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This presentation was created for an internal training across Online Marketing, Product, and Biz Ops teams.

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Google Analytics Training

  1. Google Analytics with Jenn Mathews SEO, SEM, Social, Manager and Goto Gal for All Things Google Analytics
  2. What We Are Covering Today Walk-through Shortcuts Custom Reports Dashboards © Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 2 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  3. What We Are Covering Today Walk-through – New vs. Returning – Engagement – Custom Variables – Visitors Flow – Traffic Sources • Referrals • Search vs. Search Engine Optimization • Campaigns • Advertising – Site Content • All Pages • Landing Pages • Events • In-Page – Conversions • Goals • Funnel Visualization • Goal Flow • Assisted Conversions © Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 3 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  4. New vs. Returning – Visits, Unique Visitors,  Visits – the number of individual sessions initiated by all the visitors to your site within the selected date range. – If a user is inactive on your site for 30 minutes or more, any future activity is attributed to a new session. – Users who leave your site and return within 30 minutes are counted as part of the original session.  Visitors (Unique Visitors) – an initial session by a user during any given date range. Additional sessions would be considered a visit. © Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 4 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  5. EngagementCommon Engagement Metrics Pageviews – The total number of pages viewed including multiple page views of a single page by a single user. Pages per Visit - The average number of pages viewed during a visit including multiple views of a single page. Visit Duration – The time each user spends during their visit. Average visit duration includes the average time for the counted visits. Bounce Rate - Bounce rate is the percentage of visits that go only one page before exiting a site. – Reasons for High Bounce Rate: • Poor site design or usability issues • User found the information they need © Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 5 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  6. Custom Variables Track visitor activity based on segments defined in Analytics tracking code index - The slot for the custom variable. (required) name - The name for the custom variable. (required) value - The value for the custom variable. (required) opt_scope - The scope for the custom variable. (optional) – 1 (visitor-level) – 2 (session-level) – 3 (page-level)© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 6 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  7. Custom Variables (cont) – How it looks: _setCustomVar(index, name, value, opt_scope) – How to find it: 1. Go to a page on UCC 2. View source 3. Find (in source code) “CustomVar” 1 2© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 7 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013 3
  8. Custom VariablesHow to Find Custom Variables Audience > Custom > Custom Variables – Click name to see drill down 1 2 3© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 8 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  9. Visitors Flow  Audience > Visitors Flow12 © Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 9 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  10. Traffic Sources Other websites Defined campaigns Where did Search engines they come “Direct” from?© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 10 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  11. Traffic Sources – Referrals Other websites (Domains and Pages) referring visits to our site© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 11 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  12. Traffic Sources – Search vs Search Engine Optimization Search is all traffic from all search engines – Organic (all – Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, AOL, Comcast, etc) – Paid (all – Google, MSFT, 7Search, etc) Search Engine Optimization is Webmaster Tools Data – Google only – Impressions, Clicks, Position, CTR, etc All Search Google WMT© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 12 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  13. Traffic Sources - Campaigns Use Campaigns to capture the source, medium, and various instances to better understand referral traffic behavior.© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 13 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  14. Traffic Sources – Campaigns (setting up) Setting up Custom Campaigns – Add custom parameters to the end of a URL – If “?” followed by parameters has already been set add “&” to the end of the URL with the custom Campaign parametersExample: URL without existing parameters: URL with existing Parameters: © Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 14 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  15. Traffic Sources – Campaigns (Parameters) utm_source:Identify the advertiser, site, publication, etc. that is sending traffic to your property,e.g. google, citysearch, newsletter4, billboard. utm_medium:The advertising or marketing medium, e.g.: cpc, banner, email newsletter. utm_campaign:The individual campaign name, slogan, promo code, etc. for a product.Hint: look through existing to determine if the one you are setting is already thereand fits within. © Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 15 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  16. Traffic Sources - Advertising Advertising metrics provide more insight into how visitors behave after a click through from Adwords Campaigns© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 16 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  17. Site Content All pageview metrics for the site.© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 17 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  18. Site Content – All Pages All pages (specified by URLs) for the site© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 18 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  19. Site Content – Landing Pages Pages that users arrived to the site as their first page coming from anywhere. This report uses the “visits” metric since these are first pages in a visit.© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 19 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  20. Site Content – Events Defined by us – events track actions users take on the website (such as a form button click, playing a video, etc) When to set up an event: – When a user takes an action that is not a page click through.© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 20 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  21. Site Content – Events (setting up)  Add an event string to the line of code that needs to be tracked.  In the string you must provide: 1. Event Name 2. Category 3. Value  An easy to use excel doc has been set up1 2 3 Event String © Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 21 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  22. Site Content – In-Page Allows for a visual assessment of how users interact with the website’s pages.© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 22 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  23. Conversions Define “success” and set up Goals. Currently tracking: – Main Profile • Leads (all) • Wholesale • Retail • Mobile© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 23 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  24. Conversions – Goals Setting up Goals – Each Goal Set allows up to 5 Goals – Only 4 Goals Sets allowed – Total 20 Goals to track per Profile How to Set Up a Goal 1. Click “Admin” 2. Select Profile 3. Click “Goals” 1 4. Click “+Goal” 2 3 4© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 24 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  25. Conversions – Funnel Visualization Shows you where users enter and abandon the funnel for the Goal you have set. Select a Goal from the pull down menu Each block represents the step you have defined in your goal path.© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 25 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  26. Conversions – Goal Flow Similar to the Visitors Flow – this report allows you to visualize traffic as it flows the defined funnel. Helps understand: – Where visitors enter the funnel – Where a fall out might occur and why – If there is a loop in the flow – Segments that might convert better in this flow© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 26 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  27. Conversions – Assisted Conversions GA accredits conversions to the last campaign, search, or ad that referred the visitor when they converted. The Multi-Channel Funnels shows how marketing channels (or sources of traffic) work together to generate a conversion.© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 27 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  28. Short Cuts A quick way to access frequently used reports Set per Profile Only visible to your login© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 28 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  29. Short Cuts – How to Create Go to the report you frequent most You can – Choose a report already set by Google Analytics – Refine your report (search, metric, etc) Click the “Shortcut” link at the top© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 29 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  30. Custom Reports Allows you to define a specific report metric not found in the pre- set reports by Google Analytics© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 30 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  31. Custom Reports – How to Create1. Click “+ New Custom Report”2. Name your report 13. Name the report tab4. Choose the Metric(s) you would like to 2 report on 3 – (i.e. Visits, Pageviews, Goal Completions, etc) 45. Add the Dimensions you would like displayed 5 – (i.e. Page, Event Action, Event Category, Custom Variable, etc)6. Add a Filter (if applicable) – For Example: Include Traffic Type Exact 6 Matching Organic to capture organic search traffic7. Save the Report 7© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 31 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  32. Dashboards Allowing you to get a quick overview of your most commonly access metrics Visible only to your login Share the out to Executives and Colleagues Schedule them in Emails© Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 32 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013
  33. © Dealix Corporation. All rights reserved. 33 Confidential and Proprietary 3/22/2013