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SECEP's support to the establishment of the Serbian Furniture Cluster, Nis, May 13, 2011

SECEP's support to the establishment of the Serbian Furniture Cluster, Nis, May 13, 2011

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  • 1. Serbian furniture cluster
    Ms Genoveva Christova
    Cluster Development Expert SECEP
  • 2. The beginning
    1. SECEP mission in Central Serbia in summer 2010
    Meeting with NETWOOD group + BSOs
    2. Further research in South and West Serbia
    Meeting with various SMEs + BSOs
    3. Final decision made by the MoRD in October 2010
    Central + Southern Serbia
    4. University in Nis + Design companies in Nis
  • 3. Why cluster in Central Serbia ?
    Huge forested areas
    Very good quality of raw based materials
    Long traditions in timber processing and furniture manufacturing
    Export potential of timber products
    High skills of workers
    Cluster initiatives: NETWOOD
    Secondary school of wood processing in Kraljevo
    Business support infrastructure: RDAs, LED offices, Union of Employers, Chambers of Commerce, Business Incubator, etc
    Support from Municipalities
    Innovative potential – award for office furniture in 2007
  • 4. Why cluster in South Serbia ?
    Long traditions in timber processing and furniture manufacturing (SIMPO)
    Skillful workers
    High concentration of companies in Pcina district: 239 SMEs (spin-offs), 86 furniture (upholstery)
    Well developed business services providers: RDAs in Vranje and Leskovac
    Strategic priority for local municipalities
    Huge socio-economic impact in the region
  • 5. Where are we now?
    7 SMEs
    from Pcinja and Yablanica district
    RDA Leskovac
    High School Vranje
    from Sumadija, Pomoravlje, Rasina
    RDA Kraljevo + LEU Kragujevac
    High School Kraljevo
  • 6. What do we produce?
  • 7. Our vision
    To create and develop a “NEW SERBIAN FURNITURE” brand
    and to promote it and national and international level!
    OVERALL OBJECTIVE: to strengthen the role and impact
    of Serbian furniture industry for boosting
    overall competitiveness of Serbian Economy
  • 8. Our main goals
    To increase the value of annual exports to the main markets with 10 percent per year in the current key markets.
    To develop reliable system and parameters for performance and efficiency measurement (productivity, quality) and to improve the average efficiency of the companies in a substantial way
    To raise turnover of the cluster members by 10 percent per year
    To foster cooperation between cluster members through introduction of common supply, purchasing and common orders
    To stimulate and involve more furniture companies in the cluster - about 5 companies per year;
    To foster their pro-active and close collaboration revealed in implementation of joint projects
    To design a joint cluster furniture collection
  • 9. How to achieve that?
  • 10. Building administrative capacity
  • 11. Competitiveness development
  • 12. Competitiveness development
  • 13. Competitiveness development
  • 14. Competitiveness development
  • 15. Why we are doing all that?
    To find NEW markets
    To Optimize/Reduce our costs
    To develop NEW products
    To enrich our knowledge
    To be recognized nationally and internationally
    To have MORE contacts
  • 16. All this together with the right potential,
    positivism and entrepreneurial ambitions shown
    by the local furniture companies in both regions,
    gives us the faith that this cluster could be one
    of the future
    Serbian Strategic Clusters - Champions.
    Let’s get clustering!!!