SDN Service Provider Use Cases


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Interested in Understanding How Service Providers are Using Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to Solve Problems? This Presentation Explores Why Service Providers are Turning to SDN and What They are Doing With it...

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  • To better support automation, growth, agility and innovation.
  • SDN Service Provider Use Cases

    1. 1. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) UseCasesHow Service Providers Are Using SDN© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral Confidential
    2. 2. First, Let’s Define SDN© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral Confidential
    3. 3. SDN is a New Way to Design, Build and OperateNetworksCopyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.3SDN Definition1. Separates the network’s control (brains)and forwarding (muscle) planes2. Provides a centralized view of the overallnetwork3. Utilizes programmatic applicationinterfaces (APIs)4. Enables efficient orchestration andautomation of network servicesSDN Controller/ Network Operating SystemApp App App AppOpenFlowPacket-ForwardingHardwareOpenFlowcompliant OSPacket-ForwardingHardwareOpenFlowcompliant OSPacket-ForwardingHardwareOpenFlowcompliant OSWell-definedOpen API
    4. 4. SDN PromisesAgility: enabling organizations to rapidly deployapplications, services, and infrastructure to meet needsScale: automate and optimize new and existingapplications and servicesInnovation: allowing organizations to create and delivernew types of applications, services and business modelsSDN Opens the Network Up for InnovationCopyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.4It replaces static, inflexible and complex networks, with networks thatare agile, scalable and innovative.
    5. 5. Why Are Service Providers Interested inSDN?© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral Confidential
    6. 6. They Want to Drive Down Costs and Monetizetheir Networks6Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.Virtualization and CloudAdoption –looking at ways tobetter utilize resources andembrace new architectures toachieve greater flexibility andscale.Mobility – need to keep upwith exponential demandsand opportunities created bymobile adoption; mobile datagrowth rates exceeded 800%in 12 months. (Cavell)Visibility and Control – needto understand and manage, indetail, their user’s behavior tocreate more accurateforecasting and more efficientcontent distribution strategies.
    7. 7. Packet-Forwarding HardwareOperating SystemL2/L3 L4-7 App AppThe Complexity of Pre-SDN Networks Can Make ItHard to Roll Out, Manage and Scale ServicesPacket-Forwarding HardwareOperating SystemL2/L3 L4-7 App AppPacket-Forwarding HardwareOperating SystemL2/L3 L4-7 App AppRoutersSwitchesRemote-access devices…Copyright 2013. All RightsReserved.7Forwarding PlaneControl PlaneManagement PlaneOperating System
    8. 8. SDN Controller/ Network Operating SystemApp App App AppOpenFlowPacket-ForwardingHardwareOpenFlow compliant OSAn SDN-Powered Network Can Simplify, Automateand Accelerate Service DeliveryPacket-ForwardingHardwareOpenFlow compliant OSPacket-ForwardingHardwareOpenFlow compliant OSWell-definedOpen APICopyright 2013. All RightsReserved.8Reduce CAPEX and OPEX and Grow Revenue and ARPU
    9. 9. So, What Are Service Providers Doing withSDN?© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral ConfidentialLet’s Look at Some Use Cases Being Deployed Now…
    10. 10. Why SDN Is UsedAccommodate Self-Service L4-7Service SelectionTo Create Dynamic Chains of L4-7Services on a Per Tenant BasisAccommodate Policy-Based L4-7Service Selection (e.g. Turning onDDoS Protection in Response toan Attack or DPI in Mobile WANenvironments)BenefitsReduced Provisioning Times: fromWeeks to MinutesImproved AgilitySelf-Service Supports NewRevenue and ServiceOpportunities, with SubstantiallyLower Costs for ServiceData Center/Service Provider DMZ/WAN – ServiceInsertion10Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.
    11. 11. Why SDN Is UsedReplace Existing CustomerPremises Equipment (CPE) withLightweight Versions – inCombination with NFV InitiativesMove Common Functions andComplex Traffic Handling intoPoints-of-Presence (POP) or theData CenterBenefitsIncrease Usable Lifespan of On-Premise EquipmentImprove Troubleshooting: LessTruck RollsFlexibility to Sell New Services toBusiness and ResidentialCustomersVirtual Edge (Residential and Business) – On-Premise Upgrades11Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.
    12. 12. Why SDN Is UsedEnable Programmatic Controls onCarrier Links to Request ExtraBandwidth When Needed (e.g.Disaster Recovery; Backups)BenefitsReduced Operational Expenses:Allowing Customer Self-ServiceImproved Agility: Saving Weeks ofManual ProvisioningBandwidth on Demand12Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.
    13. 13. Why SDN Is UsedTo Bypass Expensive InspectionDevices When Moving LargeAmounts of Trusted DataProvide dynamic, yet authenticatedprogrammable access to flow-levelbypass, using APIs to networkswitches and routersBenefitsSavings: Hundreds of Thousandsof Dollars in UnnecessaryInvestment in 10Gbps or 100GbpsL4-7 Firewalls, Load-Balancersand IPS/IDS that process traffic.Maximize Utility of InspectionDevices: Focusing Them on Trafficthat Poses a Risk to the NetworkEdge – Dynamic WAN ReRouting13Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.
    14. 14. Why SDN Is UsedCreate Dynamic Interconnectsat Internet ExchangesBetween Enterprise Links orService Providers Using Cost-Effective, High-PerformanceSwitchesBenefitsReduce OperationalExpenses: Ability to InstantlyConnect and Enable Self-Service Reduces Time andEffort Associated withCreating Cross-OrganizationInterconnectsWAN – Dynamic WAN Interconnects14Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.
    15. 15. Want More Information on What’s Goingon Now?© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral Confidential
    16. 16. Research &DevelopmentOrganizationsOpen Source Projects 225+ Organizations Customers – LiveDeploymentsCopyright 2013. All RightsReserved.16A Vibrant SDN Open Sourcecommunity is activelyworking on Open SourceProjectsOrganizations arecollaborating to creating lotsof new technologies or adaptold technologiesHundreds of New andEstablished Companieshave announcedSDN strategiesSDN Productsand Shipping SolutionsCheck out real solutionsbeing used by real customersat DemoFriday™There Are A Lot of NewTechnologies, Vendors and Deployments toLeverage…
    17. 17. For More Information Visit SDNCentral.comThe Independent Community and #1 Resource forSDN, NFV and Network Virtualization© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral Confidential
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