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Advances Power of Applied Big Data for Brick-and-Mortar Retail with Innovative Location-Based Analytics

Advances Power of Applied Big Data for Brick-and-Mortar Retail with Innovative Location-Based Analytics



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Nearbuy micro location_datasheet_nov11 Nearbuy micro location_datasheet_nov11 Document Transcript

  • Nearbuy Micro-Location Use your existing infrastructure to track location with aisle-level accuracy Nearbuy Pinpoints Location in the Store Nearbuy delivers real-time location information with aisle-level accuracy for people carrying any mobile device. Nearbuy micro-location data can: ››Provide store leadership with visibility into shopping patterns at each store ››Help managers use sales associates more efficiently by tracking the location of employees equipped with mobile devices ››Power location-based mobile shopping applications that deepen shopper engagement in the emerging multichannel shopping landscape Nearbuy is the only solution that can track location within one meter using data from infrastructure that retailers already have in place. There are no sensors or beacons to install. There is no software that must be deployed to thousands of wireless access points. Just put our appliance in the store’s wiring closet, and you are ready to go. Key Features Micro-location with Aisle-level Accuracy ››Uses signal strength measurements from APs and floor plan data to track location ››Uses video surveillance system as a “presence” detector to help our LocalEyes algorithms calculate best possible location of any shopper ››Operates with Motorola Solutions and Aruba Networks infrastructure ››Can connect location to identity with opt-in information captured by the Nearbuy Captive Portal Real-time Updates ››Tracks location changes as frequently as once per second Micro-location Analytics ››Understand shopping patterns: shopper counts, shopper micro-location, time spent per location, direction of travel ››Understand employee work patterns: associate location, time spent per location, direction of travel ››Build your own custom reports with ››Unlimited data storage intuitive report creation tools
  • How It Works Nearbuy LocalEyes is a managed appliance deployed in individual stores. Nearbuy Luneta, running in the Nearbuy data center, serves as the primary, centralized management interface for LocalEyes. This deployment approach delivers optimal performance for the retailer’s network while making it costeffective to maintain the historical data needed for ongoing trend analysis. LocalEyes runs on a standard PC-based server running the Linux operating system and uses an Nvidia graphics card for video processing. LocalEyes is typically placed in a store wiring closet and needs LAN access to the store wireless LAN and video systems. Integration with the video system can be directly from IP based cameras or by integrating LocalEyes with a DVR for CCTV based systems. LocalEyes and Luneta need to be able to communicate with each other over a WAN connection. Role-based Dashboards ››Role-based dashboards deliver the right information to the right person ››Restrict visibility to the store or stores for which a manager is responsible ››All metrics updated in real-time Standards-based Application Programming Interface (API) ››Easily utilize micro-location data for location-based services in mobile shopping applications: in-store directions, concierge services, and locationaware promotions ››Enhance employee productivity with micro-location data: “help me now” concierge services, store optimization applications, and more ››Pull raw data into enterprise data warehouses using REST standard Why Nearbuy LocalEyes? ››Nearbuy is the only micro-location solution that provides aisle-level data without requiring any new infrastructure to be installed in stores ››Nearbuy provides location updates as frequently as every second ››Managers can begin using micro-location analytics immediately to support store execution decisions ››Micro-location data is accessible to mobile applications and enterprise data warehouses via a standards-based API 3565 Haven Avenue Menlo Park, CA 94025 © 2011 Nearbuy Systems. All rights reserved.