ATC Global 2012 - SESAR Forum - SESAR Releases - Florian Guillermet 21 views
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ATC Global 2012 - SESAR Forum - SESAR Releases - Florian Guillermet 21 views



ATC Global 2012 - SESAR Forum - SESAR Releases presented by Florian Guillermet

ATC Global 2012 - SESAR Forum - SESAR Releases presented by Florian Guillermet



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ATC Global 2012 - SESAR Forum - SESAR Releases - Florian Guillermet 21 views ATC Global 2012 - SESAR Forum - SESAR Releases - Florian Guillermet 21 views Presentation Transcript

  • Key challenges faced by Airspace Users Long-term ATM challenges and solutions brought by SESAR Congested network, higher complexity, Transparent, efficient, and coordinated labor productivity network Severe congestions at key Enable sustained growth by airports (hubs) relieving capacity bottlenecks Ever increasing delay and Reduce delays and cancellations cancellation rates Rising fuel costs due to higher Fuel efficient flight profiles route extensions High European ANS charges Reduce ANS charges per flight Higher complexity and risks Increase safety
  • RELIEVING CAPACITY BOTTLENECKSKEY SESAR SOLUTIONS INTEGRATED ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE MANAGERIN RELEASE 1 Validation through live trial of Integrated Arrival and enhanced Departure Departure Manager Manager in terms of procedures for establishing Extended AMAN pre-departure sequence at Horizon Paris CDG Point Merge in Complex TMA •Performance improvement in terms of target start- up time, predictability and stability of departure sequence •Average taxi time decreased by 9% •Improved adherence to CFMU slots •Reliability of the DMAN in bad weather Time period (LT) Improvement conditions 6H-7H -15% 9H-10H -9% •Enhanced tactical 12H-13H -8% scheduling of changes to 18H-19H -37% runway capacity and Delay at the runway threshold during peak hours configuration
  • REDUCE DELAYS AND CANCELLATIONSKEY SESAR SOLUTIONS SHORT TERM ATFM MEASURESIN RELEASE 1 Assessment of Short Term ATFM Complexity Measures, of new roles and Assessment & responsibilities for Flow Management of Resolution the improved information quality for local decision making Point Merge Extended AMAN Live trial involving the CFMU, FMPs (DSNA, NATS, horizon MUAC) and AOs The STAM Process improves my daily work • Local decisions (FMP, Strongly disagree; 0% AO) are efficient Strongly Agree; 13% Disagree; 13% • Increased ability to Enhanced ATFCM exploit capacity network Undecided; opportunities 25% • Improved prediction of Agree; 50% demand i4D + Controlled Time of Arrival • Some significant promising increased in throughput e.g. for KH Reims sector, the average delay recorded changed from 0.18 minutes to 0.08 minutes for comparable traffic
  • FUEL EFFICIENT FLIGHT PROFILESKEY SESAR SOLUTIONS APPROACH PROCEDURES WITH VERTICAL GUIDANCEIN RELEASE 1 Demonstrate that controller, ANSP, airport and airline performance Optimised RNP and environment are improved or not adversely affected by the integration of LPV(*) Approach Procedures with Vertical Guidance •Controller workload is within acceptable limits •Airport landing rate is improved or maintained with LPV •Airline diversions to alternative airports are reduced or not increased i4D + Controlled Time of •Environmental benefits Arrival result from reduced fuel burn or noise footprint over current operations (*) Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance
  • REDUCE ANS CHARGES PER FLIGHTKEY SESAR SOLUTIONS REMOTE TOWERIN RELEASE 1 Cost effective provision of Air Traffic Services at one airport from Remote Tower a control facility that is not located in the local ATS Tower Shadow mode operations at Malmö Sturup Airport, based Integrated Controller on validation info from Ängelholm Airport Working position •Under normal conditions, the Sector Team controllers confirmed that a safe Operations service could be provided remotely •Controller opinion was that the picture during day time was generally clearer 5 Angelholm ATS and easier to interpret than 4 Non-Angelholm ATS night 3 2 •The IR camera might 1 allow increased opportunities and flexibility in working O N A R B P C Y T E L I methods ATS OPERATIONSCOMPLEXITY •Dutch NSA involved in
  • INCREASE SAFETYKEY SESAR SOLUTIONS ENHANCED SHORT TERM CONFLICT ALERTIN RELEASE 1 Validation of enhanced STCA aiming at identify conflict between flights in En- Airborne Collision Avoidance System route and TMA Industry Based Platform STCA Enhanced Short Term prototype using downlinked aircraft Conflict Alert parameters •Significant reduction of nuisance alert rate •MCP / FCU (*) selected altitude does give advance indication that an aircraft is about to depart from a level – Approach Procedures with Vertical Guidance giving advance warning of up to 12 seconds for 95% of cases •Neutral impact on the prevention of level busts •Roll Angle and Track Angle Rate both offer benefits in earlier identification of turns and eliminating false identification of turns •Using existing downlink aircraft parameters within APW(**) and MSAW (**) improves the detection of hazards * Mode Control Panel (Boeing) / Flight Control Unit (Airbus) ** Area Proximity Warning / Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
  • Key highlights Release 2 Surface planning & routing Refinement of Time Based Separation minima Improved ATC Trajectory prediction thanks to AOC data Enriched ICAO flight plan information with flight performance data provided by AOC i4D + CTA Enhanced interoperability between ASM, ATFCM tools and ATC controller working position
  • To conclude ▪ SESAR solutions are developed to support performance improvement ▪ The SESAR projects are delivering results through yearly Releases ▪ Exercises performed within Release 1 have demonstrated concrete contributions to the achievement of the main SESAR targets ▪ Some exercises demonstrate negative results allowing to close R&D options ▪ Release 2 is launched Mature solutions developed in Releases will be further demonstrated to the ATM community through dedicated activities