Web Design 101: Series 1, Requirement Gathering in Web Designing Projects


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A web design project begins with requirement gathering, a crucial stage that ensures rest of the stages move rightly!

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Web Design 101: Series 1, Requirement Gathering in Web Designing Projects

  1. 1. Web Design 101 by SDS SoftwaresYour trusted source of unlimitedtips, tricks, survival guide & more on winning webdesign
  2. 2. What is in it for youDid you know a good number of web designing projects collapseeach year because of unfocussed requirement gathering. Thistranslates into the loss of time, money and effort for both the webdesigning company and the client the company has worked for. Inthis presentation, we will talk about the varied aspects ofrequirement gathering and how to make it work in web designing
  3. 3. What is Requirement GatheringThe first stage of any web designing project, requirementgathering is the process of understanding client’s requirement ina detailed manner. It involves researching the project particularsand arriving at a conclusion that can comprehensively chart outimmediate and long term objectives of a project before itactually begins
  4. 4. Objectives of Requirement Gathering• To clearly and thoughtfully understand the key goals, mission, and derivatives of the project• To have a right picture of target audiences and their likings• To make the client-company relationship trusted• To reduce the chances of delivering unfocussed business solutions• To channelize the whole process of web designing• To eliminate project rework possibilities
  5. 5. Process: How it is doneThe process of requirement gathering runs through a cycleof inter-related stages the successful completion of oneensures the next stage can begin. Things can be summedup into three stages. ASK UNDERSTAND ANALYZE
  6. 6. A Little Detailed Look• Ask: What is the business all about, who are the target audiences, what are the key business missions, what are the preferences of the owner• Analyze: The scope of the project, its opportunities, complexities, challenges and targeted benefits• Understand: The technology, tools, best practices, guidelines the project would require
  7. 7. Who Carry out the ProcessWhen all requirements are clearly understood, the projectactually begins. The requirements are usually earned bybusiness executives of the web designing company who wouldlater pass on the desired information to the designer or group ofdesigners who would be deployed to work on the project.However, in projects of complex diversities, the executive cantake the help of designer/s to understand the client’s standingbetter.
  8. 8. Conclusion• The better the requirement gathering process, the improved would be the chances of delivering business focused web designing solution• The web designing company should always have a clear, concise and thoughtful strategy to easily carry out the process while a client should always be cooperative and helping in explaining the requirements
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