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Using E-Cards to Communicate with Current and Future Students
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Using E-Cards to Communicate with Current and Future Students


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An overview of how to utilize E-cards to engage new students and other audiences with your University.

An overview of how to utilize E-cards to engage new students and other audiences with your University.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. E-Cards Using a thoughtful tool to communicate with current & future students
  • 2. Introductions
    • Thomas Marrone
      • Manager of Web Design & Support
    • Lenell Hahn
      • Assistant Director of Admissions for Operations & Communications
  • 3. About Southeast
    • Southeast Missouri State University, located in Cape Girardeau, MO
    • Type: Comprehensive Public University
    • Founded: 1873
    • Beginning Freshman: 1,848
    • Total Enrollment: 10,814
    • Average Class Size: 25-30
    • Student to Faculty Ratio: 18 to 1
    • Academic Areas of Study: 200
    • Student Organizations: 120
  • 4. E-Cards? Really?
    • Might seem “kitschy” or “been done”…
    • …but it really is the thought that counts.
    • Attention to quality and detail can promote your brand and elevate your E-cards from “quaint” to “cool.”
  • 5. Our E-Cards for the Public
    • We have designs publicly available for:
      • Major holidays
      • University-related occasions
        • Move-in
        • Sporting events
        • Commencement
      • General greetings
        • Birthdays
        • Get well soon
        • Just saying “hi”
        • Thank you
  • 6. Design Tips
    • Aim for high quality design.
      • No web designers? Ask publication designers for help.
      • Or, hire art students or talk to a professor about making it a class project.
    • Go beyond the postcard.
      • Cards should have personality, not just campus photos
      • Should be branded for the university
      • Featuring the occasion/purpose of the card is the highest priority. Work brand into that context.
  • 7. Some Examples
  • 8. Variety of Designs
  • 9. Promote!
    • Make sure people know they’re available by stealing some space on your landing pages every now and then.
  • 10. Recent Statistics
  • 11. E-Cards for Admissions
    • Personalized “Greeting” cards from each of our counselors.
    • Card to inform students of upcoming events:
      • Upcoming High School visit by Counselor
      • Freshmen Orientation
      • High School Guidance Counselor training
    • Card congratulating H.S. Graduation
  • 12. Admissions E-Cards
  • 13. Feedback
    • E-mail notification list the sender’s address in the “from” field, so students reply directly to the counselor.
    • Student replies:
      • “ Aww thank you! I am very excited about starting in the fall! I can't wait!”
      • “ Ms. Hahn, Thank you for the card. It was so cute!”
      • “ Hi Alisa! Are you the admissions counselor taking over for Mandi? Thanks for the card! Can't wait to meet you when I come down in less than a month! So excited!”
      • “ Thanks a lot for the birthday card. I really appreciate it!”
  • 14. Our Software
    • Greetingcard Pro
      • Cards posted on automatically generated Web pages
      • Cards separated by categories
      • E-mails contain only link to image
      • Allows HTML formatting of:
        • E-mail sent
        • Card, category pages
      • Can imbed JPG, PNG, GIF, or Flash SWF
      • Supports MIDI music files
      • Saves all messages sent in a database for review
      • Tracks statistics of cards sent and e-mails sending them
      • Runs on Windows server (not Linux)
  • 15. Facebook Gifts
  • 16. Facebook Gifts
    • Can use a free Facebook app, “Gift Creator” to build University-themed Facebook gifts.
  • 17. Facebook Gifts
    • App helps create a new, separate application you name and customize yourself.
  • 18. Facebook Gifts
    • Facebook gifts allow access to broader, younger audience, but…
    • Using third-party app will expose your users to content you don’t control.
    • Users must install your app, having branded gift in Facebook gift shop is unavailable to general public.
    • Can link app in institution’s Facebook page.
  • 19. Facebook Gifts
  • 20. Resources
    • http://
    • http:// /
    • Thomas Marrone: [email_address]
    • Lenell Hahn: [email_address]