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The Study Trip Switzerland, organized by the well-known St. Gallen Business School, starts on June 5, 2011 at Zürich and leads via Schaffhausen, St. Gallen and Appenzell Innerrhoden on June 8, 2011 back to Zürich again. Next to the beautiful landscape and possibilities to expand their networks, participants will get the chance to gain an insight into the success stories of the Dänischen Bettenlager, the Swiss Watch Industry (H. Moser & Cie respectively Chronometry Beyer), the famous Swiss Private Banking Group – Julius Bär and last but not least BELIMO Automation AG.
The Business School St. Gallen is looking forward to an interesting trip throughout Switzerland and the Mecca of an integrated Management Training.

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Study-Trip Switzerland 2011

  1. 1. St. Galler   Business SchoolStudy-Trip Switzerland SGBS MBA-Programmes June 5 – 8, 2011
  2. 2. Study-Trip Switzerland 2011 St. Galler   Business School June 5, 2011 – SundayEvening I ndividual Arrival at the Hotel Montana in Zürich (near Central Station) 21:00 M eeting Point Hotel Montana • elcome by Dr. Nikolaus C. Storz, Director International W Programs St. Galler Business School • elcome Apéro, Brasserie Federal W June 6, 2011 – MondayMorning 06:45 B us Transfer to Bülach 07:45 D änisches Bettenlager Switzerland, Bülach • elcome by CEO W • nput «The continued Success Story» I 09:30 B us Transfer to Schaffhausen 10:30 H . Moser & Cie. Schaffhausen • elcome by CEO W • nput «Swiss Watch Industry: How to become a I successful niche player»Afternoon 12:45 B us Transfer within Schaffhausen 13:00 L unch at SIG Hus Schaffhausen 13:45 T he world-famous Rhine Falls Schaffhausen (unguided visit) 14:30 B us Transfer to St. Gallen 16:00 O ld Town of St. Gallen, Government Quarter, Hofkeller of the City St. Gallen • r. Joerg Hofstetter, Expert in Logistics, University of D St. Gallen, Institute of International Logistics LOG-HSG • nput «Excellence in Logistics» I 17:30 City Walk Old Town of St. Gallen (unguided)Evening 18:30 B us Transfer to Appenzell Innerrhoden 19:30 L unch at Romantik Hotel Säntis at the Landsgemeindeplatz AI (Swiss Cultural Property) 21:30 B us Transfer back to Zurich (Hotel Montana) 23:00 A pprox. Arrival Time
  3. 3. Study-Trip Switzerland 2011 St. Galler   Business School June 7, 2011 – TuesdayMorning 7:45 T ransfer by Train to Zurich Altstetten 8:30 J ulius Bär - Swiss Private Banking Group • elcome by Andreas Bauer, Director Julius Bär St. Gallen W • orkshop «Wealth Preservation – Key Questions & Product W Engineering» by Luigi Vignola, Managing Director, Bank Julius Bär «Basic Perceptions, Inflation-linked Derivatives» and Stephan Mueller, Executive Director, Swiss & Global Asset Management «Product Design & ETF Engineering» 11:45 L unch at Mensa Julius Bär 13:15 T ransfer by Train to Zurich Main StationAfternoon 13:30 F ree Time in Zurich 15:15 Z unfthaus zur Haue • arlis Ackermann, Director Zurich Tourism M «Zurich and Swiss Tourism» 16:30 C hronometry Beyer • nput «Swiss Watch Industry: The Sales Perspective» I by Markus Baumgartner, Head of Sales Beyer • atch Museum W • Snack 18:30 Z unfthaus zur Haue • inancial Analysis BELIMO by Dr. N. Gjukez F (Preparation of the Tomorrow’s Company Visit)Evening 20:30 D inner at the Restaurant «Zeughauskeller» – famous Zurich Restaurant June 8, 2011 – WednesdayMorning 7:30 C heck-out Hotel Montana 8:00 B us Transfer to Hinwil 9:00 B ELIMO Automation AG • ntroduction to BELIMO Automation AG I • eat Trutmann, CFO, Input «Business Model» B • ompany Tour C 12:00 B us Transfer to Zurich 13:00 L unch at Restaurant Adler (typical Swiss)Afternoon 15:00 O ptional: Boat Trip Lake Zurich (end: 17.20)
  4. 4. Study-Trip Switzerland 2011 St. Galler   Business SchoolThe main urban centre of eastern Switzerland, St. Gallen is a city set amidst rolling countryside between the Appenzell hills to the south and the Bodensee to the north. It’s a gentle place, with a busy modern centre and a beautiful old town. The city’s centrepiece is an Extraordinary baroque abbey and a famous abbey library. St. Gallen is well known as a management & consulting valley and a former textile town. Zürich’s 360 000 residents, 180 000 commuters and milli- ons of visitors enjoy a standard of comfort that is second to none: the city has repeatedly been voted the location with the highest quality of life any- where in the world.Schaffhausen is a city in northern Switzerland and the capital of the canton of the same name; it has an estimated population of 36 000. The old portion of the city has many fine Renaissance era buildings decorated with exterior frescos and sculpture, as well as the impressive old canton fortress, the Munot. A train runs out of town to the nearby Rhine Falls in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Europe’s largest waterfall, a tourist attrac-tion.
  5. 5. Study-Trip Switzerland 2011 St. Galler   Business SchoolSt. Gallen: the Mecca of Management Training St. Gallen PanoramaSince the early 70’s St. Gallen has steadily developed into the centre of modern Management Training. Under the aegis of the late Professor Dr. Hans Ulrich, who died in 1997, the value of a unified and integrated corporate management was recognised ea-rly on. The approach of the St. Gallen Management Model, further developed by in the meantime by Prof. (emer.) Dr. h.c. Knut Blei-cher into the Concept of Integrated Management, today enjoys internationally both recognition an popularity in equal measure. It has meanwhile a lasting effect on the thinking of successive generations of management with the result that the St. Gallen Ap-proach ist today put into practice by an ever growing spectrum of users, yet providing a framework with which managers, thanks to a better knowledge of the overall context, are themselves able to pinpoint problems and identify their possible solutions. 
The location St. Gallen, known amongst specialists in the field due to these scientific achievements as «Management Valley Christian AbegglenSt. Gallen», is today the powerhouse of the conceptual further Dr. oec. HSGrefinement of the St. Gallen Management Approach. Both the Uni- President of the boardversity ot St. Gallen (HSG), recognised as one of the best acedemic St.Gallen Business Schoolseats of learning for Business Administration in Europe, as well as the privately organized St. Gallen Business School (SGBS), which, along with other St. Gallen institutions, achieves the highest suc- Peter Zehnder Lic. rer. pol.cess internationally in the practical implementation and wider dif-fusion ot the St. Gallen Management Approach through its semi- Director Consulting St. Gallen Business Schoolnars, management programmes and business consulting services, make St. Gallen today a training venue with a unique standing worldwide as a source of knowledge and generator of impulses in Nikolaus Storzthe sector of Management Training and Further Development. Dr. oec. HSG Director International Programs St.Gallen Business School Knut Bleicher Prof. (emer.) Dr. Dres. h.c. Former Chairman of the Advisory Board 2011 St.Gallen Business School published Bettina WürthDas Konzept Integriertes Management Headquarter of the Würth GroupVisionen – Missionen – Programme St. Gallen BusinessKnut Bleicher, 8th Edition, Campus School (SGBS) Chairman of the Advisory Board St. Gallen Business School