comprehensive range ofcost-effective solutions we continuouslyimprove safety, quality and sustainabledevelopment. Further to this, ourapproach to delivering services to ourcustomers is harmonised across thelargest independent network of expertsin the world.AUTOMOTIVEWe help every player in theautomotive industry improveperformance and reduce risk.Our services focus on the design,construction and operation of motorvehicle inspection solutions that limitdamages and increase automotivesafety. We manage supply chains toprovide reliable vehicles, cost reductions,shorter delivery times and improvementsin build quality and efficiency. At thesame time, our logistics and supplychain security, and dealership andworkshop audits, keep aftermarket anddistribution operations in line with brandguidelines. We increase safety andreduce the environmental impact of roadtraffic through our vehicle inspectionsto national requirements, testing andcalibration of speed safety cameras,traffic management, driver examinationand vehicle axle load control. Acrossour worldwide network we have theresources and expertise to deliverindependent, accurate and securevehicle and automotive solutions.We grow consumertrust in safety andquality from fieldto fork.We driveperformanceand safetyWorldwide.SGSServicesOur specialist teams delivertrusted results in world-leading services, coveringvirtually all industries. Weaudit across the entire valuechain, providing benefits in allbusiness sectors. We ensureour customers’ projects,products, processes andoperations meet and exceedregulations and standards,and we provide theverification and certificationneeded to trade in targetmarkets around the world.Our consultancy servicesinform organisations as tomarket demands, while ouroutsourcing solutions providethe expertise, experienceand resources that enableour customers to meet theirgoals. We use state-of-the-artexamination methodologieswith unsurpassed accuracyto perform inspections thatreduce risk and controlquality and quantity, while atthe same time we conducttesting of raw materials,components and productsin our global network offacilities. Our industryexperts also deliver world-class training, specificallydesigned for the preciseneeds of our customers,providing the right skillsand knowledge tomaximise efficiency andimprove productivity.
  30. 30. 5756LIFE SCIENCESOur services provide analytical,bioanalytical and clinical trialtesting, along with processmanagement, enablingpharmaceuticals to swiftly reachthose that need them with minimalcost and maximum safety.Our services get pharmaceuticals andmedical devices to market quickly,while adhering to best practices andconforming to national and internationalregulations. We offer vital support andexpertise throughout every stage ofthe drug development cycle. Partneringwith SGS, our customers receive accessto comprehensive biopharmaceuticalsservices and our in-depth knowledgeof the medical device regulatoryenvironment. Our staff-training coverspharmaceuticals, medical devices andhealth, beauty and wellness; withcourses tailored to the requirements ofindividuals and businesses. There is noindustry more heavily regulated than thedevelopment, testing and distribution ofmedicines and medical devices and ourcustomers trust us to help them navigatethe complexities.LOGISTICSWe work closely with our industrypartners to find innovativesolutions to develop and growbusinesses through processesthat work better, faster andmore profitably.Designed to ease the process of freightforwarding, whether by sea, rail or road,our services include extensive importand export assistance. Our solutionsencompass marine services such ascargo and vessel services, plant andterminal operations (PTO), import controlservices and international customsdata exchange. For customers movingfreight by rail or road, our essentialsolutions include terminal manning andweighbridge management services.We examine the operation of theinterconnected processes and by usingvarious tools and technologies we helpto streamline operations and improveoperating efficiencies. To support thelogistics process we have a widerange of audit, certification and trainingservices designed to help our customersrun better businesses.MININGAs a strategic partner, we providetesting, technology, trade servicesand consulting to help delivergrowth and lean efficiencies.Our expertise in mining covers steelmanufacturing processes, coal and coketrading, risk reduction and maximisingprofits and efficiencies in precious orbase metal mining or extraction. Weare a trusted third-party service due toour exploration, production, industrialapplications, and decommissioning andclosure solutions. Our services, deliveredby our team of specialists, include adviceon the most suitable technologies for aproject and flow sheets to chart projectprogress. We work with customers tomeet the challenges of this dynamicsector by improving speed to marketand ensuring market developments andadvances in technology are embraced.With our global network and cutting-edge facilities, SGS is trusted to providetransparent and unbiased support,helping organisations to flourish.We protect safetyand costs inpharmaceuticaland medical devicesdevelopment.We createpartnershipsthat streamlineoperations andimprove efficiencies.WE FIND SOLUTIONSTHAT REDUCE RISK ANDDELIVER COMPETITIVEADVANTAGE.SGS by industryENERGYWe ensure regulations are met,safety is considered at everystage and environmental impactis limited.We support organisations involved inboth renewable energy generation andconventional power plants drawing onour petroleum, gas, electrical power,coal and renewable energy industriesexpertise. Our independent inspectorsverify and validate everything frompetroleum fuel quality to stock levels.We support natural gas extractionand coal gas manufacture, as well aselectrical power generation. For the coalindustry our services cover explorationto decommissioning and we assistrenewable energy organisations withhydroelectric power, wind power andsolar power generation. Across allsectors we risk assess projects andsupport our customers through salesand distribution processes. Used ona standalone basis, or alongsideexisting working processes andmethodologies, our services helpenergy companies run efficient,profitable and reliable businesses.FINANCeOur services help organisationsensure they have the right adviceto reduce the risks in projectfinance decisions.We evaluate lending, assess riskmanagement, facilitate trade, andprovide audit, certification andverification solutions along with financetraining. For investment or borrowingon a new project, acquisition or venture,we inform on whether an investmentor lending decision is viable and sound.Our teams deliver due diligence servicesthroughout a project’s developmentphase; and for implementation phaseswe offer comprehensive monitoring,technical and financial risk management,as well as guarantee and collateralservices. For financiers or banksproviding funding to facilitate trade, weinspect, test and verify cargo and goodsand perform collateral managementand trade documentation assistance.Our knowledge of local, national andinternational standards and legislationenables us to meet the financialchallenges facing any organisation.INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURINGOur testing and conformityassessments ensure processesand projects meet all quality andperformance requirements andminimise environmental impact.Industrial manufacturers across a wealthof business areas, from pharmaceuticalsto farm machinery, aerospace toautomotive, and everything in between,rely on SGS for independent adviceon growth strategy execution andmarket best practices. Whether anorganisation is fabricating componentsor finished products to be sold directlyto consumers, we understand itsoperations from process control tologistics. Due to the complex nature ofmanufacturing attention to national andinternational compliance with quality,health and safety legislation is essential.We ensure both products and processescomply with specific regulationsrelated to the area of manufacturing.Our experts are skilled at helping ourcustomers build more competitive andprofitable businesses throughour trustworthy, reliable andindependent services.We draw on expertknowledge forthe full financialpicture.We make businessesmore Productiveand profitable.We power processesfrom renewables toconventional energygeneration.