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Ekaterina RYABIKOVSKAYA Secretary of IYNC Grants Committee (Atoms for the Future 2013)
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Ekaterina RYABIKOVSKAYA Secretary of IYNC Grants Committee (Atoms for the Future 2013)


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Ekaterina RYABIKOVSKAYA and Nicolas ANCIAUX introduce the next congress for young professionals that will be held between the 6th and 12th of July in Burgos, Spain.

Ekaterina RYABIKOVSKAYA and Nicolas ANCIAUX introduce the next congress for young professionals that will be held between the 6th and 12th of July in Burgos, Spain.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. IYNC - International Youth Nuclear Congress Atoms for the Future , Paris, France, October 22 2013 Nicolas ANCIAUX, Westinghouse IYNC President Ekaterina RYABIKOVSKAYA, Rosatom Country Newspaper IYNC Grants Committee Secretary
  • 2. IYNC Mission Statement IYNC (International Youth Nuclear Congress) is the global network of a new generation of nuclear professionals to:  Communicate the benefits of nuclear power  Promote the peaceful use of nuclear power  Provide a platform for networking  Facilitate knowledge transfer between generations
  • 3. YGN (Young Generation Network)  What is a YGN?  A group of young professionals (<35) and students interested in nuclear.  Initiative of ENS (European Nuclear Society)  Benefits:  Knowledge transfer  Form the future international leaders  Attracts, develops and retains young professionals  Networking
  • 4. YGNs around the World Worldwide (1) Europe (25) IYNC (International Youth Nuclear Congress) Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Finland France Germany Hungary Israel Italy Lithuania America (3) NA-YGN USA Mexico Netherlands Norway Poland Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom ENS-YGN Africa (1) South Africa Oceania (1) Australia Asia (4) China Japan South Korea Sri Lanka
  • 5. The IYNC Meeting 2014 Burgos, Spain 2006 Stockholm, Sweden 2004 Toronto, Canada 2002 Daejeon, South Korea 2012 Charlotte, USA 2008 Interlaken, Switzerland 600+ participants in 2012 2000 Bratislava, Slovakia 2010 Cape Town, South Africa
  • 6. IYNC Bulletin  - 5th Bulletin issue publish May 31th  - Interviews.  - Country reports.  - IYNC news.  - IYNC2014 updates  - “More and better to come”
  • 7. IYNC GRANTS PROGRAMME Four types of grants:  national network start-up  national projects  international projects  travel grants
  • 8. IYNC Grants in 2013 1) International project  ENYGF 2013 in Stockholm organized by Swedish YGN 2) IYNC Mid-Term BOD Meeting  5 travel grants
  • 9. IYNC 2014 Burgos  Where? Burgos, Spain  When? 6-12 July 2014  Who? young nuclear professionals expected from all around the world. Let’s beat Charlotte (650 participants)  What? Technical programme, visits, networking  How can you help? Volunteers, sponsors, participants, speakers
  • 10. Technical Program  Plenary Sessions  Technical Paper  Workshops  Technical Tours
  • 11. IYNC 2014 Burgos
  • 12. IYNC 2014 Burgos
  • 13. IYNC 2014 Burgos IYNC2014 Workshops Balancing Nuclear Power's Global Expansion with Proliferation Fuel Cycle Game Fusion: A 50 Year Story Knowledge Transfer Between Generations New Build or Refurbishment Nuclear Energy Sustainability Nuclear Science and Nanotechnology Nuclear Waste Challenges and Your Solutions Small Nuclear Power Reactors Starting New Ventures in Nuclear The Trouble with Justification Thorium Reactors and the Next Nuclear Fuel Tools to Use in Your Local YGN Will Nucear Kill Cancer Women Going Critical in Nuclear Communication/Media Training
  • 14. IYNC 2014 Burgos Keynote, Plenary & Panel Sessions (As of today) Danny Roderick, CEO & President Westinghouse (USA) Nuclear Safety Plenary Naohiro Masuda, NSOO Vice Head (Japan) Mike Weigthman, fomer ONR (UK) Energy & Nuclear Development Plenary Ibrahim Babelli, K.A. CARE Chief Strategist (Saudi Arabia) Ken Ellis, WANO General Director (Canada) Training, Personal Development, Leadership Plenary Ralf Gueldner, CEO E.ON Nuclear (Germany) + executives from AREVA, CGNPC, CNNC, DOE, IAEA, NEA, … Panel sessions: Decommissioning, Nuclear Economics, Communication, Future of Nuclear …
  • 15. Technical Tours ENSA S.A. Ensa is a worldwide leader supplying manufactured equipment and services for the civil nuclear industry SANTA MARÍA DE GAROÑA NPP Garoña NPP is a Mark-I BWR, operating since 1971 till the end of 2013. Power: 460MW
  • 16. Technical Tours TECNATOM S.A. ENUSA S.A. Enusa is responsible for the design, TECNATOM is an engineering company manufacture and supply of nuclear fuel. providing training and inspection services worldwide. The visitors will be able to see full scope simulators of PWR reactors and state of art robotics for inspection services,
  • 17. IYNC 2014 Burgos
  • 18. IYNC - International Youth Nuclear Congress Thanks for your attention! Any question?