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Navigating self employment can be scary - especially for those new to it. This presentation gives several secrets to working the solo pro economy and thriving.

Navigating self employment can be scary - especially for those new to it. This presentation gives several secrets to working the solo pro economy and thriving.



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Solo pro economy Solo pro economy Presentation Transcript

  • The Solo Pro Economy Make it work for you
  • … can lift boats. The Rising Tide…
  • Catch the Wave… … and go with the flow
  • Understanding … makes it easier to move.
    • Global Reality Has Changed
    What does that mean for you?
  • Drastic Changes You feel like a fish out of water.
  • Train Wreck
    • The goal was “stay on track” .
    • The corporate system derailed. The “track” is gone.
    • Entire industries - the careers they represented - swept away in a tidal wave of change.
    Now what?
  • Get Off the Track!
    • Wasting energy & resources on things that don’t work causes stress.
  • Kayak!
    • Get a Kayak Mindset:
      • Small and nimble
      • Go with the flow
      • Roll
      • Easy course changes
      • Low overhead
      • You’re in control
      • Fun & exhilarating
  • Tips to Paddle Your Kayak
  • Tip #1: Don’t swallow the whole river There’s too much information . Trying to absorb everything will overwhelm you and cause frustration and stress. Limit what you spend your time on and focus on the highest return on investment. Filter.
  • Tip #2: Swim with your ‘school’ Connect to your tribe to help you find the way. Be aware of who you’re spending time with. Make sure they’re moving forward. Avoid negative energy and people that will drain your resources. Don’t anchor yourself to someone swimming against the current!
  • Tip #3: Make friends with technology There are so many possibilities , but you need to be able to take advantage of them. Technology is the key. Jump in and try new things.
  • How to Stay Afloat
  • Know Your Package
  • Knowledge & Experience.
  • A Consultant (noun: a person who provides expert advise or services professionally)
  • Chris Borgan said: “ There are thousands of great minds all plugged into the same conversation who could help each other. You’ve got sources of information, and you have the tools to connect it all.
  • Marketing vs Connecting
    • O ld-school marketing is over
      • Public is saturated, distracted, inpatient
      • High cost, low ROI
      • Public has lost trust and confidence
      • One size does not fit all
      • Not personal, annoying
      • Difficult to maintain
    Old-School (Push) Marketing: Advertising, yellow pages, direct mail,... Marketing “at” people
    • Connecting is now
      • Authentic, Integrity
      • Very targeted / Customized
      • No to low cost; High ROI
      • Easy to maintain
      • Community / Leadership
      • More fun!
    Relationship Building (Pull Marketing): Email, blogs, social media. Sharing “with” people.
  • Connecting is a Journey
  • Where Are You Going?
    • Simple questions
    • What is success to me?
    • Where’s my comfort zone?
    • Who exactly am I trying to reach?
    • Where are they looking?
    • What do they want?
    Create the solution and let them know.
  • Follow a Leader
    • Don’t try to do it alone.
  • Make a Plan | Work the Plan
    • Consistency is key.
  • Be Unique | Be the Expert
    • Show your true colors…
  • Explore Other Channels Grow your reach.