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SEMrush Winter PRO Talks

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This winter on the SEMrush blog we introduced a new feature. We called it SEMrush PRO Talks. ...

This winter on the SEMrush blog we introduced a new feature. We called it SEMrush PRO Talks.

These Q&As featured some of the most-respected SEO specialists and best-selling authors in the industry.

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  • 1. Here are our SEMrush Winter PRO Talks with some of the most-respected SEO specialists and best-selling authors in the industry. We wanted to share what we learned about their experiences, inspirations and, of course, SEO!
  • 2. List of the authors: Shayne Tilley Phil Byrne David Amerland Ian Cleary Kristopher Jones Heather Lutze Mike Moran Marco Maltraversi
  • 3. 4 Don't search for shortcuts. Create the best quality content possible, and be authentic Don't focus on easy metrics in both SEO and social media SEO is an integral part of what businesses should be doing The web is a very fluid place. Never really hope that autopilot SEO will work Read the full interview with David Amerland on the SEMrush blog David Amerland, journalist, advisor and author, talks about mistakes, and the lessons we can learn from them. @DavidAmerland
  • 4. 5 Try to create something your customers really want, and not what they have already Web marketing is a team effort. Everything you do enhances what others are doing Don’t push people to buy; look to build a connection People Buy People: let your people share their personal expertise and experiences Read the full interview with Phil Byrne on the SEMrush blog Phil Byrne is an internet marketing specialist and blogger. He has been an internet marketing specialist for more than 15 years. We asked Phil for his thoughts on content strategy, customer service and five components of good text. @positivesparks
  • 5. 6 Network and build up your presence on social media. Results will follow Through social media people write about you, creating valuable links that help you rank Visual content is now important for all platforms Google+ is important as the underlying foundation for all Google applications Read the full interview with Ian Cleary on the SEMrush blog Ian Cleary (aka The Social Media Tools Guy) is the founder of RazorSocial, an award-winning blog on social media and technology. Ian talks about social media marketing tools and his 2014 social network predictions. @IanCleary
  • 6. 7 If you are willing to work until you get what you want, anything is possible If you only have a Web SEO strategy, your audience is getting smaller As long as Google optimizes its algorithm, ethical SEOs will continue to grow There has never been a brighter time to be an ethical SEO firm with a great brand Read the full interview with Kristopher Jones on the SEMrush blog Kristopher Jones is an experienced SEO specialist and best-selling author. Kristopher shared his road to success, and views on the future of SEO, social signals and mobile applications. @krisjonescom
  • 7. 8 SEO changes fast, but the customer’s wants, issues and problems don't change that much SEO essentials — keywords, content, images and links — have stood the test of time Any woman who endeavors to be a business owner, a mother, a speaker and a wife is already a superhero! I was too bossy to have a boss Read the full interview with Heather Lutze on the SEMrush blog Heather Lutze is an industry speaker, CEO and expert SEO trainer. She is inspiring, funny and smart. Heather Lutze shares her “pain” and “love,” and her vision of a superhero. @HeatherLutze
  • 8. 9 Get used to the fact that most of what we do in marketing really is wrong Both large and small business complain about how hard SEO is, just for different reasons The faster you can try things, the faster you get to a good answer The biggest mistake is to focus on the artifacts of SEO instead of the substance Read the full interview with Mike Moran on the SEMrush blog Mike Moran is an expert in Internet marketing, social media and SEO. Mike gives great advice on avoiding SEO mistakes, agile marketing, and the differences between working with big and small businesses. @MikeMoran
  • 9. 10 For me, SEO is not a science, but more of an art On-field experience, tests and studying enrich the knowledge of a good SEO expert Technical skills are fundamental to do a great SEO job Very often, SEOs are not able to lay a hand on code or handle the migration of websites Read the full interview with Marco Maltraversi on the SEMrush blog Marco Maltraversi went from computer engineer to SEO expert. The Web Consultant and SEO Specialist at Ingegneri del Web talks about his technical approach, multilingual projects and why SEO is an art. @Seo_Libro
  • 10. 11 Understand the “why”, do a good job of the “what,” and success will follow Define your voice. Talk, but don’t shout. Be constantly good. Perform, don’t conform Personal media brand: it’s easier to be yourself than someone else For a long time I was lost in the suit. I had my share of success, but there was something missing Read the full interview with Shayne Tilley on the SEMrush blog Shayne Tilley is a professional problem-solver and online marketing expert. He talks about building a media brand and developing a passion for work. @ShayneT
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