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SEO is Bu

SEO is Bu

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  • 42.4% of the global online population is located in Asia.
  • Images showing up in natural search results – images catch the eye… and the clicks. Optimize the images on your website so they show up in natural searches.
  • Video results are showing up ahead of all other results more frequently. Because so many people click through and actually watch the videos. Create compelling video and optimize for natural search.
  • Missed opportunities in paid advertising. Folks are searching; no one is taking advantage of it in the paid search arena.
  • Shopping results – optimize your e-commerce sites, so products show up in Google directory (formerly froogle… why DID they get rid of that wonderful name?)
  • If your local office doesn’t show up in Google maps, you’re missing out on huge volumes of offline converting business. And Google maps now feeds Androids and GPD units around the world. Claim your listings, complete them, keep them up to date. Try UBL (Universal Business Listing) and other services to keep up with 1000’s of such directories around the web.
  • Feel free to email Gillian@SEOmoz.org if you have questions, need help locating SEO contractors, or any other search related issues.


  • 1. SLIDE MASTER – COVERPAGE For more information, visit us at www.seomoz.org All Content and Intellectual Property is under Copyright Protection, SEOmoz 1996-2010 Wappow Huzzah Seattle SEO, SEM, SMM, Oh My!
  • 2.
    • Basic Concepts
    • Language
    • Industry Trends
  • 3. SEO is Building Content Geared Towards Searcher's Interests
  • 4. Building Search-Engine Friendly Sites & Pages
  • 5. Marketing on the Web
  • 6. Stats & Information About Search Engines & Searchers
  • 7. In Dec 2009, an Est. 1.8 Billion People Used the Internet
  • 8. Global Browser Marketshare
  • 9. Global Search Engine Marketshare
  • 10. Internet vs Search Use Total World: Age 15+, Home and Work Locations excluding traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs. Source: comScore qSearch 2.0. On a typical day, how many Internet users also use search engines?
    • In 2002, 33% used search engines
    • In 2009, 58% used search engines
    • Search is growing faster than other activities on the web, quickly outpacing other information gathering sources.
  • 11. Who’s Searching? *Searches based on “expanded search” definition, which includes searches at the top properties where search activity is observed, not only the core search engines 131 billion searches were conducted in December, 2009
  • 12. - Source: Hitwise:http://www.hitwise.com/us/datacenter/main/dashboard-10134.html Social Media comprises the top 10 most popular searches in the world
  • 13. Who’s Being Sociable? Social Networking grew 25% globally in the past year.
  • 14. How Does Search Usage Drives Offline Behavior?
  • 15. Online Reviews Impact Offline Purchasing Behavior Source: comScore, Inc./The Kelsey Group, October 12-18, 2007 8% Legal 14% Medical 19% Home 24% Automotive 27% Travel 40% Hotels 41% Restaurant Percent of Review Viewers Subsequently Making a Purchase Service
  • 16. Where Are the Sales Opportunities? Where Adoption is Low…. Source: Internet World Stats Penetration Rates are based on a world population of 6,7 billion for mid-year 2008 and 1.46 billion estimated Internet users.
  • 17. Where Are the Sales Opportunities? … and Population is Large Source: Internet World Stats Penetration Rates are based on a world population of 6,7 billion for mid-year 2008 and 1.46 billion estimated Internet users.
  • 18. The Disconnect - Eye Tracking Data Source: Enquiro
  • 19. The Disconnect
    • 88% of all Internet marketing dollars are spent on PPC
    • <10% of all clicks are made on PPC ads
    • >90% of all traffic comes from clicks on organic search results
    • 11% of all SEM spend is spent on SEO
  • 20. The Language / Tribal Speak of Search Engine Marketing
  • 21. The Language of SEO SEO = Optimization in the organic search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • 22. The Language of SEO PPC = pay-per-click , paid advertising on search engines
  • 23. The Language of SEO SEM = Optimization of PPC (paid search) advertising campaigns
  • 24. The Language of SEO SMM = Social Media Marketing
  • 25. The Language of SEO SMS = Text on a cell phone
  • 26. The Language of SEO
    • Mobile Marketing =
    • Optimization of websites for viewing on a mobile browser/screen
    • Advertising on mobile devices
    • Text message advertising
    • Mobile e-commerce optimization and promotion
  • 27. Why Do We Need Search Engine Marketing?
  • 28. Limitations of Search Technology
    • Not All Content Can Be “Seen”
    • Keywords are Required
    • Site Structure Matters
    • Popularity/Links Matter
  • 29. Targeting Issues
  • 30. Emergence of New Threats & Opportunities
    • News
    • Blogs
    • Shopping
    • Local
    • Images
    • Video
    • Advanced Search
    • What’s Next?
  • 31. Threats & Opportunities
  • 32. Threats & Opportunities
  • 33. Threats & Opportunities
  • 34. Threats & Opportunities
  • 35. Threats & Opportunities
  • 36. Internet Marketing Channels PPC Advertising Pay Per Click
    • Bidding and paying for placements on search engines, major and niche
    • Goal: visibility and traffic for specific search queries
  • 37. Internet Marketing Channels Display Advertising
    • Placing ads on third-party websites
    • Goal: Branding
    • Examples: banner ads, video ads, interactive ads overlays, interstitials
  • 38. Internet Marketing Channels Online PR
    • Generating Media from Online Outlets
    • Goal: Branding and traffic
    • Examples: PRNewswire, PRweb, Internet media focused PR agency work
  • 39. Internet Marketing Channels SEO
    • Earning Rankings in the organic search results of major search engines
    • Goal: Targeted traffic
    • Examples: keyword research, on page optimization, link building
  • 40. Internet Marketing Channels Affiliate Marketing
    • Incentivizing other websites to push your product
    • Goal: Targeted traffic
    • Examples: Commission Junction, inhouse affiliate programs
  • 41. Internet Marketing Channels Social Media Marketing
    • Leveraging social media platforms
    • Goal: Branding and traffic
    • Examples: twitter, facebook group pages, pushing content to Digg, Reddit and other platforms
  • 42. Internet Marketing Channels Viral Content Campaigns
    • Generating creative content to spread your message throughout the web
    • Goal: Branding and traffic
    • Examples: linkbait production, viral video, guerrilla marketing
  • 43. Internet Marketing Channels Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Improving the landing pages and path to completion of sale (conversion)
    • Goal: increased sales/conversions
    • Examples: split and mulitvariate testing, click through improvements, etc.
  • 44. Required Reading Beginner’s Guide to SEO http://www.seomoz.org/article/beginners-1-page SEO Myths http://searchengineland.com/36-seo-myths-that-wont-die-but-need-to-40076?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter SEO Developer’s Cheat Sheet http://www.seomoz.org/user_files/SEO_Web_Developer_Cheat_Sheet.pdf Additional Resources www.seomoz.org – read the PRO guides, blog, and watch WhiteBoard Friday
  • 45. SLIDE MASTER – COVERPAGE For more information, visit us at www.seomoz.org All Content and Intellectual Property is under Copyright Protection, SEOmoz 1996-2010 Use code: whitehat10 25% discount off subscriptions at SEOmoz.org