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Revolutionary web-based document structure editing, using thinking essences: known fact, analysis, opinion.

Revolutionary web-based document structure editing, using thinking essences: known fact, analysis, opinion.

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  • 1. EssayAudit SEPADO Technologies Ron Denholm Dr Carl Knox-Robinson
  • 2. What is EssayAudit?
    • Software to help you edit, read and research.
    • Save time in content editing essays and letters.
    • Rapidly find major thinking in documents.
    • Compare writing efficiencies across multiple documents.
    • Being developed as software-as-service product online.
    • Launching in 2010.
  • 3.
    • The Greeks in Asia Minor started using coins around 600BC. We know this from the solid archaeological record and references in surviving literature. Using coins would have impacted directly on how cities traded with each other. The way Athens was able to use its coinage as a valuable medium of exchange in far flung countries points to its power as a leading Greek city where the arts and sciences flourished.
    How does EssayAudit work? Tracks thinking essences: known fact, analysis, opinion, like this example. The skill in writing an essay, other than narrating known fact, is to weave analysis and balanced opinion around known fact.
  • 4. What do I get with an EssayAudit result?
    • Document Thinking Index
    • A number rating the document within a text type group.
    • Subjectivity/Objectivity
    • A diagram showing the balance in the writing.
    • Reader Impact
    • A rating showing how quickly readers get the main message.
    • Paragraph Thinking Indices
    • A graph showing the thinking index of each paragraph.
    • Paragraph Word Count
    • A graph showing the number of words in each paragraph.
    • Emphasis words
    • A graph showing types of adverbs used to emphasise meaning.
  • 5. Mostly Known Fact Analytical balance Increasing Opinion 0 40 50 60 70 80 100 Your Document Thinking Index K Thinking Groups A4 Fair A2 Very Good A1 Excellent A3 Good O 66 Your Reader Impact Top Poor Good More Subjective More Objective Your Subjectivity/Objectivity Your EssayAudit result
  • 6. Your EssayAudit result
  • 7. How can an EssayAudit result help me?
    • Document Thinking Index
    • Use this to check if the document simply narrates known fact, is analytically balanced or
    • highly opinionated.
    • Subjectivity/Objectivity
    • Use this to check how subjective or objective the writing is.
    • Reader Impact
    • Use this to check how quickly readers get to the most important analysis and opinion.
    • Paragraph Thinking Indices
    • Use this graph to see which paragraphs could be improved for a higher Document Thinking
    • Index, and which paragraphs could be re-arranged for a stronger Reader Impact.
    • Paragraph Word Count
    • Use this graph to check paragraph length is evenly distributed.
    • Emphasis words
    • Use this graph to identify types of adverbs and how they have helped emphasise
    • the message.
  • 8. Use EssayAudit to track your writing Thinking average: Group A2 68 - Very Good Reader Impact average: Poor
  • 9. The big shift is from group K to the A groups, but not enough into the more demanding A3-A1. Use EssayAudit in research (1)
  • 10. Most company reports are written in a traditional story-telling format, burying important comments toward the end of the document. Use EssayAudit in research (2)
  • 11. Paper Thinking Index Reader Impact 1 Brisbane Times 64 Top 2 Australian 55 Good 3 Age 52 Poor 4 Telegraph 48 Top 5 SM Herald 44 Poor 6 WA Today 42 Poor EssayAudit can find the news story with the highest analytical content. Google’s Fast Flip lists 26 news sources on this story, but there’s no filtering. Use EssayAudit to find the best value read. Use EssayAudit to search
  • 12. Find us on the web: www.sepado.com Follow our twits: http://twitter.com/sepado For more details email [email_address]