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The Premier Volume 1 Issue 1 -SFB Newsletter


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The Premier is SFB's weekly newsletter

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The Premier Volume 1 Issue 1 -SFB Newsletter

  1. 1. 1SCHOOL OF FINANCE AND BANKINGTHE PREMIER Knowledge Is PowerSFB Launches Procurements Training Programs 16th March 2012The School of Finance and of about fifty delegates. tion contact: SFB ProgramBanking in partnership with He was happy to see what Coordinator Mr. Abimanathe International Training SFB in partnership with Fidele Volume 1, Issue 1Centre of the ILO (ITC/ILO) ITC/ILO are doing. Email : fabimana@sfb.ac.rwin Turin –Italy, launched its Thereafter there was a Tel: +250788872267Procurement Management presentation on the Back-Training Program for the first Inside this issue: ground and progress of thehalf of 2012. This took place twinning arrangementin the form of an interactive between ITCILO and SFB. 7th Goldman 2workshop held at Sportsview This was done by Mr. SachsHotel in Kigali on the 28th of Graduation Hishami Labadi of ITC/February 2012. ILO who is in charge of Miss SFB 2012 2The workshop was officially the procurements pro-opened with a speech from grams. The Vice Rectorthe Rector Prof. Reid. who Academics, Dr. Papias Debate on 3emphasized on the impor- Msafiri had an opportunity Gender Concepttance of capacity building in to expound on what thethe sector. proposed plan for the Pro- Going 2.0 and 3The Guest of Honor at the curements Master’s De- Beyondworkshop was the Director gree Program. The Director Gen-General of the Rwanda Public There shall be short pro- eral ,RPPA Mr. Seminaga Partnership 3 and the Rector SFB Prof.Procurement Authority fessional courses in pro- between MUBS Reid.E.Whitlock during(RPPA) Mr. Augustus Semi- curements being of- the workshop and SFBnega who addressed a group fered .For more informa- Launch of New 4 Sports ComplexSFB Emerges Top In CMA ChallengeOn Saturday, 18th February (SFB) emerged as the top institution CMA to attain this goal.2012, Rwanda Capital Markets and won the trophies for both Essay The best essay was written byAuthority (CMA) organized an Writing and the TV Quiz! One of the Olivier Mugwaneza, a fourth yearessay and quiz competition that objectives of the Rwanda Capital Mar- student majoring in Accounting. Hebrought together different insti- kets Authority (CMA) is to promote won the trophy and an MBA scholar-tutions of higher learning in the and develop the capital markets indus- ship worth Rwf 2, 400,000.country. The event took place at try in the country. Public education isSerena Hotel, Kigali where one of the critical methods embraced byContact us on :E-mail: info@sfb.ac.rw P.O.Box. 1514 , Kigali-Rwanda Website: www.sfb.ac.rw Mburabuturo - Gikondo
  2. 2. 2 Page 2 THE PREMIER The 7th Goldman Sachs Graduation Ceremony SFB through its partnership with thanked all partners and supporters She commended SFB and all pro- the William Davidson Institute of the program who have been gram partners for the great work (WDI), and in collaboration with closely working with these women. they are doing. Congratulations to Goldman Sachs (GS) held the 7th Among them were Inego Africa, all the graduates! graduation ceremony for Rwanda Generation Rwanda, the govern- For more information contact the Women Entrepreneurs on Friday ment of Rwanda, KCB and BK. Program manager Ms. Agnes Uza- the 10thFebruary, 2012 .A group of The graduates received certificates rerwa on uzagness@sfb.ac.rw 30 women graduated from the en- and the five best business plans trepreneurship course. The cere- were announced and rewarded mony began with a speech from the The key note speech was given by SFB Rector. He commended the the Permanent Secretary for the women for their commitment and Ministry of Gender and Family hard work. Promotion, Mrs. Julienne Mun- Ms. Olive Murinda, Director of yaneza. She congratulated the Center for Entrepreneurship Devel- women for taking the bold step From left: The VRAF, SFB Mrs. Liliane opment at SFB gave her speech. saying that, “when you educate a Igihozo ,the winner of the Goldman Sachs Ms. Murinda mentioned and woman you educate the nation”. Best Business Plan (centre) and the PS Min. of Gender and Family Promotion Mrs Julienne Munyaneza.CMA Challenge (continued from page 1)Eight of the top ten essays were writ- Umutesi (4th year Accounting), The SFB management congratu- rdten by students from SFB. Other Regis Ndahima Uramutse (3 Year lates all the winners and all thewinners from SFB included: Finance) and Fred Karamuzi (3rd students who took part in the com-Augustine Himbaza, Rogers Kigenza, Year Finance). Each received a petition.Djamali Nambajimana, Evase Niy- certificate and the trophy for theigena, Edison Twazagye, James K. overall winner .They were awarded “Winning isn’t just about gettingMunumba and Aime Aimable 1,000,000 Rwf to buy shares in any ahead of others. Its about gettingMurengezi.In the TV quiz category, of the listed companies on Rwanda ahead of yourself.”SFB was represented by Janet Stock Exchange.MISS SFB 2012 rium. The Minister of Youth, Cul- Manor Hotel. The beautiful and ture and Sports Protais Musoni, was lady was naturally ecstatic and tear-Natacha Uwamahoro was announced the Chief Guest at the occa- ful and promised to use her beautythe winner of Miss sion.Natacha 19, to promote SFB to the national andSchool of Finance and beat nine other international levels and to supportBanking (SFB) 2012 contestants to win the needy and promote gender inbeauty contest .The the title . Natacha the country.event that attracted hun- walked away with This year’s event was organized bydreds of SFB students , many prizes in- SFB’s administration and Students’staff and visitors from cluding Rfw Association (SFBAS) It was coor-different parts of Ki- 400.000 , a full- dinated by Nelly Wilson Misago,gali, was held at the Miss SFB 2012 winners year scholarship the Marketing Manager of Inyar-institute’s big audito- from SFB and a one- wanda.com, in partnership with a year V.I.P free services from The local fashion design company.
  3. 3. 3Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3Students Debate on Gender IssuesA few years ago, the government of Wednesday 8th, 2012 at the school’s ted from focusing on the gen-Rwanda developed a concept which small auditorium. Present for the der concept? What impactwas aimed at creating a balance of debate were the University’s Rec- has this had on the society asgender in the Rwandan society. With tor,VRAF,staff members, students a whole? Share youran imbalance in the ratio of men to and representatives from various gen- thoughts.women in key positions, the concept der based organizations .The argu-was highly heralded by the Rwandan ments were heated with both sidesand international communities. giving strong points to support theirIs the gender concept a great idea or is motion. In the end, the debateit simply a white man’s ideology with achieved its main objective of givingno basis in the African society? The an opportunity to the SFB fraternitySFB Gender club set out to seek an- to exchange ideas, knowledge andswers to these questions. experiences on matters of gender in relation to affirmative action.The debate, with the topic: “The Gen- But the question still lingers on, has SFB Students Debate on the Im-der concept has been of a Pivotal stand pact of Gender Conceptto Rwandan Society”, was held on the Rwandan society greatly benefit-Going 2.0 and Beyond In a world where information is We are in the process of develop- begs the question, what is the idealpower, in a society where the inter- ing an online presence that will online presence? How do we buildnet is the biggest repository of infor- help streamline communication a presence that will help us com-mation, it is paramount for any insti- within the SFB community and municate better? Which platformstution to have an online presence. incorporate web 2.0 standards. should we be on? The burden liesAs SFB, we are reviewing our With our website as the foundation, with us, the benefactors. Share youronline strategy to reflect our status we are creating a tool that will help views via email: rowino@sfb.ac.rwas the premier business school in the you achieve your goal as you inter- or tweet us @SFBRwandaregion and globe. act with the institution, whatever your motivation might be. WhichPartnership between MUBS and SFBSFB through the student body SFBAs March 4th, they had an the aim of this being tohas initiated a partnership with Mak- assembly whose aim was give students an opportu-erere University Business School to share, learn and ex- nity to work in a different(MUBS) through their Guild Coun- change ideas .The topics environment and exposurecil .This year, SFBAs Hosted MUBS touched on ethical con- to different cultures.from 3rd -5th March 2012. The two duct in leadership, inter- At the end of the meeting,groups engaged in several activities personal skills, report the two bodies exchangedwhich included a tour of Kigali on writing among others. framed pictures of the twoSaturday 3rd March ,a visit to Kiny- Ideas were floated on Guild Councils as ainya Genocide survivors where they beginning an exchange Members of the Guilddonated foodstuff and to Kigali program for students Councils exchange photos symbol of partnership.Genocide Memorial site in Gisozi. On between the two schools; as a sign of partnership
  4. 4. 4 The School of Finance and Banking this year com- School of Finance and memorates 10 years since it was founded. We Banking ,Kigali Rwanda. welcome articles form both staff and students SCHOOL OF FINANCE AND BANKING for the annual publication. Share your articles, pictures, ideas and information by sending them MBURABUTURO - GIKONDO P.O.BOX. 1514 to cmwangi@sfb.ac.rw KIGALI-RWANDA Give us your feedback on: www.facebook.com/SchoolOfFinanceAnd Banking For updates follow us on: www.twitter.com @SFBRwanda Quote for the month: “Money, I can either gain or lose. But time I can only lose. So, I must spend it carefully”. Author UnknownNew Sports Complex Now A Reality at SFBThe School of Finance and Banking already existing soccer pitch.has recently launched a new Sports The facilities include changingand Leisure Complex. The facilities rooms, toilets and a first aid room.were officially open by the Rector of Staff and students alike are free tothe university Prof. Reid .E Whitlock. participate in a sport of their choice.The Rector gave a speech, encourag- The management has done its best toing all students and staff to make good provide quality facilities now theuse of the new facilities and take ad- ball is in the court of the studentsvantage by joining a sport or a team of and staff to utilize them. This is thetheir choice first phase of the project and theDuring the launch, the Deputy Dean second phase shall involve the con-and Sports Director Mr. Gervais Mun- struction of a swimming pool, gym-yanziza gave a guided tour of the nasium and more courts to accom- Members of Staff and Students ofsports complex showing and explain- modate more students. SFB participating in a volleyballing the purpose of each facility. The match during the launch. It’s true that too much work and nofacilities include a state of the art play make Jack a dull boy. SFB stu-squash court, a tennis court and a bas- dents and faculty we urge you toketball pitch. There are also volleyball make good use of these facilities.and handball pitches additions to the