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Lt2 Eswtr Membrane Filtration Presentation
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Lt2 Eswtr Membrane Filtration Presentation


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  • 1. LT2ESWTR and Membrane Filtration in Texas
  • 2. Proposed Membrane Filtration Facilities Reviewed under §290.42(g) as innovative treatment techniques and exceptions to the Rules
  • 3. Piloting Requirements 90 days Pilot study protocol (site specific) Pilot study report (site specific) Exception from piloting - may submit pilot or full-scale data from a similar or worse raw water source
  • 4. Current removal credits MF, UF, NF & RO No pretreatment 2.0-log cryptosporidium (crypto) 3.0-log giardia 0.0-log virus Note: April 1, 2012 replacement and new installations will require challenge testing
  • 5. Current removal credits (cont) MF, UF, NF & RO coagulation & flocculation only 2.0-log crypto 3.0-log giardia 1.0-log virus Note: April 1, 2012 replacement and new installations will require challenge testing
  • 6. Current removal credits (cont) MF, UF, NF & RO coagulation, flocculation and clarification 2.0-log crypto 3.0-log giardia 2.0-log virus Note: April 1, 2012 replacement and new installations will require challenge testing
  • 7. LT2 Bin Classifications Bin 1 Less than 0.075 ocysts/L Bin 2 Greater than 0.075, but less than 1.0 oocysts/L Bin 3 1.0 to less than 3.0 oocysts/L Bin 4 3.0 or higher oocysts/L
  • 8. Additional Cryptosporidium treatment requirements Conventional Treatment1 Bin 1 Systems None Bin 2 Systems 1-Log Bin 3 Systems 2-Log Bin 4 Systems 2.5-Log 1Conventional treatment = coagulation/flocculation, clarification and media filtration.
  • 9. Membrane filtration removal credit (LT2) Credit = removal efficiency demonstrated in challenge test Must be supported by direct integrity testing Up to 6-log removal credit
  • 10. Membrane removal credit is the lesser of The log removal value (LRV) demonstrated during challenge testing (LRVCT), or The log removal value that can be verified through direct integrity testing (LRVDIT)
  • 11. Challenge Testing A full scale (or small scale) membrane module test conducted to determine the removal value (LRV) of a membrane material for a particular organism
  • 12. Information provided by the challenge test Establishes a removal efficiency for each membrane module tested (LRVCT) Provides a performance characteristic (QCRV) such that when applied to unchallenged membranes in the same product line, demonstrates there are no pores (or defects) larger than 3 μm
  • 13. Direct integrity test (DIT) A non-destructive performance test applied to a membrane unit to identify and/or isolate integrity breaches
  • 14. Direct integrity test (DIT) Verifies the treatment credit awarded to the membrane system by the State Must have a resolution of 3 μm, or less Conducted daily under LT2 (currently 1/wk min and after CIP)
  • 15. Indirect integrity monitoring Continuous monitoring of each rack of modules with laser turbidimeter or particle counter Other methods may be accepted after TCEQ approval
  • 16. House Bill 2654 Class I Injection Wells Non-hazardous brine from desalination operations or, Non-hazardous drinking water treatment residuals
  • 17. Conclusions Membrane filtration is approved in Texas as an innovative or alternative treatment process Piloting, pathogen removal credits and monitoring requirements have changed as rules were adopted to comply with LT2ESWTR
  • 18. TCEQ PDW Section Contacts Marlo Wanielista Berg, P.E. (512) 239-6967 James (Red) Weddell, P.E. (325) 481-8056 Sylvana (Sam) Turner (409) 899-8798 Jack Schulze, P.E. (512) 239- 6046 Reyna Miner, P.E. (512) 239-6183