Google Plus: Tools for Solo Pro Success


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Google+ tools add power steering to solo-based businesses. Here is an introduction to the tools, some strategy and training on how to use them.

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Google Plus: Tools for Solo Pro Success

  1. 1. Solo Pro Tactic Talk Insider secrets to make your business sparkle. ... you don’t have to do it alone. Today’s Topic: Google+ for Solo Pro Success Solo Pro Success You’re not alone.
  2. 2. Power Tools for Solo Pros
  3. 3. What is Google+? ✦ Key Tools: Authorship Pages Hangouts Communities and Circles Local ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
  4. 4. Use Google+ to Build Influence 1. Claim Authorship With Your Personal Google+ Profile 2. Make a Direct Connection Between Your Business Website and Your Google+ Page 3. Start Using Hashtags 4. Use Bigger, Better Cover Photos
  5. 5. Use Google+ to Build Influence 5. Use Google+ as Your Business Page 6. Host Google+ Hangouts 7. Join and Create Communities 8. Get Local
  6. 6. Google+ Author Add Trust and Credibility to your Google Search Boost your Web Presence and Rankings Stand out from other search results Google Authorship allows you to associate the content you’ve published with your Google+ profile. Google Authorship makes your search engine listings more inviting, giving your results heightened professional credibility and transparency factors. Listings with author images and information attached will benefit from a perception of credibility and calm any spammy content concerns.
  7. 7. Stand Out From The Rest
  8. 8. Claim Authorship Use Your Personal Google+ Profile Create a visual tie between you and the content you publish. Two ways to claim your Google+ Authorship. 1. Register an email from the domain that you contribute to ( 2. Or link your content with your Google+ profile (If you contribute to multiple blogs)
  9. 9. ✦ ✦ ✦ Google+ Authorship Tips Articles & Content By One Author Not For Product Description Pages or Property Listings ✦ Not for Multiple Authors (Yet) ✦ For Real People, Not Personas
  10. 10. Google+ Pages
  11. 11. Link Your Website and Google+ Page With a Google+ Badge active Follow widget Direct Connect badge Get your badge at:
  12. 12. Google+ Enhances Search When you add the Google+ badge for pages to your site, an active Follow widget will show up next to your listing in search results.
  13. 13. Google+ Hashtags A hashtag is a word or a phrase (without spaces) preceded by the # symbol. They help people find and join conversations about a particular topic. Using hashtags in your posts Type them somewhere within the text of your post. Examples: “I've just learned these great #VeganCooking tips.” “#Mondays are the worst. #SleepDeprived #SoMuchToDo”
  14. 14. Google+ Cover Photo
  15. 15. Google+ Your Business Page
  16. 16. Google+ Pages A way to showcase your business ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ Similar to Facebook pages Click on the Pages icon Press red ‘Create New Page’ button Or select your page It’s your Google+ Home Base
  17. 17. Google+ Pages Select your type of business
  18. 18. Google+ Pages Enter your business data
  19. 19. Google+ Pages Customize your page Business Page Personal Page
  20. 20. Google+ Pages • Customize your profile photo –Should be the same across all your social media profiles • Change your cover photo –Minimum size 940 x 180 pixels
  21. 21. Google+ Hangouts
  22. 22. Google+ Communities
  23. 23. Google+ Circles
  24. 24. Google+ Circles ✦ Chat with people in your Circles ✦ Create circles for people who have common interests ✦ ✦ Clients ✦ College friends ✦ Work colleagues ✦ ✦ Facebook friends Subscribers Great visual way to see all your contacts
  25. 25. Google+ Circles ✦ Look for the blank circle icon ✦ Rename circle & drop people in
  26. 26. Google+ Circles ✦ Groups or lists of contacts ✦ Easy to drag & drop names into circles
  27. 27. Creating a Perfect Profile • Write a summary highlighting only the info your contacts will find interesting –It’s all about ‘them’ • Use keywords naturally • Complete your profile as completely as possible
  28. 28. Google+ Circles ✦ Add as many people as possible to your networks ✦ ✦ Friends, family, contacts from email Go directly to Google Circles & click the Find People button
  29. 29. Google+ Circles Search for individuals by name & add to appropriate circle
  30. 30. Google+ Circles Drag suggested contacts into your circles
  31. 31. Making Connections • Use the ‘Find Classmates’ option from the ‘All Suggestions’ tab
  32. 32. Making Connections • Leave a personal but relevant comment for everyone you’ve added to your circles, then share it with the circle • Add experts in your niche or industry to a circle titled ‘Following’
  33. 33. Google+ Circles ✦ ✦ Add the Google+1 Badge button to your website or blog ‘Like’ other people’s posts by pressing their +1 buttons, too
  34. 34. Google+ Circles Ways to use Circles: ✦ Share content relevant to those in the Circle ✦ Invite members of a Circle to a targeted Hangout ✦ Hold meetings or get togethers virtually in real time ✦ ✦ Hold client mastermind meetings and share specific info just with group members Use with YouTube to make your videos only accessible to people in one or more circles
  35. 35. Google+ Local
  36. 36. Google+ Enhanced Search
  37. 37. Google+ Local
  38. 38. Google+ Local For local businesses with a physical location ✦ Upload specific photographs ✦ Link to your website or other landing pages ✦ Ask for reviews ✦ Use keywords in description ✦ Think of promotions to inspire reviews ✦ Solicit reviews on register receipts or by using flyers
  39. 39. Google+ Local Strategies ✦ ✦ ✦ Upload specific photos and data for your “Place” and products with a link URL to your website Inspire reviews to vault you to the top of your city’s Google Plus Local listings for your business type Think up promotions to inspire your customers to leave reviews
  40. 40. Would you be interested . . .?
  41. 41. Including ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ Setting up your Google+ profile and pages Setting up your Google+ authorship account and how to use it each time you blog Setting yourself up with Google+ Local - even if you’re mostly online and how to maximize it How to use Google+ Circles to grow your reach Digging into Google+ Hangouts to market your business, provide services, and more . . . What would YOU add?
  42. 42. Solo Pro Tactic Talk Insider secrets to make your business sparkle. ... you don’t have to do it alone. Next Episode’s Topic: Essential Wordpress Plugins to Give Your Business Power Steering Solo Pro Success You’re not alone.